Top 10 Best Web Browsers For PC

A lot has changed from the early days of web browsing dominance by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator alone. The good work carried out by the great tech heads at the ever-innovating Mozilla Foundation brought about the breakthrough from Microsoft internet explorer monopoly.

Today, there are unlimited options for surfing the internet. From popular web browsers to rarely used ones or even web apps, one can easily choose the option he prefers most for browsing the internet. We’ll be presenting to you the best 10 web browsing programs.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a revolutionary internet browsing app that really changed the way we browse the internet by making apps integration effortless. It features a lightening fast browsing experience along with seamless web apps integration and developers-friendly environment for deploying scripts and web elements.

Google chrome supports multi-tab browsing and low data consumption on tablet devices. The security features of the Google chrome web browser is top-notched and meets all ISO industry standards for internet frameworks. It is a free and also a default browsing app for chromebook.

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2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox wasn’t just a web browser, but a developer’s haven. It really created something that users were yearning for and made internet browsing experience fun, user-oriented and highly customizable.

There are tons of addons, marketing tools and social media apps to make your life on the internet fun and easy-going. Mozilla Firefox seamlessly integrates with all popular internet security software to provide a secure shopping environment.

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Advert blockers, forms auto fill, social media sharing widgets and search engine tools are some of the features that makes Mozilla Firefox the internet marketer’s favorite for surfing the internet.

Mozilla Firefox internet browser is available for all operating systems, including Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and many others.

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3. Safari

Safari is the default internet browser for Mac and Most iOS devices and commands so much respect as it renders web contents and rich media elements brilliantly.

Safari is a top web browser to use for richer surfing experience on the PC. It is available for download on PC and has a well optimized tab browsing for all the users. The design of the Safari browser is eye catching with a user-friendly interface.

[Official Web Page]

4. Opera

Opera web browser is famous for its award-winning data compression technology and its ability to render pages correctly after optimizing them via their servers (Opera Software ASA server).

Opera internet browser does have a great built-in download manager that makes pause, resume and restart function so easy for downloading larger files and videos.

It is best for surfing the internet when on a slow connection as it optimizes pages via its data compression technology, making websites load at a lightening speed.

Opera browser supports social media function, social bookmarking and works great even on slower machines.

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5. UC Browser for web

UC Browser for web is an improved version of UC browser that’s brings all the great experiences on mobile to PC. It features a safe, secured and faster browser for best internet surfing experience.

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UC browser features a dependable download manager with resume option, a smart file manager and a cloud sync option to synchronize your browsing experience across all of your devices.

With UC browser, there is a smart video downloader, a user-friendly interface, data compression technology and loads of functions to mark for a better, brilliant and dependable internet surfing experience.

[Download Link]


6. Maxthon

Maxthon is making our list today, not for its popularity, but for the awesomeness it brings with it. It is one good browser to give a try for a great internet surfing experience and one with a better cloud support.

Maxthon browser is available for all popular PC and mobile operating systems (OS) and works seamlessly for video streaming and dependable rich media experience.

[Download Link]

7. Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge

Microsoft internet explorer and edge browser is shipped alongside Microsoft windows 8 (or below) and Microsoft Windows 10 (or above) devices respectively.

It has been the browser to beat and the pioneer in web browsing for over a decade until the glory days of Mozilla Firefox and the famous launch of Google chrome browser.

Microsoft internet explorer has greatly improved with the introduction of “Edge browser” and has introduced some features such as cortana and intelligent browsing options that makes web browsing fun and lively.

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8. Torch

Torch web browser is a chromium based internet browser that renders web elements and rich media files fast and securely.

It is famous for its rich media features and the integrated media player that makes it easy to stream music and media files on the go.

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Torch browser is light and an all-in-one browser that offers something more than the others.

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9. Sea Monkey

Mozilla Sea Monkey is an open source web project that features an award-winning internet browser, an email client, a newsgroup client and a web feed reader.

It is popular among geeks and works great even on slower computers. You can give it a try today for a unique web surfing experience.

[Official Download Page]

10. Avant

Avant internet browser is a reliable app to surf the web and stream media files on the web. It is fast, simple and very intuitive.

It features private browsing, an ad/pop-up blocker and many other great functions that makes web browsing fun.

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