Kemage KM13000 Gasoline Generator Review and Performance Test

Kemage KM13000 Gasoline Generator ₦580,000 to ₦650,000
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Kemage KM13000 4-stroke gasoline generator is a 10.5KVA power generating set that can be started with the key starter or with the help of a remote control. It can comfortably power 3 air conditioners of 1HP without stressing it out. Also, inverter ACs below 5HP can be comfortably powered by this portable electric power generating set.

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In our last Lutian fuel generator review, we touched on the most significant concerns users typically have when checking to buy a new generator. Why today’s Keymage gasoline generator review won’t outline all of these results, we have tested it extensively and will be able to provide more details in the comment section for every question asked!

In this review, I will outline the features of the Kemage KM13000 generator along with the specifications, performance, and my overall impression of the brand.

The Review Background

Keymage generator review

Ordinarily, I should have gone for another high-capacity Lutian generator – owing to the fantastic experience I had with their product after 8 solid years of steady use; but I needed to try something else. My options were narrowed down to Sumec Firman, Haier Thermocool, Sensei, and Kemage.

Sensei, the new entrant here may be new to some, but it did serve well in the farm where we use the 8.5KVA rated version. I could have opted for another 8.5KVA Sensei generator but needed something higher with a remote control as well (since the Generator is supposed to serve for water pumping mostly; solar does most of the job). So, the built-in remote control was a factor for us.

Only Keymage KM13000 met these criteria, most especially the capacity and built-in remote control; hence, we went for it, and are now up with a detailed Kemage generators review.

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Kemage KM13000 Remote Controlled Generator Overview

Kemage KM13000 Generator Overview

Sumec’s Firman generators used to be the “top choice” of many people when shopping for a generator. But in recent years, some new brands have embraced the markets, offering top-quality generator models for “Cheap” prices. The Kemage KM13000 4-stroke gasoline generator is a 10.5KVA power-generating set that can be started with the key starter or with the help of a remote control (You won’t have to touch the machine physically). It can comfortably power 3 air conditioners of 1HP without stressing it out. Also, inverter ACs below 7HP can be comfortably powered by this portable electric power generating set.

It is quite a big machine that can power a whole lot and stay on for a long time, thanks to the 33-liter fuel tank capacity. Kemage KM13000er is 100 copper based and is popular due to its strong build and remote control feature.

It can comfortably power a 2HP air conditioner, a 2HP water pump, an electric iron, a water heater, electric ovens, and big-sized refrigerators. I have personally tested it with more than one water heater on at the same but I’m yet to test it with multiple ACs on.

The brand Keymage and its remote-controlled generators are increasingly becoming popular for two reasons; first is the remote start function and second is the “optimal” fuel consumption. However, for some people, the price is a great discount compared to what you will pay to get a similar spec’ed model from notable brands like Sumec and Haier Thermocool.

Kemage is a Japanese brand focused on manufacturing affordable yet “premium” electrical and electronic devices, as well as generators. This particular Kemage KM13000er offers a whopping 10kva running power output (although the total capacity is rated 10.5kva) and runs with 100% copper coil. It comes with an optimized high-grade engine that consumes oil and fuel minimally.

The Kemage KM13000er is practically a “heavy-duty” gasoline generator for home or office use. Also included in this generator is a 12v battery for key start and two tires for easy movements. You’re getting a detailed user manual inside the box; it includes a ton of handy information on how to run this mini lister.

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Full Specifications

Kemage KM13000 Generator Specs

  • Coil material: 100% copper
  • Fuel tank capacity: 33 liters (petrol)
  • Key start: Yes
  • Remote start: Yes
  • Total capacity: 10.5KVA
  • Output capacity: 10KVA
  • Battery: 12v
  • Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder

Other Features

Kemage KM13000 Generator Features

1. Big Tank Capacity

While 33 liters is what’s written on the tank cover, I believe the real storage (not properly tested) should be within 25 to 30 liters, which is big enough to run the generator for a full day! If you fill the Kemage KM13000er fuel tank, you can run the generator for a whole day, literally. Now, that’s ideal for someone planning to use this generator in an office setting.

2. Remote and Key Start

Most modern generators support key start, which is gradually becoming a norm. However, Kemage KM13000er raises the par to include a remote control. This generator can start remotely without being physically touched – hi-tech!

3. 100% Copper Coil

Copper coils are generally more durable and efficient than other types of coils used in generators. The Kemage KM13000er comes with a 100% copper coil to ensure longevity and high efficiency.

4. High-Grade Engine

The 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine surprisingly consumes fuel minimally, further reassuring that you can run this generator for days with a single full tank. This engine also does not “drink” oils, but you should never miss the oil change intervals.

5. Over-Load Cutoff

Kemage KM13000er comes with a premium feature that triggers the generator to stop running immediately if overloaded. This is to ensure that nothing gets blown or damaged on the generator or your connected appliances.

kemage generater cuicuit breaker

Short circuits in the connection line will also trigger the circuit breaker that’s firmly placed in the front-facing control unit of this generator (as seen in the picture above).

6. Low Operation Noise

There is literally no way to eliminate noise from a running generator, but the Kemage KM13000er, at least, makes less noise. You can stay close to this generator while running and still feel “cool” with the noise output. The size vs. noise output is within an acceptable decibel.

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7. Interesting Design

The Kemage KM13000er doesn’t flaunt a boring design; it looks pretty attractive. The company paid attention to aesthetics and the design looks great. There’s also a pair of tires to attach to the generator for easy movement.

Kemage KM13000 Generator Review and Performance Test

Kemage gasoline generator review

The Kemage KM13000 gasoline generator worked well for us. I was particularly impressed with the long range covered by the remote control and the ease of installation. The study-looking plug is another thing that caught my attention at first. It looks solid, well-built, and not going to burn in the next 8 years 🤣😅😂!

Kemage KM13000 power plug
The sturdy-built Kemage KM13000 power plug

It is a recommendable low-noise power generator set that’s suitable for use at home and in office spaces. The generator is offered at a good price, and you can still get discounts in some stores. This smart, remote-controlled generator can power a ton of appliances and equipment with ease.

With a full tank, you can run this generator for three straight days, depending on the power supply frequency in your neighborhood. But then, the 33-liter tank capacity is a big one indeed; more so, the generator doesn’t consume fuel that much. The low noise is another impressive thing to note – you won’t get to “disturb” your neighbors.

Kemage KM13000er checks the box for a budget-friendly, high-performance portable generator. The copper coil looks solid and might just stand the test of time. You can purchase this generator from Jumia or a local store in your area that sells original items. Overall, the Kemage KM13000er is a good value for the money – offering decent performance.

What More?

The Kemage KM13000 gasoline generator sells for N580,000 – N650,000, depending on where you’re buying from. It is a 10.5KVA generator but puts out only 10KVA for your usage (i.e., 10.5KVA peak power and 10KVA running power). This portable generator has quite an appealing design and comes with a pair of tires that let you move it easily. It’s a great buy for home and office applications.

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