Dropbox Hack Prevention: Top 10 Ways to Secure a Dropbox Account

dropbox hack prevention tipsThere has been series of events where online services were hacked  and millions of passwords stolen. While dropbox hack isn’t a frequent issue, it is good to know the top 10 ways to secure your dropbox account from getting hacked.

We all know that the data we upload and store to cloud storage services like Dropbox are all important and personal, and losing all those important items is really disappointing. So learning the best measures to secure your online account is very paramount, hence our reason for writing on the best ways to prevent drobbox hack from malicious persons.

The Dropbox Hack Prevention Tips You Must Know

Let’s first start at securing your password, we all know that passwords are our main protection for almost everything including cloud services. So creating a lot more secured password is a must, for this: a combination of numbers, letters (uppercase/lowercase combination) and some symbols will help. But also consider the length, having at least 15 characters minimum.

2nd is to not repeat the same password you used before, having all the same passwords in different accounts is just like an invitation for hackers to enter, it may be very convenient to have 1 password for all, but it is also like a hack 1 hack all things.

3rd Don’t ever open your secured Dropbox account to an Open Wi-Fi connection. It might be free, but might also be a trap as well.

4th is Never open attachments unless you are sure it is safe, whether it comes from social media account, forums or etc. It may cause all your data to be recorded including your password.

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5th is to check the link you are entering, the process is called phishing wherein the real website like Dropbox is mimicked and asks you to enter both username and password.

The interface would be the same as the original, but the link address is not, so always check the link address or manually type the address to your address bar when logging in to your dropbox account.

6th is to always check links for malware that records your keyboard stokes and may reveal your Dropbox password. Using strong antivirus and internet securities will help you protect your surfing activities.

7th is enabling Dropbox’s two-step verification. By enabling this, you will have the extra protection that a breached password has failed to give.

Every time a user opens a Dropbox account in a new computer, additional authentication is asked after the password. It can be activated via the security tab, under the settings page.

We strongly believe that having the two two-step verification will stop the possibility of a Dropbox account hack irrespective of the method the hacker used to steal your password.

8th is to not give your Dropbox password to anyone, whether they are close relatives, friends, and acquaintances your personal data is only yours to keep.

9th is to not record, your Dropbox password to any savable files, since accessing those files is easy, and your beloved password might leak.

10th is to disconnect the unused device, since we all know that Dropbox is a handy service wherein we are able to link numbers of devices in order to share files.

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But what if a common device linked to your account is stolen? Possibilities of having your Dropbox account hacked will increase, so once a device is not in use anymore or has gone missing, Quickly disconnect that device from getting access to your dropbox account.

Wrapping it Up:

Dropbox hack is possible when your password is stolen by malicious persons, but following the outlined tips above will help you secure your dropbox account. Feel free to share your best Dropbox hack prevention tips by using the comment box below.

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