How to Save With Discounted Computer Software

We live in a fast-paced electronic age where it seems as if the cost of everything has become more exorbitant, including the price of computer software. However, having the most reliable updated software is vital for the success of individuals and businesses alike, which makes saving via discounted computer software a popular choice for many wise computer owners.

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Purchase Discount OEM Computer Software Online

If you are looking to save on cheap computer software that is reliable, effective, of good quality and reputable, then discount OEM software would be your best option. You may be asking yourself what OEM entails and why you should buy OEM software. The acronym OEM denotes ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer.’ Other common terms used to describe OEM are ‘brown box, ‘ ‘gray market’ or ‘white box.’

Discount OEM software is deemed as cheap computer software as it is significantly cheaper than what retailers are charging the mass consumer market. You may be asking yourself why it is significantly cheaper. When software merchants produce computer software, they manufacture it in two versions according to the intended distribution channel. The channels are targeted towards retailers who sell the computer software to the mass consumer public or to systems manufacturers who buy the OEM version. OEM and retail computer software are identical and both are high quality. The predominant reason why OEM is significantly cheaper is strictly due to its packaging.

The retail software product comes complete with all the frilly packaging, driver CD’s, installation manuals and software CDs, which also makes shipping more costly. The OEM distribution channel makes provisions for systems manufacturers such as HP and Dell, among others. OEM packaging comprises bulk products minus the expensive packaging, which then makes it the cheaper product. With regards to this discount software licensing, please note that sometimes the manufacturer’s warranty is smaller, absent or unlike the retailer’s. Also, wholesale discount OEM software packages are sometimes not inclusive of driver CDs and software manuals.

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Other than that, discount OEM software are full versions of the same software sold by retailers, complete with installation discs, Certificates of Authenticity and product key codes. However, consumers are not entitled to gratis manufacturer technical support.

That being said, there are numerous online avenues to choose from if you are looking to buy discount software. Be sure to look for a reputable online site or reseller that offers you excellent customer service and possibly an incentive program. Note that a discount software reseller is different from a computer software distributor.

A distributor is usually a retailer who sells computer software to the masses, whereas the reseller would often trade on a smaller scale and sell OEM products to smaller groups or individuals.

Discount software resellers sell an extensive range of packages. Some of the most common brands sold by them are Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec discounted computer software.

Discount Adobe Software

Discount Adobe software has become an increasingly popular choice with online resellers. Adobe is a world-renowned brand that specializes in software that helps computer users to create and optimize their computer projects. It comprises Adobe Creative Suite as well as Photoshop, with its bestsellers being Acrobat XI Pro, Acrobat XI Standard and Photoshop Elements 11.

Adobe Acrobat is sold in the following range:

1. Adobe Acrobat Suite

2. Adobe Acrobat Standard

3. Adobe Acrobat Standard TLP

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro and

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro TLP

The Adobe range also comprises graphics tools, web tools, product suites, multimedia software as well as page layout tools such as Pagemaker, Framemaker and InDesign. Buying from a reseller would be your most affordable option for discount Adobe software.

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Discount Microsoft Software

This is probably one of the most common brands of software being sold with the bestselling products being Office 2010 Home and Business, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 w/5 CALs OEM as well as Office 2010 Home and Student for 3 PCs.

The Microsoft Office Suite Range is Currently as Follows:

1. Office 2013

2. Office 2010

3. Office 2013 OLP

4. Office for Mac

5. Office 365 Subscriptions

6. Office 2003

7. Office XP 2002

8. Office 2007

Window Versions for Microsoft Include:

1. Windows XP Home

2. Windows XP Professional

3. Windows Vista Home Premium

4. Windows Vista Business

5. Windows Vista Ultimate

6. Windows 7 Home Premium

7. Windows 7 Professional

8. Windows 7 Ultimate

9. Windows 8 and

10. Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft office has a comprehensive variety of applications. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Microsoft Access

2. Microsoft Word

3. Microsoft Excel

4. Microsoft Outlook

5. Microsoft PowerPoint

6. Microsoft Publisher and

7. SharePoint Workspace

Discount Symantec Software

Discount Symantec software comprises an extensive range of Norton Antivirus and Internet Security software packages for your computer’s ultimate cyber protection.

Symantec also boasts a range of extra products such as the Backup Exec series and Endpoint Protection for computers.

Some of the bestsellers currently being sold by discount software resellers are:

1. Norton AntiVirus 2013 applicable for 3 PCs

2. Norton 360 2013 applicable for 3 PCs and

3. Endpoint Protection SBE 12.1 5-User

The Internet Security range sold by resellers includes:

1. Internet Security 2010

2. Internet Security 2011

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3. Internet Security 2012 and

4. Internet Security 2013

Norton Antivirus OEM packages sold by resellers are:

1. Norton AntiVirus 2010

2. Norton AntiVirus 2011

3. Norton AntiVirus 2012 and

4. Norton AntiVirus 2013

Saving and staying digitally current has never been easier with the aid of computer software resellers and cheap computer software!

Post Contributed by Susan Slobac, who turns to Royal Discount to get quality product at a reasonable price.

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