Review, Specs and Price-list of Andrakk Rechargeable Standing Fans

We’ve always been about smart phones, computers and power banks in the past, but would like to dig more into other electronic products in today’s Tech market. One of those is rechargeable standing fans.

We’ve done two reviews in this category already. To wit; Binatone RSF-1602R rechargeable standing fan and Andrakk ADK8518 18″ rechargeable standing fan.

We’ll like to go all Andrakk today by taking a look into some of their other products, including; rechargeable fans, cooking aide and solar products. We’ll start by introducing the Andrakk brand, as it isn’t so popular at the moment.


AndraKK logoAndrakk is the brand name of Dralkk International Ltd, a member of Mezonel Group. Dralkk International is a dealer and manufacturer of quality electronic gadgets and electrical cooking aide.

The company, though not so popular is bent on delivering greatest comfort to its voluminous customers by producing unique and innovative products with high-end technology & control systems.

“We offer impeccable after-sales service to our teeming customer in our well-equipped service centers.”

Review and Price-List of their Best-Selling Products

This brand “Andrakk” has been in existence since 2012 and can boast of quality electrical gadgets, rechargeable standing fans and cooking machines.

Here’s some of their best-selling products . They can be purchased from Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Payporte, Yudala and/or other popular e-shopping malls in Nigeria.



ADK24181 is an 18″ rechargeable fan from Andrakk. It features red/green led indicator and 9 pcs LED light for night lightening purposes.

Feature and Specs

  • 12V 7Ah lead-acid battery
  • 3 SPEED Level control
  • 18″ standing fan (TURBO SPEED)
  • 9pcs LED light
  • Overcharge & Over-discharge protection
  • Red/Green indicator
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Standard 3 pin plugs
  • Remote Control

Battery Usage capacity
9 hrs on low speed
7 hrs on mid speed
5 hrs on high speed and 180hrs while using only the 9LED lights.



ADK8518 features a USB port where you can connect and charge your devices (smart phones, tablets and etc.), a charge level indicator and also flaunts the 9pcs LED light to illuminate the room in low light or at night.

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One interesting feature I love in this rechargeable standing fan is the Overcharge and Over-discharge protection functions.


  • 12V 7Ah Rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • TURBO SPEED 16′ stand fan
  • 9pcs LED night light
  • Overcharge & Over-discharge protection
  • 3speed control (low, medium & High)
  • Remote control, Replaceable batteries.
  • Standard 3 pin plugs

Battery Details
9hrs on low-speed
7hrs on mid speed
5hrs on high oscillation and 180hrs while using only the 9LED lights.




The ADK2318 like expected packs similar features with its earlier model above (ADK8518) but with a few amendments and a slightly lower price-tag.

ADK2318 can be further adjusted vertically and comes with 5-speed levels control. It can also be charged using solar energy as it features a solar charging port.

The reason this product is cheaper than the earlier model isn’t very obvious considering the similarity in features/function.


  • 18′ stand fan
  • 12V7AH Rechargeable battery
  • overcharge and over discharge protection
  • Adjustable Height
  • Charge level indicator
  • 6pcs LED night-light
  • 5 levels speed control
  • Back switch, Remote control
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Standard 3 pin big plugs
  • Solar charging port

DC Usage ability
9hrs on low-speed
7hrs on mid speed
5hrs on high speed and 180hrs while on the 9LED lights only.




Taking a good look at the design and functions of ADK8518 above, one could easily come to a conclusion that ADK8216R is just its variant.

ADK8216R flaunts same features, specs, and design with ADK8518 but lasts a bit longer.


  • 12V 7Ah Rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • 16′ stand fan (TURBO SPEED)
  • 9pcs LED night-light
  • Overcharge & Over-discharge protection
  • 3-speed control (low, medium & High)
  • Remote control
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Standard 3 pin plugs
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DC/Battery Usage Duration
9.5hrs on low oscillation
7.5hrs on mid speed
5.5hrs on high speed and 180hrs while using only the 9LED lights.



ADK6116 rechargeable standing fan

This is a rugged rechargeable fan with sleek and beautiful architecture. In the presence of AC Current (i.e. Power supply either from the power company or an auxiliary power source e.g. generator), it provides 13HRS-20HRS humidity.

Like we know, when the weather gets hot, an ordinary fan is liable to emit hot air. This product from Andrakk comes with air cooling effect which will keep the atmosphere around you chill and cool as long as the AC Current (power) lasts. This feature is automated, it works through an in-built water atomization function which can be seen around the hood.

ADK6116 flaunts a 2.1 liters plastic water container, from which it takes up water for the cooling effect to work. This rugged Rechargeable Mist Fan will easily create more aesthetics for every home.


  • 16 inches stand mist fan
  • 12V7AH Rechargeable battery
  • overcharge and over discharge protection
  • 1-7 hours timer
  • 2.1Ltrs water capacity
  • LED control
  • Height Adjustable
  • Charge level indicator
  • 3-speed control (low, medium & High)
  • Remote control
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Standard 3 pin big plugs

DC Use Longevity
9 hours on low-speed
7 hours on mid-speed
5  hours on high-speed and roughly 180 hours on 9LED lights.

