10 of the Best Language Learning Apps With Offline Mode

Being able to use your language learning app in offline mode is a whole level of convenience. First off, you don’t need to worry about connection strength or internet subscription to learn a language. However, keep in mind that using an app in offline mode might mean downloading data packs, which can be data-intensive. After the initial download, you can enjoy the app for as long as you want. It is not a papers sale that you’d need to search more and more.

To improve your language learning experience, I have compiled a list of Top 10 Language Learning Apps With Offline Modes. You can use them to master Chinese, Spanish, French, and other languages.


Best Language Learning Apps With Offline Mode
Babbel is not a new name in the language learning industry. The developer’s behind the application worked hard to make learning as comfortable as possible. The app is available to use in offline mode.

You can download the information pack for a language you want to learn. After the download, you have access to the information anytime, anywhere without internet.

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offline language learning apps
FluentU makes the list of Top 10 Language Learning Apps With Offline Modes because of the robust information it provides for offline users. It’s easily a top best offline language learning app for iPhone and Android.

For offline learning, you’d need to download the pdf, audio tutorials, and a quiz to keep your education going.

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Language learning apps for iPhone
Arguably a favourite among the hoard of language learning apps out there, memrise makes itself memorable by being available offline.

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Learners can download a course to study anywhere. The language teaching course work follows a logical process. Learners are taken through foundational vocabulary, word pronunciation, conjugal rules, and many more.

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offline language learning app for Android
Duolingo is known for its innovative use of gamification and learning to teach users. On the plus, the app can be used offline anywhere. Duolingo contains lessons for about 30 languages. Its teaching modules are small and manageable, which is easy to learn and practice.

The only downside of Duolingo offline mode is that – it offers an abridged number of its lessons. Also, the progress tracking meter is unavailable in offline mode.

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Language learning apps for iPads
Busuu provides access to courses designed by native speakers and language experts. The learning tools used by the app include; audio, text, and dialogue.

Busuu teaching program is designed to teach learners through short but consistent study. The app teaches over ten languages, and most of its features can be used offline.

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50 languages

Learn 50 languages Offline
50 languages is a free language learning app that is available both online and offline. The application is designed for beginners; including prospective learners who have no idea of a language.

50 languages provide learning material that can help any learner become fluent in basic communication with a language. For the offline mode, you’d need to download audio lessons, flashcards, and language tests.

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Naver Papago Translate

offline language learning apps of 2019
Naver Papago Translate is in the translator category; however; it doubles as a language learning app. With this app, you can translate text, voice, conversation and image.

It is available for over ten languages. In the offline mode, you can access the apps phrasebook that contains common expressions and their translation. The app is fun to use and provides an easy way to improve your proficiency in communicating with a language.

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Google translate

Top best offline language learning apps
Few language learning apps have the volume of knowledge that you can find on Google translate. The app is a product of its parent company, Google. Google translate started as a web app that helps internet users to translate text written in a foreign language.

Since then, it has become available for download. Users can download languages and use them on the go. This option makes Google translate a handy language learning tool. Although you don’t get the perks of following a structured tutorial, it is all free.

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Mondly launguages app
You can learn new languages within a few months with Mondly App. With Mondly, you have access to language exercises for speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

The app has a verb conjugator, text-to-speech, and dictionary. With these features, you will have your personal tutor. Mondly has over 33 languages, and it is all free.

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Speak App
Ufostudio is known for providing all of its language courses in offline mode. You can get the German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more languages in offline mode.

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For each language, Ufostudio has a dedicated application. This means that – if you want to learn a language, you’d have to download the app. The coursework is designed for beginners. It starts you off with simple words and phrases before moving you up to sentences.

Ufostudio apps are available only on Google PlayStore – sorry iPhone users.

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Bonus App: Ling App

Whether you want to show off to friends in Arabic, or become fluent in Vietnamese, Ling App offers over 60 languages with some features available even when you find yourself in places without an internet connection. Ling App is the perfect application for you if you want to master a language by doing daily fun and interactive activities.

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Wrapping it Up:

These are the top best Language Learning Apps With Offline Mode. If you’re interested in learning new languages or want a free language learning app, then this post will help you find a suitable app that’s free and comes with an offline mode.

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