5 Tips to Improve Your Computer Security

It’s almost impossible to secure the computer, especially when it’s often connected to the internet, but computer users must do all that is within their capacity to ensure the data on their computer is safe.
This is because you wouldn’t want that semi-unclad picture of yours floating over the internet, you don’t want some hackers using your debit/credit card without your consent. So it is very important that all measures are put in place to ensure data and hardware security.
I would discuss five (5) tips that can help improve your computer security and protect you from internet security breach.

5 Tips to Improve Your Computer Security

Here are the top 5 tips that would help you protect your PC data and keep your system secured. Implementing these tips would help improve your PC life as well as secure your personal document and files.


Ensuring that you have the updated version of your operating system (OS) is very important as it will help in protecting your computer against malicious software or program you might install.
Installing OS update is very easy, once you turn on the auto-update feature on your computer, the operating system will update itself automatically whenever you’re connected to the internet.
For maximum security, it’s advised that you should not download windows update from any website, other than the official Microsoft website.
It’s also important to have the genuine version of the OS installed on your computer, staying away from crack software will go a long way in improving your computer security.


This is one of the most powerful software that can be used to ensure your computer security it’s very easy to get your system infected if you have no anti-virus software installed on it.

Transferring files between computers or other device is inevitable, and a system is prone to viruses if it is often connected to the internet, to protect your computer from such, it’s a good practice to install an up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer, this will not only protect you from online viruses, it would help in deleting any malware present in your computer hard-disk.

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Often, computer users, don’t know the difference between a registry cleaner software and an anti-virus, although their function is slightly similar, but registry cleaner is responsible for cleaning all unwanted files from your computer.
It does not necessarily means the files are corrupted, what it does is to ensure that your computer runs smoothly by clearing all processes consuming your computer’s random access memory (RAM).
It’s easy to phish into your computer data from the Internet; this exposes your computer to various security risks as the phisher would have access to your password and other sensitive data.
Registry cleaner does the work of cleaning out such data, before another person have access to it. I would not recommend particular software so as to prevent product promotion.
A simple Google search for “Best Free Registry cleaner for PC” would point you into the right direction.


The USB security disk protects your computer from potential threat that might harm your computer through external device connected to your computer through the USB (Universal Serial Board) hub; it scans the device and cleans out any potential infection.
The USB security software works alongside the anti-virus software in protecting your computer and improving your computer security level.


The window fire wall is an important tools, that protects your computer from security breach through the Internet, you might be tempted to turn it off, provided you’re on a shared network, and it is affecting your Internet speed, this is not a good idea, what the firewall does is make your computer invisible to hackers and protect you from files harmful files.
It’s no news that the Internet is getting flooded with different harmful files, every day. It is therefore important to watch your path while surfing the web, desist from downloading un-certified software, cracked files and fishy torrent files.

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Now Your Turn

There are many ways to improve the performance of a computer system. Use the comment box to list the rest. Also hit the like and share buttons.

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  1. One extra thing for me would be the Anti-Malware such as MalwareFox. Linus had stated on one of his videos that we should use both an Antivirus and an Anti-Malware to protect ourselves.

  2. Great tips! Another one I would add to the list is strong passwords. It’s surprising how many people use generic words from the dictionary or proper names of family members or pets that people who know them can guess. I’m a strong supporter of 1Password, and though I just started blogging I’m thinking about writing a post dedicated to the art of password creation and management.


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