Some other Electronic Products from Andrakk

Apart from rechargeable standing fan, there are other best-selling electronic products from Andrakk Electronics company.

Just like we listed their rechargeable standing fans along with detailed features and specifications, we are going to introduce three more best-selling electronic products to the mix as a bonus addiction.



Andrakk ADK901 Air-fryer review

ADK901 Andrakk air fryer sold for ₦37,000 is an electronic cooking gadget that lets you do basic cooking, frying, baking, grilling and/or roasting easily.

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It has a rugged look and can be a great addiction to single homes, student’s hostel and the likes.


  • 220-240V 1500W 50/60Hz power capacity.
  • 80-200 degree Celsius temperature control.
  • 0-30mins time control
  • Capacity – 3.2 liters
  • Non-stick Teflon coating metal food basket
  • Dishwater safe parts
  • Led display with touch screen
  • Removable inner Tank
  • Over Heat protection
  • cool-touch housing and Handle
  • Auto ready bell
  • Stainless steel top & handle cover.



This is another decent electronic cooking aide from Anrakk electronics. With it, you can boil, broil, defrost, fry (with little or no oil), bake, grill, prepare barbecues, steam, and roast stuff all in one place.

Looking around its hood; it has a self-cleaning function button and a transparent glass bowl. It saves 80% of energy and does not need your help/effort while functioning (no need for self-turning while the food cooks).


  • 110V/240V 1200-1400W 50/60hz
  • Glass bowl capacity: 12ltrs with 5ltrs added Extender
  • Basic accessories: low rack; high rack; tongs
  • Optional Accessory: fry pan, steamer.
  • Fixed Arm Lid (no need for lid rack)


Andrakk solar panel review

This mini solar panel will power basic student’s electronics such as fans, bulbs and/or reading lamps. The capacity is 18volts, 5 watts.

ADK 18v5w solar panel directly converts solar energy to electrical energy so you can charge your devices and gadgets easily. It is quite affordable with the slightly below ₦5,000 price tag.

Wrap Up

This is an introductory content for Andrakk electronic products. Going forward, we’ll review some of their products we’ve used in the past to give you a better perspective of their brand’s reliability.

Have you used any of their products in the past or have a thing or two to share about Andrakk electronics? Please do use the comment section below to relate same to us.

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  1. Pls I bought this andrakk model ADK6116 mist fan from spar Enugu state last year and now the power panel burnt and I don’t know where to get the spare parts from cus I don’t like how the local ELECTRICIAL I call to fix it is doing pls any help on how to get the power panel spare

  2. I have the ADK6116
    I need to replace the main switch panel and the 2 other control panels
    Where can I get them in Nigeria?

  3. Do you have some of your products in ghana.

  4. Hello, I bought my Andrakk mist fan for the past 2yrs now and just recently, the rotational system has stopped working, and as a result, I searched everywhere to get it repaired, but couldn’t as a result of no spare parts available in the market. The fan was given to a local REPAIRER but instead of solving the problem, he added to it. I will appreciate it if you can direct me to any of your branch where I can get it fixed, thanks.

  5. I bought Andrakk 8216R Rechargeable fan along with Andrakk solar panel of 5watt a week ago. But I have noticed that the fan capacity is 35watt
    Is the solar panel capacity of 5watts adequate to charge 35watts battery? I have also noticed that the battery discharges completely within one after recharging source. This is frustrating.
    What do I do. Regards
    John Ikyembe

    • Hi John,

      One hour discharge time is a far cry from the 5 – 8 hours that’s expected of it, have you tried reaching out to them about that? And what shop did you get it from, was there the warranty card attached?

    • Hello, I just got my Andrakk mist fan, it’s been charging for 2 hours and the battery indicator is just going up and down. Is that normal please? The yellow lights are going up and down. The red power light is on. Please reply ASAP. Thanks

  6. Where can i get the ADK6116 – ANDRAKK 16″ RECHARGEABLE MIST fan

    • Hello,

      You can get that from Jumia or Konga. It will be very cheap tomorrow along with good delivery time.

  7. ayodele olatunbosun ayodele olatunbosun

    Just got 18′ andrakk rechargeable fan, I notice at first charge, the light flashes continually from 75% to 100% only repeatedly  instead of showing the charging indicator up from 25% upward &  after it is been used below 75% the light indicator stop showing of the remaining battery capacity light of the (50%-25%).. But the fan still working. It’s that how it operate or the battery indicator has developed a fault?.thanks

    • Hello,

      That’s probably an indicator’s fault. How long have you been using it? There’s usually a guarantee of free fixes for manufacture’s defect.

  8. Adesola Hakeem Wiselord Adesola Hakeem Wiselord

    Nice reviews! You’re the best

    • Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind words Hakeem. Do enjoy the rest of the week bro


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