How Webtoon XYZ Lets You Watch Comics and Manga (Review and How To Use Guide)

We cartoon and webtoon lovers will always find a way to discover new sites to read and follow up on intriguing series. Manga or comic stories, whichever you choose to call them, are pictorial illustrations telling a unique story in sequences.

Most of these stories are adult-themed and include explicit visuals, but then, they are pretty interesting to follow up, and the carton depictions will just keep you engaged. There are quite many sites that publish manga and comic series, but seems to be on top of the game.

Talk about the intuitive website design that lets you easily navigate the site, and how you can look up your favorite titles in a click. Here, I will walk you through on how to watch manga and comics on Webtoon XYZ.

Webtoon.XYZ Overview

How Webtoon XYZ Lets You Watch Comics and Manga is a website that does what the name insinuates; it is a website that publishes Japanese manga stories along with comic stories and webtoons of diverse themes. Everything you’re going to find on the website is free and you can use the filtration options to view only the “type” of stories you want to follow up on.

But a quick tip? There are more of +18 stories than the other way around. features a clear-cut interface that any visitor can easily navigate, and there’s a quick search icon on the website that lets you look for specific titles. There are “ongoing” stories and there are “completed” ones; if you don’t like suspense, go for the completed series.

10 Best Sites To Watch Anime Movies Online Free

This website is popular because it hosts a vast number of manga and comic titles. Also, the cartoon depictions are available in clear HD and the storylines are typically engaging – making you want to come back always. But can you actually “Watch” comics on No, you can’t.

How Webtoon XYZ Lets You Watch Comics and Manga?

Webtoons XYZ

Well, that’s a hoarse, there’s literally nothing you can watch on Webtoon XYZ, but there’s a lot to read and follow up on. You can read as many webtoons as you wish, but there’s no video to watch – unless you’re referring to looking at the cartoon pictures as “Watching,” then you’re right about watching webtoons on

On the website, you only need to select the story you want to read, access the chapters, and start reading; if you’ve been on the series prior, just pick up from where you left off and continue. After reading, you can rate, comment, and bookmark the story (if you wish).

What’s Available on Webtoon XYZ?

Webtoon 02

There are a lot of manga stories and cartoon series to read and watch. The website literally hosts over 5,000 webtoon series, and new titles are being added quite regularly. There are more than 30 genres, including action, adventure, BL, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Martial Arts, Mystery, and more.

What More?

Webtoon XYZ is a place to find virtually any comic story you’ve always wanted to check out. The multi-genre webtoon website is easy to navigate and loads pretty fast on any browser. It is safe to browse, yeah, and can be accessed from any location – you don’t need a VPN. But just know there are no videos to watch – just infographics (literally) telling stories of different plots.

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