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HYASIA Soundbar

13 of the Best Soundbar that Works with Alexa

Most modern TVs we use these days don't have built-in speakers; thus, a soundbar is needed to use with the TV in order to enjoy quality sounds from your playback or favorite channels. Soundbars...
GoToMyPC remote utility software

10 Of the Best Remote Access Tools That Are Cross-Platform

Remote access tools come in handy when you need to host or join a remote business conference/meeting, do technical fixes from a remote location, help out a friend or colleague in fixing PC and...
How to Use Snapchat on MacOS

Top Best Ways to Use Snapchat on Mac and Windows PCs

Almost every techie knows that with the help of an emulator, you can run mobile apps on PC or Mac, or even vice versa. However, the issue of using SnapChat on Macbooks and Windows...
ecommerce web developement trends

Laravel Vs. Nord.js: Which is Best for e-Commerce Web Development?

eCommerce web development is in high demand these days, and starters mostly deploy solutions such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress + Woocommerce, Volusion, and BigCommerce while professionals typically opt for custom solutions (such as Laravel...
Tip to fix wordpress security issues

10 Common WordPress Security Issues & How To Address Them

WordPress has undoubtedly become the platform of choice for both small and large business owners. It powers around 34% of all global websites and 14.7% of the leading websites, which have over 400 million...
ViewTV Digital HDTV Antenna

15 of the Best Outdoor Antennas for HDTV

People still choose outdoor antennas because they want to cut down the cost of satellite/cable TV subscriptions, or maybe they are living in remote rural areas. For one or more reasons, some people still...