My Top 5 Cell Phone Tracker Apps of 2020

‘My son is on his phone 24/7, and I want to know how to possibly track activities on his cellphone device?’ Do you have similar questions in mind? Well, you’ve landed here correctly. Currently, numerous phone tracking apps are available online to monitor and track a diverse range of activities. These include monitoring text messages, call records, browsing history, location, social media apps, etc.

Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps 2020

You can conveniently download any suitable app depending on your spying needs or requirements. Here in this article, I have listed my top five phone tracking apps for 2020 and beyond. Come along with me as I take you through my favorite cell phone tracker apps of 2020.

#1: mSpy

The No.1 on my list of top 5 cell phone tracker apps is the mSpy versatile mobile spying app. It is one of the best phone tracker app in terms of its efficiency and getting accurate results. It offers multiple handy and valuable features to its users. It is well-suited to track the targeted cell phone or internet-enabled device.

Over time, many users have reported that mSpy works so well and serves all kinds of cell phone tracking needs. It is highly-functional and available to use on different platforms such as Android and iOS. It is considered an ultimate monitoring app for parental control. The mSpy remote cell phone monitoring app offers handy features like:

  • Email Monitoring
  • Call Monitoring
  • Text Message Monitoring
  • Easy Installation
  • GPS Tracking
  • Effortless Usage
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multi-language Customer Support
  • Satellite Address Locator

#2: Highster Mobile

This is one of the top and most advanced cell phone tracker apps of the moment. Highster mobile phone tracking app lets you track a targeted mobile device 24 hours a day. Highster mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users at a specified cost. You will be glad to know that there is no monthly fee or subscription to use Highster mobile phone utility app.

The process of installation is very convenient. Highster mobile app can be used to monitor your children, spouse, maids or domestic help, employees, etc. It is regarded as one of the best GPS tracker apps. It allows geo-fencing, live call recording, GPS phone tracker, and keylogger.

phone tracking apps

#3: Spyzie

The No.3 on my list of top 5 cell phone tracking apps of 2020 is Spyzie. It is also well-suited to serve multiple spying and monitoring needs. Generally, this app is used by the parents to track their kids’ activities. Healthy monitoring of your kid’s phone is necessary to keep him safe from illegal and other types of harmful activities.

Spyzie cell phone monitoring app allows you to know about the tracked person’s interactions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You can check on his conversations and messages history. This app can be the ultimate solution for worried parents, employers, or spouses.

#4: Hoverwatch

The next on my list of the top best phone tracking apps of the moment is the Hoverwatch phone monitoring app. It’s a free phone tracker app that you can easily download from google play store and apple app store. This app helps you in tracking and monitoring phone’s inbox, record calls, location, and get access to browsing history.

This way, you can be well-informed about all sorts of exchange media. It lets you track social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc. One of the ideal features of Hoverwatch is that you can keep track of targeted phone internet activities without being noticed.

#5: Mobistealth

Finally, on my list of the best cell phone spy apps is the Mobistealth utility app. It is also a cell phone tracking app that can help you spy on gadget data remotely. Its reliable tracking features are quite valuable to track a stolen or lost phone device.

The signals of this app are almost impossible to detect, and this characteristic can guide you to recover a device easily. This app empowered you to extract information about any activity. The key features of Mobistealth app include appointments logging and SMS logging. It also enables you with features like browser history, emails, calls history, logging of bookmark, and real-time GPS logs.

phone trackingIn Summary:

These apps, while not the most popular, are my favorite cell phone tracking apps of the moment. Their features are not only handy but effective and user-friendly. You can hardly go wrong with any of these cell phone monitoring apps for any of your phone tracking needs.

Have you used any good cell phone tracker app you’ll like us to know about? Share your great or awful experiences with us by using the comment box below.

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