5 Steps to Build A Responsive Email List


If you are an Internet marketer I don’t really think I should bother explaining to you what an email list is or how important it is to have a responsive email list. But I’m aware there are newbies reading this, so I am delving into the details. So what is an email list?

What is an Email List?

how to build a responsive email listAn email list, sometimes called A mailing list, is a collection of names and/or email addresses used by a person or an organization to send material to multiple recipients.

Such materials could include adverts, promos or a general information. The term is often extended to include the people subscribed to such a list , so the group of subscribers is referred to as “the mailing list ” or simply “the list “.

So now you know what an email list is but what is a RESPONSIVE EMAIL LIST?

Meaning of a Responsive Email List.

It is one thing to have an email list and another to have a responsive email list. The difference between the two however is that a responsive email list is one that brings in the needed results.

For example, if you have 10.000 email addresses on your list and having sent out a newsletter informing your subscribers of a promo, about 6.000 subscribers responded by either buying the product or even asking questions, then your list is responsive.

So let’s get into the topic proper.

How to make a Responsive Email List.

The following tips should serve as a guide when thinking of building a highly responsive email list.

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1. Put Opt-In Box in Your Website.

This is simple enough to understand. One mistakes people make is harvesting people’s email addresses from other websites or even buying a ready-made list.

This is not the best because it will seem like you are forcing people against their will. However, if you have a website or blog where you post quality contents, people who like what you do will definitely subscribe to your list via your opt in box.

So even if you must harvest emails or buy a list, keep it low.

2. Create A Premium Product But Give it Out for Free.

This is one sure way to build a quality list. I subscribe to this too. Everyone likes free things and when the free stuff have some quality, people will be like “oh thank heavens.”

I have a feeling you want to ask me what kind of product? Well it depends on your skills. For example, a programmer can just think and code a useful app or plugin.

So the idea is to offer a useful product and put it up for free. However, the product should only be available to those who subscribe to your list.

3 . Check Your Email Subject Before Sending.

Hey, pay attention to this one here. One of the reason people are not responding to your frequent mails and perhaps unsubscribing from your list is because your subject line is annoying.

On a bid to raise suspense some Internet marketers end up using annoying subject lines on their mails. For example, I unsubscribed from a list last week because the sender used something like “I opened my mouth wide.

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See why.” By such title, the first thing that could come to a reader’s mind is “who cares?” So if you want people to get to read your newsletters you’ve got to make that subject line indulging.

4. Go Straight to the point.

People react differently when they read articles on a Web page and when they read mails. There is this attitude of urgency when reading mails because there may be other mails waiting for attention.

So the key is to write a compelling summary and perhaps put a link to the full content. The idea is, once your summary is compelling, every subscriber would want to get full details so they will most likely hit that link.

5. Send Mails Only When Necessary.

People naturally get angry when you bomb their mail box with frequent mails especially if these mails contain no useful information.

Do not send mails saying “I just want to check on you,” YOU SHOULD ONLY SEND MAILS when you have some useful information you want to pass across or perhaps a new product or offer. Do you understand?

In Conclusion:

Email list is an important tool for marketing and must be treated as a valuable investment. Annoying subscribers with spam and unsolicited messages is one sure way to make your email list non-responsive, as users gradually becomes uninterested in opening your new messages.

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