What are Some Expected Advantages of Using Soft Starters?

Today’s post is all about understanding what soft starters are and some of the expected advantages of using Soft Starters in the tech, automotive, mechanical, and electrical industry.

soft starter for machines

First, a soft starter is a device that can be included in an AC motor to utilize a different startup method. This device’s purpose is to decrease the stress that’s placed on the motor during its power-up stage. The soft starter does this by gradually and slowly applying rising voltages to the motor. This permits smooth speeding up of power rather than a violent and sudden burst, which could damage the machine and the motor.

Most startups involve a sudden rush of power currents simultaneously to the motor, but the soft start facilitates a steady and smooth linear power slope. This minimizes the motor circuit’s wear and tear, enabling the machine to function more robustly and last longer too. Some soft starters can adjust the time length and starting voltage required until the motor fully powers up.

The Benefits of Soft Starters

You must be thinking, ‘Is it worth investing money and time in soft starters?’ The answer varies based on the type and quality of the motor you require. However, in general, soft start installation on a motor offers the following advantages:

Reduces Power Surge Risk

When a high voltage flows into the motor during startup, the circuits face the risk of getting overloaded and delivering a power surge to the motor. A soft starter can prevent this from happening. The entire power is not directed to the circuits instantly, and there is a gradual build-up of voltage.

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Lowers Energy Utilization

It’s ideal for reducing the energy amount required by your machines. A soft starter can assist in this aim. A traditional start makes the motor expend the maximum energy amount and continue it for the time it runs. A soft starter gradually builds the voltage to the maximum and enables the motor to expend less energy.

Increases Lifespan

It’s not possible to provide a guarantee about the lifespan of a machine. Accidents and damage can happen at any time. However, you can safely bet that a soft starter can extend the service life of your machine. The device minimizes the chances of accidents and incidents that could potentially end your machine’s useful life.

Boosts Operating Efficiency

Traditional startups work fine sometimes and give problems at other times. For instance, in case of a power surge, the machine may malfunction, or the motor could overheat. A soft starter removes or eliminates the chances of these issues and enables the machine to work more efficiently with reduced risk of damage and problems.

Lowers Overheating Risk

The large energy surge produced by traditional startups can make the motor overheat, which can make it temporarily shut down or even suffer lasting damage. A soft starter does not cause this initial power blast. Instead, it supplies a gentle power surge to the motor, which greatly minimizes overheating risk.

Increases Number of Starts per Hour

A motor requires plenty of power to start conventionally. As a result, the machine may not be capable of powering up multiple times in a specific hour. By making the motor expend less amount of energy every time it starts up, a soft starter can enable the machine to power up more number of times in a given time period.

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Adjusts Acceleration Time

Top-quality soft starters provide this advantage by allowing you to select the time your motor will take to power up. If your machine or motor is worn out and old, you can set a longer time for it to power up. But if the machine is reliable and robust, you can let it power up in a shorter period of time. Thus, customizability and flexibility is a big benefit that comes with soft-starters.

Common Applications of Soft Starters

Soft starters are commonly used in pump applications, conveyor belts, fans, and similar solutions, electrical helicopters, and other units.

We recommend that you take advice from qualified and experienced professionals or a reliable provider about quality electrical systems and devices like soft starters for your specific requirements. They can provide guidance for selecting the best solutions in the market.

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