Solar Backup Batteries in 2022: Are They Really Worth The Cost?

Solar Backup BatteriesThe quest for pure and reliable energy is one of the reasons why many households choose solar electricity. Notably, the majority of homeowners find the long-term cost savings associated with installing solar panels an incentive.

But did you know that the initial investment can cost an arm and a leg, which begs the question,

Are solar batteries worth it?

This article focuses on solar batteries, how they work, and their estimated cost. Based on the factors that determine the price of solar batteries, we will determine whether they are your ideal investment and worth the extra expenses.

But first…

How do solar batteries work?

When solar panels draw energy from the sun, the electricity generated is used to power household appliances. If there is an excess, the power is sent back to the grid.

And this is where solar batteries come in.

Investing in solar batteries allows you to store the excess power, instead of sending it to the grid. You can then discharge the stored energy during times when there is insufficient solar power such as during the winter, during power outages, and at night.

How solar batteries work

How long do solar batteries last?

The service life of a solar battery is between 5 and 15 years. However, how long it lasts highly depends on how well you maintain it, its usage cycles, and its type.

Typically, lithium-ion solar batteries are more durable than regular tubular batteries. They are also more efficient and work well with all kinds of solar setups.

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Overall, load usage is one of the determining factors, hence, it’s advisable to maintain a 70% to 85% running load to get the best out of your solar backup batteries.

How much will solar batteries cost in 2022?

So, how much does it cost to install solar panels and batteries?

Currently, batteries costs between $1,000 to $2,000 for every KWh it can store.

For instance, the Tesla battery for solar systems comes with a hefty price tag, approximated at $11,500. However, if you add commissioning, installation, engineering, and other related costs, that figure will range between $15,000 and $20,000.

A comprehensive estimate on the entire setup cost can be gotten by reaching out to PPM Solar.

Factors that determine the cost of a solar battery panel

There isn’t a fixed cost when purchasing batteries for a home solar system. The price is determined by the following:

Solar battery manufacturer

Like everything else, the solar battery brand you choose determines how much you spend. If you go for brands like Sonnen, you might part with as high as $30,000 for luxury batteries. However, if you need multiple batteries, brands like Tesla will offer lucrative discounts.

Battery Chemistry

Home batteries for solar are lithium-ion batteries, which are widely known for their durability and will be expensive. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are cheaper but will not last as long.

The number of batteries installed

The higher the number of batteries installed, the higher the system costs.

Back-up loading battery

If you want to enjoy solar electricity for prolonged periods or sufficiently power devices such as fridge, the solar system should include backup batteries. The same applies to families looking to use minimal grid power. And the number of batteries to install depends on the power you need, which might set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

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Labor costs

Like any other service rendered, the cost of labor significantly affects the overall expenses.

To keep the figures from escalating too fast, ensure battery and panel installations are done at the same time. For starters, the installer might offer discounted rates and one permit will work for all installations.

Waiting to undertake battery installation at a later date might call for newer permits, increasing overall costs.

Factors that determine the cost of a solar battery panel

Incentives and discounts

Battery installation qualifies for tax credits, rebates, and other discounts. People living in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Oregon qualify for various incentives that bring down installation costs.

What solar batteries offer:

Here are some of the most pronounced benefits associated with installing batteries for solar-powered homes:

Solar batteries use a widely available free fuel source

Solar batteries tap energy from the sun unlike other fuel sources such as gas which can deplete at any time. They will produce some electricity, even with dull weather.

Reliable emergency power

Grid outages are not new and continue to be a menace to society and especially during disasters that leave us in blackouts for prolonged periods. However, if you have a battery-powered solar home, you can leverage the stored electricity to access emergency power.

You will feel more comfortable in emergency situations

Installing solar batteries allows you to access power even during unexpected outages. That way, you can rest assured that essential day-to-day household activities that require power will go on rather uninterrupted.

Are solar batteries worth the extra cost?

If solar batteries cushion you against the hard reality of power outages and provide reliable emergency power, then they are worth the additional costs. Otherwise, they can be very expensive.

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But if you are looking to tap these advantages while keeping the costs low, only install batteries that back up your essentials.


Solar batteries are a worthwhile investment that can keep your home running optimally during prolonged outages. It is a great way for households in areas that experience widespread blackouts to remain powered up even when the grid goes down.

And to ensure you enjoy the above-mentioned perks, PPM Solar offers high-quality solar battery installation at reasonable prices.

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