Google I/O 2016 Registration Begins

Yea, Ladies and  Gentle men, it is another time of the year, it is the Google I/O 2016. A time when google would be discussing tech to its fullest, Google’s latest products and more…
Google will kick-start it registration acceptance beginning  Thursday, March 10 at 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST but then there is a good news for 2016.Unlike other years, the google team is letting us to calm down and prepare as registration would not be on a first come first serve basis. Yippee.. i Know..The order in which applications are accepted has no bearing on who gets in and who doesn’t. It’s a lottery of sorts, and Google will choose applicants at random. If your application is selected, you’ll receive a confirmation email telling you what to do next. To fill out the application, head to the link attached at the bottom of this post and sign in with your Google account.
On regards the cost of tickets, the Google I/O tickets would be going for $900 (General Admission) and $300 for Academic admission. You are eligible to purchase one ticket if you get selected and can always request for a refund up  until April 29th if your plans happens to change.
The event would be taking place at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain view, California this year starting from Wednesday, May 18th up until Friday, May 20th. Looking at this, we should be expecting something big to come from the developer conference this year starting from the Advancements in virtual reality, self driving cars, the Android N and many more. To catch a glimpse on the google I/O event, click Here.

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