8 Reasons an MKV File Gets Damaged and How to Fix it

Video files are a piece of code containing information that is represented in a graphical format. It means even a tiny bit of change the code can affect the entire file. Such files won’t play and are almost useless for the user.

Most videos recorded by a professional camera are captured in MKV format unless otherwise changed in settings. Unfortunately, this video format is also very prone to corruption. This problem is faced by professional video editors as well as people who have stored their beloved memories in MKV. Professionals may have to suffer a financial loss with this issue, and others may feel a part of their lives have faded with the video.

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Even programs as good as QuickTime player can’t open .mov file that has been severely corrupted. Luckily, there is a solution to every problem. First, we should try to understand what affects the video file and avoid them. Next, we should learn how to do an MKV fix that has been corrupted. Here I have shared all the reasons that corrupt an MKV file and the proper way to fix MKV file.

1. Sudden Power Failure

Sudden power failure is one of the most common reasons behind corruption that even QuickTime won’t play mov, especially when they are in the process. You should always have backup power for the computer you are using.

The data is actually tiny bits of current signals. Sudden power off affects their transportation causing incomplete or damaged data transfer leading us to repair corrupt mov file.

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2. Abruptly Switching Off the Device

People who don’t have an educational or professional background in information technology really underestimate this. You should never switch off your computer without properly shutting it down.

There is a reason why every operating system has a shutdown option to turn off the device safely. Abruptly switching off the device can damage the MKV video along with many other things. If you don’t know how to repair MKV files, you will lose a lot of useful data.

3. Inappropriate Media Player

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Not every media player can play every video format. MKV is a format that only specific video players can process. An inappropriate player will not be able to play such files and potentially harm the file trying to execute it. Make sure you only use a popular player that is sure to play the MKV file.

4. Bad Hard Disk

A hard disk is a part of the computer that stores all your data, but it is suggested to learn how to open QuickTime player. Computers divide each file in chunks of 8 bytes and then store it in different places in the hard drive for efficient use of data. It means your video files are spread all around the drive with some of their chunks in every sector.

While this is a smart use of storage, it means one bad sector can destroy the entire file. Other than physical damage, there can also be some logical issues with the drive that can corrupt your video files and you will have to use an MKV repair tool.

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5. Server Error

A server is a dedicated online storage where your file might be stored. It’s not uncommon to have server errors, which affects every file stored there. Make sure your files are stored in a reliable environment.

6. Faulty Downloading

Downloading a file is a complex process even though it may not seem like it. A little issue in the downloader or internet connection can sabotage the entire file you are downloading. Try downloading the file all over again to repair mov file if the file was working fine on the browser.

7. Virus Attack

There are many types of viruses. Some encrypt all your data and some corrupt them. The presence of a malware in your computer could be a reason behind the corruption of a video file. Try installing a reliable antivirus to clean all threats from your device.

8. Incompatible Conversion

Converting a video from one format to another requires changing the code behind the file. If a tool is not up to the job, it will convert the file into an incompatible format. This is very common when you are using a free or trial version software and avoid the trouble of repairing MKV files.

Best Way to Repair MKV Files that are Damaged

The only way to repair MKV file is with the help of a software. Several sites offer such tools, but most of them don’t have the capacity to deal with videos. Only a purpose-built program of a reliable company like Wondershare can do this job effectively.

They have an advanced program that has been designed with the most user-friendly interface, so even non-technical users won’t have any problem. Here is what you need to do to fix a corrupt MKV video file.

  1. Download and install RecoverIt from Wondershare for quick MKV files repair.
  2. Click on the ‘Add‘ button and select the damaged MKV video file.
  3. Go to “Advance Video Repair” and start the process.
  4. Select the folder where you want to save the repaired file and wait for the process to complete.
Top 5 Best Methods to Repair a Corrupted File

I hope it was super easy to repair your damaged MKV File? Else, drop your concerns and challenges below.

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