Kaspersky Internet Security License Giveaway: 20 Licenses to be Won

Last month was awash with news of various infections, cyber attacks and ransomware distribution by malicious persons. We were mostly touched by the story of Wannacry ransomware infection and the various data breaches that came along with it.

As a response to these attacks and in a bid to encourage our readers to treat the issue of systems security delicately, we are launching a three weeks giveaway of Kaspersky internet security program.

Twenty persons would be given a full year (365) uninterrupted access to Kaspersky internet security suit at the end of this giveaway exercise.

Our choice to go with Kaspersky internet security suit is not unconnected with its proven track-record, top-notched tools, and superior protection.

The giveaway exercise is solely sponsored by Obasi Miracle, a senior editor at 3rd Planet Techies and one that cares so much about security and privacy protection.

About Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Lab (creators of Kaspersky anti-virus, internet security, and total security) has been in business since two (2) decades and are one of the best in PC protection apps.

As an award-winning designer of security suits, Kaspersky Lab has secured millions of PC and mobile devices world over. The internet security program is their tier 2 app and works flawlessly for securing PC and mobile devices from various security threats and/or vulnerabilities.

kaspersky internet security giveaway 2017

Kaspersky internet security takes PC protection higher than just the basics by; securing your online shopping experiences, protecting you from email viruses, intrusive banners ads and malicious programs.

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Kaspersky Safe Money technology (one of their internet security features) lets you shop online securely by automatically launching a secured (and no-nonsense) browser each time you open a highly sensitive platform such as internet banking portal, digital currency portals, and the likes.

Their online privacy tool is second to none as it features a free VPN add-on that lets you visit websites without being spied on. There’s also the privacy browser, webcam control features and lots more that are deeply integrated into the program to help you stay safe online.

kaspersky internet security features and free license giveaway

Their real-time web scanner, Rootkit Malware scanner, real-time PC protection, stealth scanner, and parental control tool does well enough to complement Kaspersky Internet security app.

The Giveaway Rules

Courtesy of our freebies offer, this is going to be our eighth public giveaway and would run for three (3) weeks (Ends on 27th June, 2017). The winners are going to be contacted via email for a single Kaspersky internet security license code.

Warning: Please do not take part in this giveaway exercise, if you are going to attempt sharing the license code given to you to someone else or will attempt using it on more than a single device.

The giveaway rule is as simple as ABC.

  1. Share this page publicly to your social media circles using the share buttons below.
  2. Drop a comment below relating to Kaspersky Lab or internet security programs in general.
  3. Pick a winning number between 4 and 800 (both inclusive). The number is to be written above or below your comment; eg. “#24. I have used Symantec and Comodo security products in the past and wouldn’t mind giving Kaspersky internet security a shot“.
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The 20 winners would be generated using the free random integer generator tool at random.org. Where a chosen winner failed to comply with the rules, we’ll substitute with users with “the best comments.”

Remember to like/follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates and tech giveaways.

Giveaway Update: Wednesday June 28th, 2017.  This giveaway is ended and winners have emerged. We expected much more participation as a result of the recent cyber-attacks, but we have a better part of our audience using a good internet security app already.

The random.org tool marched few winners while we complemented it with random options judging from comments/social interactions. The winners has been contacted for a valid Kaspersky internet security license code and would receive a mention during our next giveaway exercise.

Thanks again for your patience, social promotions, cooperation and comments all along. We all at 3rd Planet Techies heartily appreciate your sincere contributions.

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Obasi Miracle
Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. I love that but don’t,have enough capital to subscribe

  2. #316 I have used Panda Global Protection in the past that betrayed me and wouldn’t mind giving kaspersky internet security a shot

    • Hi Ibrahim,

      That wining number was first chosen by Frank Mohnhaupt, hence he was picked as the obvious winner. I’d get back to you via the contact request you sent via the contact page of our website to see how it goes. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation all along.

  3. Thanks for your comments, social media shares and best of all; for participating in this giveaway exercise.

    The giveaway is now ended and winners contacted for a license code.

    • Hello! Where to see the numbers of the winners?

      • Hi Yury,

        Looking at the updated section provided an answer to that. We pick some more persons from first commenters and other criteria to add up to the one generated by random.org.

        See image for random.org result.

        Kaspersky internet security license winners

        • Sorry, we cannot see the image of the winning list. Can it be enlarged to enable viewing? Thanks!

