Quick Tips on Escalating Your Presence in the WordPress Community

Now that you’ve gathered an immense amount of experience in WordPress development it’s time for you to establish your unique niche in the global WordPress community. All the hardwork put in by you during the WordPress project execution phase can turn out to be real worth if you’re able to gather the attention of esteemed WordPress professionals residing in different parts of the world. Recruiters are always on a look out for a WordPress developer who is competent in working on web development projects for numerous verticals. Today, through this article, I’ll be offering you a few tips on honing your chances of getting spotted by the best recruiters who’re looking for professionals who’re trained in custom WordPress theme development/web development.

  • Tip#1

Get enrolled in the WordPress University


WordPress University is an online resource for WordPress developers. By enrolling yourself at this portal, you can get an easy access to information related to everything that’s happening in the world of custom WordPress theme development and custom WordPress web development. Registering at this web portal also offers you the opportunity of connecting with topmost WordPress developers and learning from them.

  • Tip#2

Indulge in constant trial and error approach


Practicing WordPress web development and WordPress theme development can aid you in mastering the respective field. It’s always recommended to proactively take the initiative to use the coding language you’re comfortable working with, for performing the web development/theme development task. Like for example, if you are familiar with WordPress APIs then make it a point to use these APIs on a regular basis to gather maximum working experience. 

Cool Code Snippets to add Genesis (Wordpresss) - No Plugin Needed

  •  Tip#3

Get to know about the technology in a thorough manner


In order to become a top-notch WordPress developer who’s recognized globally, it’s absolutely essential to know the technology inside out. Here, the first and foremost step is to improve your programming skills. You can do this by working on a number of WordPress projects that focus on different arenas. In addition to this, you should subscribe to all newsletters, journals etc. which offer latest updates regarding everything that’s happening in the world of WordPress.

  • Tip#4

Become an active member of the WordPress Community


Irrespective of how many WordPress projects you work on, you can’t get the desired recognition unless and until you connect with numerous developers out there. You can choose to become an active member of the WordPress community by writing tutorials that cover important aspects related to WordPress development. Writing tutorials not only assists you in increasing your visibility in the WordPress community but it also aids you in honing your own WordPress skills.


Whether you’re a pro or an amateur in WordPress development, participating in online forums and bootcamps helps you in positioning yourself amongst the best skilled WordPress developers. WordPress development is a vast arena and involves a lot of hard work and commitment. By following the tips mentioned in this article, it’ll become easier for you to mark your presence in the WordPress community that’s constantly growing by huge bounds and leaps.

Post contributed by Jason of OSSMedia, you can view his wordpress development services here.

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