Apply For Google Adsense And Get Approved Instantly – When To

Google Adsense Approval? Yes it is still possible to get an adsense account approved immediately even though there are very strict rules governing the approval. Some blogs may just be two months old and they would get approved, while others which are even 6 months or older still keeps getting “Site doesn’t comply with Adsense Policy or Web master guideline”. What does that even mean you say. After much effort and successfully getting three Adsense account approved within two to three months of creating the blogs for three different bloggers, I believe this method is fool-proof and guaranteed to work with a 92% chance. The other 8% is up to you.

3 Things To Have On Your Blog Before You Apply for Adsense

1. Privacy Policy: its one of their term, you have to let your visitors know that you would be displaying Google Adsense ads on your blog. If you haven’t created one by now, goto and get started. Its quite easy

2. Unique About Page: Most blogs just copy and paste the about page of another blog and Google knows, no matter how much you spin it, trust me, a spinned article is no different from the real one in search engine because search engine algorithm is also based on synonyms. That’s not what am discussing today. Having a unique about page of atleast 300 to 500 words is necessary for a blog that wants to run adsense. 

3. No Broken Links: This may seem small but its important. To Google, broken links means “Under Construction”, and Under Construction means you are not ready for serious business. So fix all your links

3 Quality Content Guideline Rules to Stick To In Other To Get Approved

Am telling you this first so you can check your blog and know if you are ready.

1. Offer Quality and Not only Unique: Quality content is different from unique content. You may have 100 unique articles on your blog, but they may be of low quality and add no value to your readers. So what’s the different between quality and unique content?

Quality content is when you offer unique contents that are well written, proof read and offers a solution to a problem or provides a unique tip that is needed. It also meets the minimium requirement of 400 to 500 words.

Unique content can be anything that hasn’t been posted anywhere before, its not necessarily quality or useful, its just not been posted before.

So watch your content and make sure it;

  • Has 400 words or higher
  • Has atleast one Image with alt description
  • is not copied from another source
  • is Not Spinned
  • Not a Private Label Rights Article (PLR)

2. Avoid The Hacking Tutorials: Yes avoid the hacking tutorials, even if its for educational purposes or at least, stay away from it for now. Writing things like “This tutorial is for educational purpose only” doesn’t make it less a hacking tutorial and inevitably detrimental to a particular receptor. Since you can tell what your audience would use it for, keep off

3. Targeted Keyword: its important you add value to readers right? So use keyword tools to know what your readers are searching for and write about it. Learn how search engine optimization the right way. Now remember purchasing backlinks and traffic is not advisable, I totally discourage it

3 Mobile Optimization Tips To Ready Your Mobile View For Adsense

If you are on blogger, you don’t have much issue since you can always use their default mobile theme(which Google loves). But for other platforms like wordpress, you need to check your mobile theme properly

1. Use Dudamobile: dudamobile is a leading mobile theme designing portal. You simply register and they give you the best list of optimized and elegant looking theme to choose from. It also makes your website making it way easier to access. Its not free, its $7.9 per month.

2. Linking Properly: Have a link to your About , contact, privacy policy and site map on your mobile view. Also have a link to go to the desktop version of your site.

3. Use a Mobile Theme: Even if you have a responsive template that automatically adapts to mobile devices, its advisable to use mobile theme, because it loads faster on most browser and its easier to navigate

When To Apply For Google Adsense And Get Approved Instantly.

Now after meeting all the above requirements, you are almost ready to go. Just a few more things and you can apply. After you have gotten the following on your blog, apply and get your account approved without much stress

  • Backlinks

Have atleast 20 relevant links coming back to your blog. Weather its a new blog or an old blog, have good backlinks coming back to it. Commenting on other blogs is a sure way to get backlinks. So check out How To Find Dofollow commentluv Blogs in Your Niche, if you can’t search your self, then check out this massive list of 101 CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs with high page rank. Google means business and so do you. That’s why you should have backlinks, especially for new blogs

  • Domain Age

After you have backlinks, don’t just jump and apply, wait until the blog is 2 or 3 months old. Others may say 6 months, but if google is going to approve you, 3 months is enough for them to decide if you are qualified

  • Alexa Rank

Before you apply, make sure you alexa rank is below 900,000 in the world wide ranking. (Trust me, I’ve tried this thrice and it worked).

  • Content

This is a very important part. Make sure you have 40 to 50 unique and quality articles before you apply. Well if you are serious with your blog(and you are), 50 article would not such a hard thing to write in 3months.

  • Traffic

Don’t get deceived, you don’t need 10000 daily view before you apply, a normal 500 to 1000 daily view for new blogs would do. But if you have the 10k or even 100k, its also fine be and besides, it means more earning for you.

Finally You Can Now apply

Apply for Adsense and keep your fingers crossed, what ever response you get, there is always a way to meet the requirement. Now if you are getting the “Site doesn’t comply with adsense policy” message, check that you have Quality content, good design and your site is atleast 3 months or older.

Know This

Google really has strick policies about adsense so make sure your blog has the following amount of article in each of the domain age category it falls into

2 to 3 months domain –  40 to 50 articles before applying
4 to 5 months old domain – 90 to 110 articles before applying
6 to 8 months old domain – 140 to 180 articles
1 year and older – 200 to 300 articles

Use the comment box to post what ever response you get so we can guide you through it. Best of luck

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  1. Thank You for sharing a nice blog post. You can get Temporarily Approved Adsense and Place Ads. Adsense approval usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours now. If you follow my steps above for creating a unique site that has never been involved with Google Adsense before, you should have no issues getting an Adsense account approved quickly.

  2. Thankyou for sharing such a nice article and your knowledge with us.
    How to get adsense account approval:
    1 Buy a custom domain name.
    2 Use Google apps to create a domain specific email address.
    3 Add pages like About, Contact
    4 Ensure you use a clean BlogSpot design.
    5 Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts.
    6 Ensure you don’t use copyright images. Here you can find sites to download free images. If you have copied images from Google search, go back & delete it from your blog.
    7 Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
    8 Apply for AdSense & enjoy

  3. I apllied for adsense but there is no reply ?
    I no my blog is not elligeble because of low content but still reply should come

    • Google will normally reply with reason why your blog won’t be accepted into the adsense program. Did you check your junk / spam folder?

  4. Thank you very much for helpful information. I am lucky to meet this article before applying for adsense. I was about to apply with nothing in hands.

  5. Thank you for the useful information. I am also going to apply google
    adsense. Its good to read before applying. Thank you for sharing.


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