Foolproof Tips to Earn Passively from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

amazon affiliate tutorial Affiliate businesses are increasingly gaining importance and popularity owing to the high levels of earnings they are providing for businesses and individuals working as affiliate marketers in these programs. And, one of the most popular programs that simply cannot be ignored is the Amazon affiliate program.

But, before you jump into only making money, find the right tips to become a successful affiliate associate with Amazon. An Amazon Affiliate program tells a lot about the benefits earned by such strategists. Lots of affiliate market places are there all over the world, but bloggers and the big companies trust Amazon to sell their products, with 15% of the sale amount paid, depending on the kind of goods/product sold. This is a very good option for making passive income from the comfort of your home.

Keeping in mind your locations; sign up for that affiliate program. If it is WE, they sign up for Amazon US associate program. The most obvious and tough point is getting traffic. The more visits seen, the better the chance of earning revenues.  Of course, it is not always true, but most of the times it may do. But experiment should be on-going phenomenon as it may just help you to earn a few more bucks.

Loyalty and Trust means Converting Traffic

Increase in the earnings due to certain people who are avid readers, SEO traffic would tell that consistent loyal customers only would be repeat readers as they connect with your site on daily basis.

Once the trust is built by recommending only high-quality products, they’ll follow reviews and recommendations on your website; thereby increasing your affiliate earning.

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Influence your readers with blogs

When you are a blogger, your opinions do matter a lot to your readers. You can take advantage of this and hence influence your readers with providing your positive comments on Amazon products, thereby increasing upon the consumerism on the products that you may love to be the best from Amazon.

To build authority in your niche, it is advised that you stick to products you’re already an expert on (eg. perfumes, fashion, footwear, mobile gadgets, books, media, etc.). This is because, such knowledge would help you build a strong influence on your readers that might be interested in such products.

Link to the product page with your affiliate Link

The Amazon product pages are a great source of product information, if you have ever noticed it well. We often turn to such information even if we don’t buy the product. What you can do is link such an Amazon product page with a link of an affiliate.

This will allow more information to be passed on to the readers. Interest of readers would mean a lot so make sure you invest time in building a professional amazon niche website for the readers.

To attract customers your content has to be of substance, only then there are likely chances of traffic conversion. Niche selection is another important decision that makes a difference. Target the physical product that is highlighted in the site.

Product images and simple affiliate links are very interesting and clickable. You can then link to Amazon as many times as possible. Each link inside one of your articles is another opportunity for the visitor to click and make his way to Amazon.

Mention about Converting products more in your regular write-ups

It’s like you don’t attempt to make any influence, but naturally mention about the various Amazon products, which you might be using or have been highly satisfied with, in your regular write-ups or blogs.

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That way you give your readers a curiosity to look for those particular products on the site, and who knows, they might even land up making real purchases, only based on your mentioning.

Offer more than just the text links

While text links are the most popular, and are inherently used in affiliate programs. It is always recommended to think more than just the text links, to make your efforts unique and very much effective.

For instance, you can add-on a sidebar widget that can have a direct link to the Amazon products, which you are well-converting. You can even create few pages having descriptions of such products, which you have bought or have a strong conviction they really work as advertised.

Create contents that are affiliate focused

Creating contents that are affiliate focused can really get you through higher incomes. Enable contents that can offer information to your readers and at the same time leading to affiliate clicks.

Such affiliate marketing is an amazing solution for Amazon affiliates. In such cases, writing detailed product review articles can be a good option for your aid.

Quality product reviews directly relate to your niche to make highest clicks possible and for that make sure your review is high quality as only then they’ll convert the most.

Build an email list for email outreach service to gain buyers

Build an E-mail list as it’s easy on physical product oriented website. Most people don’t. Sell more products to make more money.

The more you sell on Amazon you make AND can earn higher percentage. Once you reach the next level you get to apply for higher percentage referral fee to every product sold during the entire month.

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A few things about amazon that you need to know before signing up as an affiliate

Amazon Inc. is an American online shopping mall and cloud computing company that’s often regarded as the largest internet-based retailer in the United States.

Their Head quarters are in Seattle Washington. Amazon started as an internet bookstore and later they moved on to sell cd, DVDs, games software, jewelries, home furniture, edibles, toys and lots more. The company is into sales of consumer electronics, apps, media and general.

Amazon sales rank (ASR) tells about the popularity of the pas like electronics, matter relating to eBooks for the readers. Also small items like, Flash disk, SD card,  USB cables and etc. under its home brand Amazon Basics.

Amazon Inc. do have a separate retail website division for Ireland, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, India, Japan, China and few other countries. Amazon also shipped some of its products to certain countries.

In all, Amazon sales rank (ASR), tells about the popularity of a particular product sold on Amazon, which is updated hourly, it has the list of best-selling goods, apps and/or services.

Millions of products are there. This list has no direct affect on their sales but helps to bring products used in promotions and other forms of advertising.

They enjoy much more exposure on the Amazon website and certainly increase the sale. Amazon does not release the actual sales figures for the public. But some companies have analyzed Amazon sales data for use on digital analysis and similar concerns.

So to succeed as an Amazon associate partner, you need understand the program and have a strong presence on the web. This can be via your social media profiles, niche blog, discussion forums and/or personal website/blogs.

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