Using Applications to Engage Students in Community Service

Why are public works so famous? And what are the opportunities for community service for students? Well, we will talk about all of this in today’s article. Usually, when community service is mentioned, most people think of mass clearings and tree plantings. But in fact, this is only a tiny part of the various opportunities for community service.

We have created a selection of different areas of volunteering and community service in which everyone will find something for the soul. One more point – you can do such community service during education. Let’s go!

Using applications to engage students in community service

Water quality monitoring

The opportunity to help society when volunteers among students, together with experts, check the water with the help of special equipment. Every student can also help with creating photos and videos.

“An expedition is an opportunity to discover the world. We talked to the locals and saw how they live and what hurts them. And when I know, I can at least try to help them. It inspires me. The trips are exhausting emotionally and physically, but going to bed at night, I realize that this day was full of benefits. It inspires further action.” said Jane, a volunteer.

Education volunteering

You can become an ambassador of the ecological lifestyle and share your knowledge: conduct lessons or special classes in your school, college, or university, give lectures, organize talk clubs, or info points. There is a free lessons, and anyone can use them and hold an educational event at their school, university or workplace.

Community service that includes education purposes includes essay writing on essential topics. But it is ok when you do not know how to start. You can search for some essay examples to better understand the topic you need. Today, a popular type of educational volunteering is blogging on social media, which is dedicated to the ecological way of life, veganism, zero-waste lifestyle, etc.

Wildlife monitoring

Students in this field do not need to have a professional education to witness changes in natural ecosystems. Those who want to help go diving and monitor the condition of coral reefs go to the mountains and hike with reserve staff to monitor changes in the environment and residents.

Volunteer groups regularly help record beavers, owls, and eagles and conduct photo and video surveillance of flora and fauna in various U.S. states.

Rehabilitation and rescue of animals

Helping animals affected by natural disasters or human activities is an area of ​​volunteering that allows for preserving species and their habitats. Those who want to help can join a shelter, a rehabilitation center, or even a team of animal rescuers from poachers.


Advocacy is a way to influence the state’s policy and individual companies or businesses. Volunteers in this area can create and implement projects that affect government decisions, work with documents or the media, and organize events. In preparation for the event, volunteers develop a creative idea, produce materials, write a script and participate in the event itself.

“I like that this volunteering format rewards the search for new and original forms and makes you more creative. If an action is successful, you can’t just take and copy what’s already working. Otherwise, people won’t be interested. In addition, many different experiences can be gained during the preparation of actions: from the obvious, such as organizational or media experience, to more unique, such as public appearances in various guises or “crisis management,” when everything goes wrong.

Best resources to find community service

    Volunteer Match: Various volunteer activities throughout America.

    United Way: one of the largest national organizations in the United States.

    National and Community Service: state and municipal service.

    Taproot Foundation, Catchfire: Recruitment of qualified volunteers and provision of resources.

    Idealist: a platform for social entrepreneurs.

    National parks: volunteering in nature reserves.

    Habitat for Humanity: building homes for the homeless and low-income.

    YMCA: helping the younger generation.

    American Red Cross aid during disasters and cataclysms

    USA: the official website of the U.S. government.

    Peace Corps is an organization that sends volunteers to countries in need (education, health, the environment, and more).

    Citizen Corps: free first aid skills training, support for local emergency crews, and disaster relief.

    National Service: Grants for Volunteer Projects (Ameri Corps, Senior Corps, and Social Innovation Fund).

    Volunteer: volunteering in public areas, including national reserves.

    Volunteer VA: a U.S. Veterans Assistance Center in your county.

    Federal Election: Assistance to election officials.

    Natural Resources Conservation: environmental volunteering (protection of water resources, wildlife habitats, etc.).


Do you want to have the opportunity to help society? Join the teams on our list and change the world for the better! This will help to do some valuable things and may help you develop as a specialist in a particular field.

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