United States ZIP Codes: Full List Of US Postal Codes by States

ZIP Codes are a series of five to nine unique numbers that indicate a state or city in a country. These are “postal codes” introduced in 1963 and used by the United States Postal Service. Well, today, every country in the world uses ZIP codes, and today’s post is focused on showing United States ZIP Codes by state. It is important to know the ZIP code of your state and country: It plays a huge role in international and local shipping services.

All USA states have ranges of postal codes; no two states have the same ZIP code range. You may be thinking about what the “ZIP” in ZIP code actually means. Well, it stands for Zone Improvement Plan – a crucial factor for sending mail and shipments. If you use the wrong postal code when entering your mailing address, your mail would be sent elsewhere.

The Full List Of US ZIP Codes or Postal Codes by States

US ZIP Codes

It is important to understand that “ZIP Code” and “Postal Code” refer to the same thing; the words can be used interchangeably. Here’s a chart indicating all US States, their capitals, name abbreviations, and ZIP code ranges. Each state has a ZIP code range depending on the number of counties and cities in it.

State Capital  Abbreviation ZIP Range ZIP Quantity
Alabama Montgomery AL 35004 to 36925 838
Alaska Juneau AK 99501 to 99950 274
Arizona Phoenix AZ 85001 to 86556 567
Arkansas Little Rock AR 71601 to 72959 709
California Sacramento CA 90001 to 96162 2653
Colorado Denver CO 80001 to 81658 662
Connecticut Hartford CT 06001 to 06928 438
Delaware Dover DE 19701 to 19980 98
Florida Tallahassee FL 32003 to 34997 1490
Georgia Atlanta GA 30002 to 39901 973
Hawaii Honolulu HI 96701 to 96898 139
Idaho Boise ID 83201 to 83877 325
Illinois Springfield IL 60001 to 62999 1588
Indiana Indianapolis IN 46001 to 47997 987
Iowa Des Moines IA 50001 to 52809 1063
Kansas Topeka KS 66002 to 67954 756
Kentucky Frankfort KY 40003 to 42788 962
Louisiana Baton Rouge LA 70001 to 71497 725
Maine Augusta ME 03901 to 04992 488
Maryland Annapolis MD 20588 to 21930 622
Massachusetts Boston MA 01001 to 05544 703
Michigan Lansing MI 48001 to 49971 1170
Minnesota Saint Paul MN 55001 to 56763 1031
Mississippi Jackson MS 38601 to 39776 533
Missouri Jefferson City MO 63001 to 65899 1171
Montana Helena MT 59001 to 59937 405
Nebraska Lincoln NE 68001 to 69367 620
Nevada Carson City NV 88901 to 89883 254
New Hampshire Concord NH 03031 to 03897 284
New Jersey Trenton NJ 07001 to 08989 731
New Mexico Santa Fe NM 87001 to 88439 426
New York Albany NY 00501 to 14925 2208
North Carolina Raleigh NC 27006 to 28909 1090
North Dakota Bismarck ND 58001 to 58856 407
Ohio Columbus OH 43001 to 45999 1447
Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK 73001 to 74966 776
Oregon Salem OR 97001 to 97920 486
Pennsylvania Harrisburg PA 15001 to 19640 2213
Rhode Island Providence RI 02801 to 02940 91
South Carolina Columbia SC 29001 to 29945 539
South Dakota Pierre SD 57001 to 57799 394
Tennessee Nashville TN 37010 to 38589 796
Texas Austin TX 73301 to 88595 2655
Utah Salt Lake City UT 84001 to 84791 347
Vermont Montpelier VT 05001 to 05907 309
Virginia Richmond VA 20101 to 24658 1241
Washington Olympia WA 98001 to 99403 733
West Virginia Charleston WV 24701 to 26886 856
Wisconsin Madison WI 53001 to 54990 898
Wyoming Cheyenne WY 82001 to 83414 195
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Why Are ZIP Codes Important?

ZIP codes are important for quite many reasons, but mostly for shipping and mailing. If you’re a frequent online shopper, you must know the postal code of your local so you can always receive your packages. When you move to a new location, remember to change the postal/ZIP code on your address, so that your new orders can be sent to your new location.

There are other usefulness of ZIP codes, such as when filling out forms online or setting up a billing account on a website. ZIP codes are unique, every county, state, and country has its own. Also in the United States, independent territories have their unique ZIP code ranges too.

  • American Samoa: 96799
  • Northern Mariana Islands: 96950 to 96952
  • Puerto Rico: 00601 to 00988
  • Guam: 96910 to 96932
  • United States Virgin Islands: 00801 to 00851
  • District of Columbia (DC): 20001 to 56972

What More?

These are the ZIP/postal codes of all States and Territories in the United States of America. So, you can scroll up/down to your state and find the ZIP code range. The chart above is presented alphabetically.

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