Google Wants to Sell Bloomberg: Google Owned Robotics

Bloomberg, A Robotics engineering Boston Dynamics firm which have over the years being in Google’s possession is up for sale by the Mountain View, California-based company, Google. This was based on a report released by google, which cites people familiar with the search giant’s plan.
In case you are just hearing this for the first time, Boston dynamics is known for its terrifying animal looking robots. The video below shows Bloomberg in action.

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The Selling of Bloomberg as reported by Google’s sources is based on business decisions as  they believe that having Bloomberg on their side would not fetch them much as they are more on doing business that generates income.

Although they do note that all was not well between Google’s engineers and Boston Dynamics executives. There was “a reluctance by Boston Dynamics executives to work with Google’s other robot engineers in California and Tokyo,” the report says.

Concerning the possible buyers, We would be expecting either Toyota or Amazon.The later in case you don’t know are also into manufacturing for robots for its fulfillment centers.

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