7 Amazing IPTV Apps for Android, iPhone and other iOS Devices

IPTV is one of those technologies that are only getting the popularity they deserve, and it will not be much longer when every person begins to use IPTV instead of a traditional TV. Televisions are great as they let us watch different programs and our favorite shows. They are one of the most significant sources of entertainment in our lives, and a TV is a must in every house.

However, is television the best option for us when it comes to watching our favorite programs? Sure, a TV broadcasts everything for us, but sometimes we are not able to see some programs because they clash with our schedules or due to some other reason.

Let’s be honest; we cannot sit in front of a TV all day just so we don’t miss anything. Technology has never failed us, and it has come to our rescue again with IPTV where we control what we watch, and we watch it. There are media services like Netflix and Hulu that let you watch shows and films any time you want to, but you cannot use other apps to watch them.

IPTV App, on the other hand, lets you use IPTV on your device. We have a list of some of the most fantastic IPTV apps for Android and iOS that you have to check out today.


Kodi IPTV App

Kodi is one of the most amazing Home Theater Softwares, and you can get it for free as well. If you install Kodi, you will not need any third-party Kodi add-on. Kodi’s features are versatile and easy-to-use which has only added to its growing popularity. With the add-on feature, Kodi aims at providing a unique experience to its users.

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The IPTV streaming settings are not complicated, and you can quickly figure them out. Even when you shut down your device, the streaming setting will be automatically saved on your memory so you can continue to watch whatever you were watching the last time you were on the app.

You can Install IPTV on Kodi to have an experience no other app can provide!

VLC player

VLC Player

We have all heard of VLC. It is our go-to app in our computers and the best out there for playing videos. It is the strongest app among other apps of its kind and supports almost all kinds of formats, which is why people prefer it over other players.

The IPTV streaming options provided by VLC are free for all kinds of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. With this app, you can also efficiently manage your IPTV channels list and adjust the quality in which you want to watch the streaming videos.

VLC is also considered as among the fastest, most efficient and high-quality software, which can be downloaded without paying any money. VLC app also has multilingual capabilities, giving it an extra edge.



Lazy IPTV is the opposite of what its name implies because it provides terrific services. It supports formats including M3U, ZIP, GZ, and XSPF. Adding content to Lazy IPTV is also quite easy. You just have to access the content through your local files and paste their URLs. The app can work with both HTTP and UDP streams.

If you want to watch videos directly from YouTube, you can do that on Lazy IPTV. A built-in audio player makes sure that you can listen to all internet radio channels. You can add your favorite videos, if there are any, and even create playlists of your own. If you ever decide to use another IPTV app, lazy IPTV lets you transfer your playlist into that app.

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IP Television Player

IP Television Player

IP Television Player is a dedicated IPTV app that you can use for watching shows on your phone. You can install this app on both Android phones, Tablets, iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

IP Television Player gives you a wide range of shows you can watch. The interface is not very complex, and you can easily navigate through the app to decide what you want to watch.


best IPTV Streaming Apps

GSE Smart IPTV is another top-rated IPTV app in the Google Play Store. It has been given a total rating of 4.5-stars, which is pretty great for any TV streaming app.

One of the highlights of the app is its layout and graphics, which are eye-pleasing and quickly catches the user’s attention. The beautiful visuals make it feel less like an app and more like your personal library of shows and films.

This app also has versions that are available for more platforms such as iOS, Android, Android TV, and Apple TV. Formats including XML, ZIP, and GZ are supported by GSE Smart IPTV, along with the subtitles/SRT files.

{Download for Android} || {Download for iOS}.

Perfect Player IPTV


Perfect Player IPTV is the ideal app for you if you use Android TV and are looking for an alternative way to watch the native Live Channels app.

You can watch content that has been saved locally, and the app can sync automatically with your desktop version of the app so you can have a tension-free experience.

The layout and theme of Perfect Player IPTV are also very easy to use. Software, Hardware, and Hardware Accelerated are some of the decoder options that are available to the user.

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Simply named as IPTV, the app also comes in the list of the greatest or top best IPTV apps for users to download. There are diverse options available, so you can make your app look friendlier such as make your own playlist of videos in the form of lists or grids.

If you download IPTV and want to have some extra features and get rid of the ads, IPTV has a pro version. It also lets you start your previously watched video from where you had stopped it the last time you were using the app.

Get any of these apps right now for your Android or iOS device, and have the greatest experience of watching your favorite films and shows at your own leisure.

Wrap Us:

These are the top best IPTV Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablet devices. You can download any of them to have a seamless movie experience on your smartphone and/or tablet devices. Did I miss any of your favorite IPTV App(s)? Tell me about them in the comments box below.

Credit: Thomas Price of Strong IPTV Blog submitted this post.

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