          • Hi Hakah,

            You can view the larger version of the image by visiting 3ptechi.es/2sxv3KI

  4. My number #9 Thanks for the giveaway. Kaspersky is best and will be among top three for the next two decades.

  5. thanks for this giveaway

    I like kaspersky because it has a very low impact on system performance and specially like its cloud protection feature.

    my number is:

  6. #555 Kaspersky, now a popular and reliable virus program, has been testing for 1 month and if it comes to me it means that my pc will remain intact for 1 year.

  7. My number is #4 and I will be glad to get kaspersky internet security for my computer

  8. #60. Would be my pleasure to get a free kaspersky activation code.

  9. #48. KIS is bae. Been using the AV for years, would be glad to win an upgrade license. Thanks.

  10. I have never used Kaspersky before I use only avast but since you’ve introduced me here, I will try it out.
    Thanks bro for the info

    • Thanks for dropping by Kabsedo,

      Do have a lovely week ahead.

  11. #50 I am using windows 10 Prox64 with Microsoft Built Anti-Virus. Love to have a license key of Kaspersky as it is the best protection for my computer from Wannacry and such malicious program.

  12. #19 I always wanted to try Kaspersky but i rarely see it in a Giveaway/contest.Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us to win a license for such a great Antivirus.Kaspersky has best malware detection rate and it is also lightweight on the system. Hope i win.


  13. # 800 I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for more than 8 years and never regretted it, because He always protected against various malicious programs of the PC. Thank you for this chance.

  14. “#15. I am very familiar with Kaspersky internet security but I am yet to give it a trial. This could be my chance”.

  15. #52 I am Kaspersky user (KTS and KSOS), The best security suit I have ever use.
    Thank you.

  16. #10. Have used and tried many antivirus software (ESET, Bitdefender, AVG, avast, F-Secure, Panda…) and Kaspersky still in the top of the list.

  17. #777
    I have used Eset products in the past and wouldn’t mind giving kaspersky internet security a shot
    I will be happy if get it

    Kaspersky is the best security solution all over the world

  18. #97 kaspersky is an advanced virus detector and removal and i would like to use it.

  19. #13 I have used Symantec, Avast and otehr santovirus applictaions but Kaspersky is the best for me.

  20. I have used Kaspersky products for several years and would like to win a license for my laptop as my current one will expire soon.

  21. #800 I think the best security software

  22. I used Kaspersky IS v2011 and was very happy with it. However, as it interfered with Outpost Firewall I had to remove it. Also by then my license had expired.

    I look forward to win Kaspersky as it provides robust security and is an overall security solution.

    Thanks, Grr

  23. #21 Kaspersky is the best security software, there is no doubt about it.

  24. #7. I have never used Kaspersky before and would like to try it. Thank you for the contest.

  25. #758
    Having used Bitdefender internet security, would like to taste Kaspersky too.

  26. Thanks for the giveaway.

    KIS is one of the best security suite presently available.#7

  27. #200 have been using internet security software. but will not mind using Kaspersky anti virus

  28. #4 Ive used Avast and AVG in the past and wouldnt mind giving Kaspersky Internet Security a shot!

  29. #290 have not used any premium anti virus before….. but will not mind using Kaspersky anti virus

  30. #100. I am Kaspersky user, The best security suit I have ever use.
    Thank you.

  31. Ottavio Ottavio Ottavio Ottavio

    #8 I used Kaspersky Internet Security in the past and I was very happy because it is effective and it uses low system resource

  32. Thanks a lot for the giveaway. This is one of the best security solutions. It offers complete protection and safe online banking #50

  33. #17. Hello and used ESET, ESET right now BitDfender, thank you for the contest.

  34. #350. I have never used Kaspersky before and would like to try it. I have tried many other security solutions before.

  35. #98. I have really suffered from malicious files and viruses in my PC, and this has led to lost of important files for me. I won’t mind if I get access to some Antivirus licenses.

  36. #40 I have used SmadAv and Comodo security products in the past and wouldn’t mind giving kaspersky internet security a shot“. Thanks

  37. Moyosore Ogunbuyide Moyosore Ogunbuyide

    This post made me excited… i was once a winner of this wonderful package

    • Thanks for dropping by and leaving your first contribution here bro. I really appreciate.

  38. Adesola Hakeem Wiselord Adesola Hakeem Wiselord

    #25 I have used SmadAv and Comodo security products in the past and wouldn’t mind giving kaspersky internet security a shot“.

  39. #30. I have used Avast and Comodo security products in the past and wouldn’t mind giving kaspersky internet security a shot


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