Facebook Might Soon Pay You Whenever For all Your Posts

With the launch of instant Articles,by same guys at Facebook which aids publishers in creating contents and ads for mobile, it is becoming obvious that the Facebook team have got so many things up on their sleeves.
A Report as stated by the verge shows the possibility of Facebook users to earn money from their posts through donations either to make money or for charity.
The Survey also reveals that the company are seriously planning on their initiatives to increase revenue which includes through; branded contents and sharing earnings from ads on posts with Facebook.
This seems to be a great news considering the fact that it would encourage more users to use the platform, i also see it as Facebook creating  a blogging platform where users can earn some $$ through their articles.
This is a nice update, and i believe we would leverage this platform for good. It is not everytime you post celebrity stuffs now :D since you can now make some cool dolls by creating good posts.
Actually, we have got our ears open on regards this new update and possibly, the launch date. What do you think?

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