Cheap Airtel Data Plans For Android Phones

When it comes to Getting Cheap Airtel Data Plans For Android Phones in Nigeria, you surely should know how hard it can be getting both a cheap data that can also last to help you perform the mission you probably bought that data for.  It is either it is cheap and runs faster than you can imagine or it is cost and can “sometimes” last up to your expectation.
In this post, i am going to be sharing with you all, Cheap Airtel Data Plans For Android Phones. So the next time you might want to do some stuffs online using your Android phone, you surely should know the best pick. Read and Share.

This list will be going from the least down to the top for your Android phone.

Airtel 20MB – N100 (1 Day)

It provides you with a data plan of 20MB which will last for one day and you will be charged N100 to opt in for this feature.
To opt in for this plan, you can dial *141# then select next and then choose daily plan. You can then subscribe for this by following the instructions that would be displayed.

AIRTEL 50MB –  N300 (1 Week)

This plan provides you with 50MB which will last up to one week for N300. You can subscribe for this plan by dialing *417#

AIRTEL 1GB – N1,000 (1 Month)

This is one plan i have been using for quite some time now. This plan gives you a data worth 1GB for N1,000 which will last you up to one Month. You can opt in for this plan by dialing,*141*1*3#

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AIRTEL 2GB – N2,000 (1 Month)

This data plan gives you a data worth 2GB for N2,000. To opt in for this plan, you can dial *437#  

AIRTEL 4.5GB – N3,500 (1 Month)

This data plan gives you a data worth 4.5GB for N3,500. To opt in for this plan, you can dial *438#
SO here we have it, Cheap Airtel Data plans for Android Phones. Why not share it with friends. Know more you think that is missing from the list, do tell us using the comment box below;

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