The Role Of Polycarbonate in Production Of Phones & Consumer Electronics

What is PolycarbonateSome of the highest quality phone cases on the market are made from polycarbonate, but what is polycarbonate, and why is it so good for making phone cases?

In short, polycarbonate isn’t the name for one material but a group of materials. Polycarbonates are rigid and durable thermoplastics that are used in countless everyday products.

So let’s dig a bit deeper to find what makes polycarbonate unique and why it is so commonly used in phone cases.

What Is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonates are thermoplastics, which means that when heated up to a specific temperature, they are moldable into different shapes. Once they cool down again, they become hard and rigid, holding the shape they were molded into.

What Are The Advantages Of Polycarbonate?

Advantages Of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonates are incredibly impact-resistant. They are hard enough to hold their shape and flexible enough to absorb impact, making them great for use in protective gear.

Polycarbonates also have a high glass transition temperature, the temperature at which they will begin to soften and bend. Its glass transition temperature of 147 °C (176 °F) is more heat resistant than other plastics.

Polycarbonate can also be bent and deformed without breaking. This property allows polycarbonate to be formed into different shapes at room temperature instead of needing to be heated up and molded like other thermoplastics.

Polycarbonate is also cheap to use and produce and lightweight. This is one of the reasons it’s widely used in consumer gadgets and even most large electronic appliances in US homes.

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What Is Polycarbonate Used For?

Some of the most common uses of polycarbonate in these modern times are in electronics and construction, where heat resistance and light weight are imperative.

Polycarbonate is also used in 3D printing, Blurays, bulletproof glass, protective eyewear, automotive and medical components, and phone cases.

What Are The Advantages Of Polycarbonate Phone Cases?

Polycarbonate Phone Cases

Polycarbonate is one of the best materials used in making phone cases. Its impact resistance and flexibility give superior protection compared to other materials, and they are cheap to buy because of their cheap production cost.

Polycarbonate is also available in a wide variety of colors and levels of transparency, allowing you to have many customization options. After all, many consumers choose aesthetics over actual function anyway.

Either way, no matter if you’re looking for a folding case for your Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 or a Google Pixel 7 Pro case with a belt clip, if you choose a polycarbonate case for your phone, it will look great and be protected from the worst of falls.

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