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blackberry neon

Meet Blackberry DTEK50, World's Most Secured Android Device And is "Allergic" to Africa

For quite some time now, blackberry have been "Fighting" to regain stand in the mobile market, following the rapid turn up of Android OS Subscribers on daily basis. They obviously knew they needed to...

Meet Prisma, The New "OGA Boss!" of Mobile Photo Editing

Okay, don't get it twisted, i actually meant Boss, == JAGABAN just for the records. :D For quite some time, there have been a new buzz, seems 2016  is the year of all the buzzes...
Mobile Phones vs tablets

Tablets Vs Mobile Phones: Which is Preferable?

The modern variety of gadgets doesn’t limit you to a single device: if you want, you can use a tablet PC for browsing the web and playing games, a mobile phone for making calls...

Pokémon Go, the Fusses, Thrills and all you need to know

Over the Week, there have been recent fusses over this trending game which as heard was sometime hacked. Little children are talking about it, Parents, are too, up to the extent of sharing “A...
huawei gr5

Top Stories We Missed this Week on androidvillage.com

If you are an ardent follower of this blog, you obviously should notice that we have been on a low key for quite some time. We are actually working on things that would help...
Robot beats 16 months boy

See What this Robot Did to A 16 Month Old boy

The rise of robots and its utilization can not be over emphasized. Most companies are beginning to go into it which really is a good thing following the fact that the sole aim of...