BLUE CANVAS Review: Classical and NFT Paintings Brought To Life

The BLUE CANVAS is a sophisticated artwork display frame that can artistically display NFT paintings. What is so great about it? Well, read through this short Blue Canvas Review to find out more about the brilliance of this slim & smart display.

BLUE CANVAS ReviewBLUE CANVAS is a one-of-a-kind art frame that solves most of the issues customers had in NFT paintings.

As the public recognizes the true value of the NFT art, the pieces are traded in numerous locations for over a couple of million dollars. However, users would have to connect a flash drive onto a TV/PC to appreciate them. By doing so, the display screens cannot fully express the actual colors and textures of their masterpiece collection, and there might be a risk of it being duplicated. But BLUE CANVAS was able to.

BLUE CANVAS has solved these issues to take the next leap in the digital art industry. It allows users to fully appreciate NFT artworks by acting as the basis for purchasing and enjoying NFT paintings (which do not exist offline). And with its copyright protection system, BLUE CANVAS prevents duplication and embezzlement from occurring on the user’s assets. As the true ownership of the user’s NFT paintings are completed with its complete copyright, BLUE CANVAS even cared about the tiniest details to make the owner’s satisfaction up to perfection.

BLUE CANVAS Review and Feature Overview

Well, BLUE CANVAS, as a genuine canvas, tries to bring the majority of digital artworks to life. Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest:

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It allows the users to fully enjoy their masterpiece

BLUE CANVAS allows the users to keep their art appreciation as elegant and fulfilling as they want. With anti-glare processing, the screen does not glare any light. This allows the users to enjoy the digital content at any angle without distortion.

It can also naturally express the proper color and textures and not as pixels at QHD levels, not to mention that this is the world’s slimmest and feather-like display. So, if the users would like to own or display an oil-based painting, the BLUE CANVAS will be able to present the authentic textures and the shades of the actual piece.

The most brilliant art frame ever created

Users can curate their own art gallery through the BLUE CANVAS. The BLUE CANVAS can be paired with an app/PC to upload their digital content to enjoy art pieces anywhere at any time.


Sometimes the picture of the user’s loved ones is the most extraordinary artwork that nothing can compare to. Just showcase the user’s favorite pictures that capture the precious moment. It would be the closest way to keep those cherishable moments in mind.

Plus, with BLUE CANVAS’s open art platform, users can purchase and store masterpieces created by famous/trendy artists. Explore world-renowned NFT artists without worrying about where to put their art and how to appreciate them. And it provides artwork download & streaming service. This frame is a must-have item for NFT art collectors.

BLUE CANVAS aims to support unknown artists all over the world

98% of the artists around the world remain unknown regardless of their brilliant artwork and desperate efforts. So, BLUE CANVAS would like to take the step forward to bring their masterpieces to the light.

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BLUE CANVAS also runs its own platform/ program or artwork displaying. Allowing users to purchase paintings directly on our platform, which were directly posted by the artists. Each piece will be inspected and copyrighted by BLUE CANVAS’s expert curators.

artists support

The BLUE CANVAS is not at all like TVs when it comes to its picture/graphic quality. Apart from the NFT painting display, users can display photos of themselves and their loved ones, information regarding the user’s special event, or even masterpiece artworks and paintings from all around the world for free! (Available on our app with 2400+ pieces.) Ordinary people might think, why not just use a smart tv?

For more details about the technical specification, please check out their official product page or read the description below:

  1. The BLUE CANVAS is only 0.5 inches thick.
    1. Providing a surreal experience like actually viewing a true masterpiece.
    2. With its slim & light design, it is easy to install on the wall without damaging the interior
  2. It is equipped with an AI Curation Feature, providing a personalized user experience. (by analyzing big data from the user’s actual experience and taste.)
  3. The BLUE CANVAS is also more than just a picture display.
    1. There is an automatic on/off button, allowing users to set its time to operate or not.
    2. The BLUE CANVAS also provides the users with life-essential information like the date, time, weather, etc.
    3. Once the users save/upload their personal art/picture, it can be viewed anywhere in the world with our cloud.
    4. It’s pairable with a Bluetooth speaker to set the tone while the users are enjoying the BLUE CANVAS.
    5. Users can even cast videos on the BLUE CANVAS as well!
  4. The BLUE CANVAS is much more energy-saving than other displays (i.e., TVs) sold in the market.
    1. The electricity bill comes out to $1.2 monthly when used 24hrs a day. It also has an automatic on/off feature, so the users would not have to worry about their electricity bills.
  5. Users would not have to worry about errors or glitches due to Wi-Fi disconnections.
    1. BLUE CANVAS requires Wi-Fi. Meaning, there wouldn’t be any issues while using it if Wi-Fi is connected while the user uploads their content. However, the contents already uploaded on the BLUE CANVAS still play even if the Wi-Fi disconnects.

unique Paintings

Wrapping it Up:

The 21st century is moving on to the next stage in the 4th industrial revolution; it is evident that most industries are revolutionizing and moving on. As it could be seen on the release of BLUE CANVAS, the art industry was not an exception.

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From my honest point of view, the BLUE CANVAS fully expressed and appreciated the classical trends and looks of renowned masterpieces. But, at the same time, they were able to bind prospective artists and the new trends of NFT paintings into their invention.

I genuinely hope that this product will provide more and more opportunities for art enthusiasts around the world to bring life to the industry amidst this chaotic pandemic era.

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