Why many avoid windows 8

This widely known among techies that  Windows 8 which was recently launched in a market. New graphic user interface(GUI)attracted the users.

To increase number of sells, Microsoft started selling upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 8 at very very cheap and affordable price.
In this article I would tell you Why you should not go for Windows 8 yet.
My aim is not to scare users and prevent them from purchasing this goodness but I actually wanted aware you of the fact that What problems you can face if you go for Windows 8.

#1. Lack of Driver support

Although Windows 8 has some preloaded drivers but there is no guarantee that all of your drivers will be supported in Windows 8. Maybe your computer’s motherboard drivers are not yet Windows 8 ready.

Many users also complaint that there Keyboard and Mouse driver were not working properly or were not detected by the computer.
Computer of my friend detected his keyword incorrectly and all characters were replaced from their initial position.

#2. Lack of Hardware support

Since Windows 8 is a new operating system, may be manufacturer of your hardware didn’t made Printer, Keyboard or any other hardware Windows 8 ready.

So chances are high that your hardware couldn’t run properly are cannot run at all in Windows 8.

#3. Lack of Software support

Windows 8 comes with a new user interface and API library is slightly modified. May be software programs which you purchased by paying lots of bucks may not run in Windows 8, lack of Windows 8 compatibility.

And it is reported that many games are not running properly or not running at all in Windows 8.

#4. Interface partially depends on Internet

What makes Windows 8 beautiful is it’s new Interface. Windows 8 lacks start menu but it has something new. Metro 7 and ribbon interface.

Windows 8 looks awesome because of some apps but most of them are dependable on Internet connectivity. So if you are going to purchase Windows 8 after checking some cool screenshots then you should think again.

#5. Windows 8 is modified Windows 7

Believe me or not, Windows 8 is modified version of Windows 7. You can make your Windows 7 PC, a Windows 8 PC by installing Windows 8 feature through the help of some third party programs.
For instance, For instance, Picture Password feature, in which you have to unlock your PC through some gestures. If you want something like this in your Windows 7 PC then you can install a program called Origami Experience 2.0 which does the same thing.
So these were top five reasons on Why you should not go for Windows 8! If you are confident that you would not face above issues in your PC then sure, You can go for Windows 8.
But if you don’t like to compromise then We suggest you either make Hardware and software Windows 8 compatible or Stay on your Current Operating System and make it beautiful by installing some third-party programs.

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