How To Get the most out of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program

Get the most out of the AWS Enterprise Discount ProgramWith businesses increasingly relying on the cloud for growth, managing cloud costs becomes critical. Despite the many advantages of scalability that the cloud offers, expenses can quickly rise in a growing organization. Companies of all sizes need effective cloud management strategies to avoid wasting money on unused resources. For businesses with significant cloud spending, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the Amazon Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) as a solution.

AWS EDP Eligibility

To qualify for the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), businesses must spend at least $1 million per year on AWS services and commit to using AWS for an extended period, typically 1 to 5 years.

Why go for AWS EDP?

EDP offers rewards businesses significant discounts when they commit to using AWS services over a specific period in the range of 1 to 5 years. Each subsequent year should reflect a higher commitment than the previous year.

The AWS EDP facilitates sustainable scaling in return for a prolonged commitment from clients, typically ranging from 1 to 5 years. This allows businesses to lock in lower prices based on a predictable spending level, making budgeting for AWS much easier.

Benefits of AWS EDP

1. Deep Discounts: Save big on AWS usage with volume-based discounts tailored to your spending, commitment, and growth plans offered by the AWS Enterprise Discount Program. You can optimize your cloud costs based on how you use AWS and how you expect to grow.

2. Commitment Rewards: The longer you commit to AWS, the steeper the discounts you get. This incentivizes long-term partnerships and helps you lock in lower AWS costs. The longer the commitment and the higher the projected annual spend, the bigger the discount. So, a single 3-year commitment with increasing annual spending goals will be more cost-effective than three separate 1-year commitments.

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3. Predictable Budgeting: Know exactly what you’ll be spending on AWS for the duration of your agreement. This stable pricing structure of the AWS EDP Discount Program makes budgeting and forecasting easier and more accurate.

4. Stronger AWS Partnership: Become a strategic AWS partner and unlock additional benefits and resources through closer collaboration and enhanced support.

5. Broad Applicability:
AWS EDP offers discounts across a comprehensive portfolio of AWS services.

Tips to get the most out of AWS EDP

  1. Know Your Cloud: Before diving in, analyze your current and projected AWS usage with tools like Cost Explorer. This helps you make informed decisions about your EDP commitment.
  2. Talk to AWS: Connect with AWS sales or account managers to understand your eligibility and potential savings through EDP.
  3. Get the Perfect Fit: Negotiate terms that align with your specific needs. EDP offers flexibility, so take advantage of it.
  4. Combine Savings Strategies: Explore how EDP works alongside other AWS savings plans like Reserved Instances to maximize cloud cost optimization.
  5. Track and Optimize: Monitor your AWS usage regularly to ensure you’re on track with your EDP commitment. Don’t be afraid to adjust as needed.

Keeping a tab of all the tips and strategies often becomes cumbersome in the long run hence there is a great way to reap the benefits of the AWS EDP Discount Program.

You can maximize your EDP Benefits with an AWS Partner which can offer the following expertise:

  • Expert Guidance: Get help aligning your commitment with your business goals and determining the optimal spending level.
  • Contract Negotiation Power: Partners can help you secure better discounts and potentially lower commitment requirements.
  • Deeper Cost Insights: Go beyond basic discounts with customized usage reports and ongoing cost optimization recommendations.
  • Streamlined Billing: Simplify your finances with features like multi-entity invoicing, foreign currency support, and compliance assistance.
  • Extra Value: Access additional services like FinOps consulting, cost audits, reservation management, and cloud cost visibility tools (all at no extra cost).
  • Cost-Effective Cloud Onboarding: Get help training your cloud engineers to maximize AWS services efficiently, minimizing setup time and costs.
  • Ongoing Collaboration: Benefit from their deep understanding of both AWS and EDP for continuous support and cost optimization strategies.
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While it is rare to find a partner that can offer all the benefits as a comprehensive solution, a few partners like CloudKeeper have specialized programs that cover all bases and ensure end-to-end cost optimization.

CloudKeeper EDP+, a comprehensive solution that builds upon the foundation of AWS EDP, goes beyond the standard AWS EDP program to maximize your savings and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

  • Expert Negotiation: Secure higher discounts and lower annual commitments through intelligent contract discussions.
  • Discounted Enterprise Support: Get access to partner-led enterprise support at a reduced cost.
  • Cloud Cost Visibility: Leverage CloudKeeper Lens, a free platform providing daily, weekly, and monthly cost breakdowns, resource-level insights, and alerts.
  • FinOps Expertise: Benefit from FinOps audits, consulting services, Well-Architected Reviews, and Cloud FinOps KPI establishment – all from CloudKeeper.
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