How to Create Powerful Subject Lines for Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Make Sure Your Mail Gets Opened

Undoubtedly, marketing is fundamental to the growth of every business. There’s hardly a successful online and/or offline business without a solid marketing plan in place.

Content and email marketing is atop the list of monthly marketing routine of top businesses, hence the need to talk about “Attention Grabbing Tips for Email Subject Lines“. It is geared towards guiding you on “How to Make Sure Your Mail Gets Opened“.

This would come in handy for creating awesome headlines, subject hints, ad copy and attention-grabbing email marketing campaigns.

First Impressions Are Everything

Cold emails are one of your company’s biggest assets and tools for expanding your customer base. When using GMass, you will be able to use GMail to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails, create email lists based on search results, and track the number of persons that have clicked on your email.

Once you have GMass, you’ll need to compose some killer emails to grow your customer base. The art of the cold email is tricky: it has to be interesting, effective, and compelling. The end goal is to maintain customer loyalty through eye-catching information about your company.

The first point of contact for getting these emails viewed is the subject line. The subject line may be the only contact a potential customer will have with your company, so it is paramount to make a good impression.

In the case of cold emails, your first impression may be the only chance you’ll get with a potential new client. If your subject line is unappealing, you just might get dragged into the spam folder.

1. Start With a Question

“Are you looking for something…?”

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It is often effective to begin a subject line with a question. It sets up the natural space in the conversation for a response. Most business conversations will begin with a question or a task, so this message will not stand out as a mass email.

In addition to this, presenting your reader with a question adds a sense of urgency to reply to the message.  Beginning with a question is a sure-fire way to make your subject line seem credible.

2. Make it Personal

“Hello, Kelly…”

Make the subject line containing your question sound personal. It is imperative that this looks like something that would come from a friend, and not a company. Including the recipient’s name will increase the validity of your email and increase its chance of being opened.

Studies have shown that by using the name of the recipient, it will increase its chances of getting opened by 22%. You can benefit greatly as well as have the chance of scoring a new customer simply by using their names!

3. Be Direct

“New Products Coming in November”

Sometimes it doesn’t take reverse psychology or advanced marketing tactics. Be simply giving detailed information on the content of the email, you will effectively communicate why your customer should open it.

Sometimes a sales pitch is not always the best idea depending on your customer base. So don’t overthink it! Just by putting out an informative subject line, you are already on your way to better mass email marketing.

4. Spark Some Curiosity

“The most important message you’ll receive today”

Another method for creating enticing subject lines is to spark the curiosity of your recipient. Messages with subject lines like, “Today is the last day…” or “You do not want to open this message,” will entice a customer’s natural curiosity.

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Your prospective client will want to open the message to find out whatever mysterious or urgent message awaits them. These kinds of subject lines will often get more clicks because of their lack of information as opposed to subject lines that are loaded with specific info.

5. Entice The Audience

“Are you looking for something new?”

Offering some kind of reward or incentive for opening a cold email is also a useful technique for cold emails. Subject lines that begin with “How you could increase your…” or “Brand new ideas for…” are enticing and will get your audience thinking about how they will be able to use your company’s services.

It is key in this technique that the subject line has something that’s relevant to your customer base. A message with a completely unrelated incentive will not lead to very many clicks, so remember to stick with your brand.

6. Keep it Short


In order to maintain authenticity and friendliness, some companies have used very simple one word subject lines to grab their intended readers. By using a one word subject line as simple as “Hey!” or “Are you in?” can set you apart from other mass emails.

These short and natural sounding subject lines became popular as a marketing technique when they were prominently used in President Obama’s campaign mailouts. By making your subject line short and striking you’ll be able to entice your audience with minimal effort.

7. Make It Urgent

“Only a few more hours…”

Nobody wants the feeling of missing a deadline. By creating a subject line with a sense of urgency, your messages will stand a better chance of getting opened. Subject lines like “This is your last chance” or “Open ASAP” will give your audience the push to get in contact.

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You can also use a subject line that states exactly how time sensitive the message is. Lines like “Two days left” or “Open within 24 hours”show that your message is a high priority, and your audience will see that too!

8. Keep it Trendy

“13 new beauty tips for this season”

Following trends can sometimes be harmful for marketing. However, that is not the case when it comes to subject lines.

By creating trendy sounding and click worthy subject lines, you will be able to entice your customer base to open your mail, just as they would open a suggested link on the side of a blog. So use internet trends to your advantage and make use of catchy and trendy subject lines.

9. Use Dedicated Email Marketing Tools such as GMass

Once you have installed GMass, you will be able to put these helpful tips to use! GMass is an incredibly helpful tool to help you in cultivating new customers and maintaining current ones.

Along with these email subject line tips, you will be able to create enticing content much more efficiently. So don’t hesitate! Let GMass grow your business to its full potential!

 Your Turn

You’ve seen our 9 tips for creating powerful subject lines for email marketing campaigns. What’s your take on these email marketing ideas? Have you used any of them or have a thing or two to share on this subject?

Please use the comment box below to communicate same to us.

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