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andrakk electronic products review and prices

Review, Specs and Price-list of Andrakk Rechargeable Standing Fans

We've always been about smart phones, computers and power banks in the past, but would like to dig more into other electronic products in today's Tech market. One of those is rechargeable standing fans. We've...
how to become a better project manager

These 9 Traits Can Make You a Better Project Manager

So far, the role of a project manager does not seem too demanding. All you need to do is to calculate the time it takes to complete a particular project and organize everything based...
Delegina night-vision anti-glare sunglasses

Top 5 Anti-glare Glassess for Poor Visibility/NightTime Driving

I recently got myself a pair of high-definition (HD), polarized anti-glare night-vision driving glasses from Aliexpress and was really impressed with the performance.  I was able to stretch my speed comfortably in a heavy,...
Video editing Apps for Android

My Best 5 Android Video Editors for Phone and Tablet Devices

At first, it was selfies that gain more impressions and likes on social media and other platforms, but currently, social media platforms are been flooded by .gif images and video clips created by different...
Marshmallow System UI Tuner Meaning,

Marshmallow System UI Tuner: Meaning, Functions and How-To Use it

I've been using the Google's 6.0 Android version (Marshmallow) since it was announced. Its features are superb and miles ahead of the previous versions. Though we have heard about many marshmallow tweaks, I would love...
how to download WhatsApp media status to gallery

Wanna Download WhatsApp Media Statuses to Gallery? Use this 5 Methods

WhatsApp is no doubt,  one of the most popular messaging app of today. Their recent update created a space for both regular text status updates and those of media (similar to Snapchat's stories feature). These...