The Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Infrastructure

The Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Infrastructure

It’s hard to deny the omnipresence of overall digitalization and the power of technology. Many businesses are seeking digital transformation to gain the reputation of more advanced and competitive players. The desired effect is generally achieved by integrating IT infrastructure into the company workflow. Needless to say, this solution requires constant management and technical assistance. For this reason, business owners either employ professionals or resort to IT infrastructure outsourcing services.

The second strategy is gaining popularity over the years. The estimates show that the global IT outsourcing market amounted to $526.6 billion in 2021 and is going to reach $ 682.3 billion by 2027.

Defining the notion

Today, businesses tend to delegate responsibilities related to the development, maintenance, and improvement of the IT infrastructure to third parties. The outsourcing company is different from the in-house pool of IT specialists as they work outside the company office and provide their services based on the needs and demands of the business. regardless of the enterprise size, it may either delegate all IT-related issues to the contractor or just a part of them. There is a short list of the most common services requested:

Businesses can choose from a variety of IT services to outsource. There are the most common outsourced services:

  • Cloud services
  • Network maintenance
  • Data centers management
  • Technical support
  • Data protection

Enterprises can actually choose from a variety of activities to outsource – from accounting to logistics. Still, IT services are among the top most outsourced sectors as of 2023 data.

Who may take advantage?

Dealing with multiple tasks on a daily basis may be challenging for an enterprise of any size and type. Large companies may reduce the staff, optimize and automate complex processes, decrease costs, and improve business productivity by resorting to the solution under consideration. Even a small business can entrust their computer equipment issues to a third party and get help with troubleshooting, and the infrastructure forming and scaling.

Successful handling of numerous technology tasks without harming business performance and customer experience is best achievable with a specially trained team of professionals who are responsible for the smooth running of digital systems.


  • Time and Cost Effectiveness

Employing an in-house team of specialists requires high money expenditures that are not limited to paying regular salaries and taxes. Statistics show that hiring one IT professional may cost up to 10 thousand dollars. This sum is made up of the price for recruiting services, training, and contractual fees, which is typically not affordable for start-ups and businesses of small and medium size.

The hiring process may take months, as it involves screening resumes of numerous candidates with subsequent interviews, paperwork, and bureaucracy.

In contrast, outsourcing allows for reimbursement per completed project, which minimizes the chances of paying for the unproductive time of employees at their full-time workplaces. Despite its lower costs, outsourcing appears to be more efficient and guarantees high-quality services provided.

  • High quality of services

Outsourced IT professionals specializing in a particular niche have a skill set needed to satisfy a particular business’s requirements, which gives them a competitive edge over the in-house employees with more generalized knowledge. Hence, collaborating with highly competent individuals and teams enhances the quality of business output and ensures positive experience exchange.

  • Uninterrupted operation

The productivity of a business increases when all processes are functioning 24/7. This can be achieved only if the company cooperates with specialists from different time zones. Relying on outsourcing, business owners may be sure that any issues arising at any time of the day are duly and timely tackled by the professionals who are tracking changes in key processes and equipment to promptly respond to incidents that occur. In addition, this strategy ensures seamless customer support and, therefore, improves their experience.

  • Data protection

Experienced outsourcers can handle data security issues that are a serious concern for many businesses. Protection of sensitive information is directly correlated to the company’s reputation and, therefore, can’t be neglected. A dedicated team of professionals conducts a comprehensive inspection of an organization’s data storing methods and offers the best solution for threat prevention and elimination. Close-up observation and maintenance of the system reduces risks and ensures effective data backup and data recovery, as well as support for data centers and prompt operation restoration. Compliance with the standards becomes much easier when a company delegates it to the outsourcers who react to the fast changes in the industry, country, or even a geographic region to keep the system up-to-date.

  • Focus on core tasks

Running a business can be complicated as it requires control over numerous processes that influence overall performance. Having to deal with routine tasks may distract from really important issues. Outsources find the best ways to deal with their responsibilities without their customer’s instruction. Thus, by handing off complex activities to IT professionals, business owners can concentrate on decision-making and growth.


Outsourcing the company’s IT infrastructure allows spending less but producing more with no harm to reputation. Any company regardless of the industry it is representing receives a return on investments by entrusting its integrated digital systems to technical experts who know how to enhance the output of business.

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