Asus Q535 2-in-1 Laptop Review: Features, Specs, and Performance

Talk about the best laptop producers in the world, Asus will definitely make the top 5 in any order the list is arranged. Asus is a notable laptop manufacturer; the brand makes some of the most powerful laptops out there with monster specs. The Asus 2-in-1 Q535 laptop is a decent enough option for a workaholic, or literally anyone who needs a “fast and flexible” PC.

Concealing an Intel Core i7 processor paired with 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics card, the performance of the Q535 2-in-one laptop is top-notch. It doesn’t stop at performance, the Q535 comes with a very strong battery, as well as many other exciting features to simplify workflows. This system works as a laptop and a tablet device.

Asus 2-in-1 Q535 Overview

Asus Q535

The Asus Q535 is a PC and tablet –  a 2-in-one power system – for work or personal use. It is a sleekly-designed laptop with a Full HD touchscreen display and a 360-degree hinge that makes it foldable on both sides. This laptop looks pretty attractive and it’s lightweight – weighing just 2.1kg.

You’re getting 256GB SSD or 1TB HDD with this laptop. Looking around the body, there’s one HDMI port, a 3.5mm aux port, an SD card reader slot, one USB 3.0 port, and a 3.1 USB Type-C port. Allegedly, the battery lasts up to 10 hours when fully charged and used under normal conditions.

Asus Q535 Features

The Q535 comes with quite a plethora of features worth talking about, but these are the most notable features of the Asus Q535 laptop.

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1. 2-in-One Foldable Design

First things first, the foldable design of the Q535 is the foremost thing to spot when you look at the laptop. It folds to become a wide-screen tablet device and unfolds to be a typical laptop. This foldability is possible thanks to the 360-degree hinges holding the keyboard panel and the screen.

2. Multiple Connectivity Ports

When someone owns a laptop, he/she hopes to be able to connect multiple devices to the PC at some point to transfer files or perform other extensive actions. The Asus Q535 actually features many connectivity outlets to connect your devices. Available connectivity ports include USB 3.1 Type C, 3.5mm jack, 3.0 USB (5Gbps), HDMI port, and SD card reader slot.

3. Display and Techs

The 15.6-inch screen puts out a Full HD display across ‎3840 x 2160 pixels. This is great for any activity, ranging from movies to graphics designing or gaming, thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. There are several display settings available, including the AAS Ultra Zero settings that put the display across screens without limitations.

4. Chipset and Memory

Under the hood of this PC lies some serious chipsets that deliver optimum performance for any activity you decide to do with this laptop. The main powerhouse is an Intel Core i7-8550U, tenth-generation, clocked at 1.8GHz (base frequency) and up to 4.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 8GB cache.

You’re getting up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB HDD depending on your chosen configuration.

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5. Battery and Performance

Talk about “speed,” the Q535 is certainly not the fastest 2-in-one PC out there, but it’s definitely a “fast” system. High-memory applications run seamlessly on this computer, and that includes cloud gaming. The Li-Po battery gives you up to 7.5 hours rated duration, which is pretty lengthy.

Asus Q535 Full Specifications

Display Tech AAS Ultra Tech
Screen Size 15.6-inch
Resolution 4k, 3840 × 2160 max
Design Type 2-in-one foldable
Rated Battery Life Up to 7.5 hours on a single charge
CPU Quad-core Intel Core i7 108th gen, 1.8GHz base frequency
Graphics Processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
RAM 8GB or 16GB DDR4
Storage 512GB SSD or 1TB HDD
Connection Ports USB 3.0, USB 3.1 (Type C), aux, HDMI, SD card reader
Wireless Connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth
Default OS Windows 10 or 11


Asus Q535 Laptop Price

The Asus Q535 is quite affordable when you compare and evaluate its price with the performance it delivers. It is a mid-level laptop with a base price of around $1,400; however, the price varies depending on where you’re getting it and the configurations you choose.

My Review and Verdict

Asus Q535 Laptop Review

Being a 2-in-one laptop makes the Q535 a pretty flexible option for a techie or a moderate gamer. The computer comes with decent enough specifications and delivers ideal performance for a system of its capacity and price range. While the battery duration after a full charge will depend on the usage level, you’re certainly getting more than 4 hours.

Coming to the display, it’s a big-screen laptop that supports 4k resolution, which means you can watch your premium movies using this PC in stunning clarity and detail. Generally, the appearance is catchy – it’s quite a fancy laptop to carry around easily. Your external devices will connect seamlessly through the available ports and the USB transfer speeds are okay.

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What More?

The Asus Q535 2-in-one laptop is a cool laptop for students and corporate workers. It is a decent fit for organizations and still makes a good buy for a personal user. However, if you’re a core gamer, this PC won’t give you the best performance and the battery may disappoint you in several ways than none.

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