iPhone Surge: Constructive or Destructive?

Technology is a good servant but a bad master. Technology can be very advantageous but they can be destructive too.

No wonder the most productive and favorite iPhone of yours which you considered as purely constructive may look very destructive when your kid is using it continuously.

The iPhone which many of use on a day to day basis may all of a sudden feel evil because the kids are addicted to the games and apps that entertain them.

That is when a pang of guilt rushes to us. This is when we realize that something is wrong and indeed the surge of iPhones and other technologies are actually destructive too.

Although we can claim that the apps are mostly kid-friendly and few apps are there with teach them Mathematics, basics, numerical, alphabets also.

The kids can indeed spend some solid time without nagging you. However what if they are not conscious and what is they stare too much in the screen? Wouldn’t you feel a pang of ill-parenting if the kids get addicted to the tempting iPhone?

A very classic example is the Angry Birds this game is very nice but it is very addictive for both kids as well as adults. Apart from angry birds there are plenty more which will not just challenge you but also your child’s dexterity and mental abilities however again they are addictive aren’t they?

While addiction is one of the drawbacks we can say that there is another bigger drawback. If addiction wasn’t a reason favorable to you then what about the credit call bills shooting up? Some caution is very much advised. You should first of all clearly make sure that you are not going to madly use your credit card for your addiction and secondly make sure that the details of your credit card are not stored for use by in-app purchases.
In such a case you keep on purchasing and you should wake up to a horror of huge bills. There are many popular yet horror stories of little children running up massive bills for their parents’ credit cards, for instance one boy has spent a whopping £900 on popular game Farmville.

iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: Make Your Right Option for iPhone

However you can’t totally restrict your child from the pleasures or iPhone or you yourself can’t call it a bad habit either. Therefore you must feel it’s the very right time to give your child an iOS device is when they can manage money and still you need to find Pay As You Go phones which are from the Littlewoods thus your child can call the phone their own at the same time it allows you to observe how much money your child is spending.

This option is yet again constructive. So good is technology, it is constructive then goes destructive and vice versa.
Additionally as a parent it will be very wise to check the games that your children are playing. This is the basic thing to protect your children from unwanted banes of iPhone and other technologies.

Certain games like few versions of cruel shooters like Grand Theft Auto which are very well enjoyable by adults like us on many smart phones may be very sick and not appropriate for kids.

However we can’t probably explain this to the kids about why they shouldn’t be playing it. Again this is a bane. However, most iPhones are now having the options to actually restrict certain access to particular games thus if your child has their own phone do some child-proofing of the phone.

However to conclude a phone shouldn’t actually engulf you or your kids completely. As I quoted previously “Technology is a good servant but a bad master”. Be sensible and enjoy the boons of iPhone and jump over the banes.

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