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Top 100 Video Sharing Sites of 2020

Video sharing helps a lot in marketing and also returns a good amount of traffic to a particular link or site. When you create interesting tutorials or marketing videos, you definitely want many people to watch the video. Well, a lot of people already know about popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and other popular ones, but there are obviously over a hundred sites/platforms where you can upload/share videos for free.

Furthermore, video sharing helps in SEO; it helps to promote brand awareness and attract more potential visitors/customers to click on your link. Also, by submitting your video to these video sharing sites, you will get some backlinks to your website, which is one of the core SEO requirements in these recent times.

Without much talk, here are the top platforms that let you upload and share videos online. However, each platform has its unique video sharing guidelines, which must be strictly adhered to. These guidelines may include the highest length of video you can upload, the maximum size of video you can upload, and so on. Nevertheless, be rest assured that millions of people will get to view your videos when you upload them to any of these top video sharing platforms.

Quick note: this list is presented hierarchically; thus, the sites are listed according to their popularity and the estimated number of worldwide users.

The Top 100 video sharing sites 2020

video sharing sites

1. YouTube – visit

YouTube TVYouTube is apparently the most popular video streaming, hosting, and sharing platform. It is currently ranked as the 3rd most visited website in the world with billions of daily users. This site is free to use; however, it has a premium version that promises of more premium features. Also, YouTube is one of Google’s subsidiaries.

2. Vimeo – visit

Vimeo is an ad-free video platform where users can create and share videos at ease. It is one of the best and most popular video streaming and sharing sites. This website attracts a lot of daily visitors, and its video-sharing guidelines are friendly. More so, Vimeo was the first platform of its kind to support HD video.

3. Daily Motion – visit

DailyMotion is a universal video-sharing platform where you can find lots of videos to stream. The platform supports video sharing and is available in up to 25 languages. Also, Daily Motion has up to 43 localized versions for its global users in different countries.

4. Facebook Videos – visit

Facebook also provides a platform for its users to upload and share videos. Interestingly, Facebook Videos are doesn’t need actual promotion to get to a wide audience.

5. LiveLeak – visit

LiveLeak is a video-sharing site headquartered in London. It is one of the best platforms to watch and share videos. This platform is vast and supports quite a lot of categories. Finding videos on this website is easy and fast.

6. ClipMoon– visit

This video-sharing platform features a simple interface and allows users’ to upload their videos online. ClipMoon features a lot of categories so that users can easily get to the video(s) they want.

7. Metacafe – visit

Metacafe is a popular site where you can view a lot of videos or upload your video and share it with other people. You can upload short clips on this platform, as well as long videos. It is one of the easiest to use.

8. DropShots – visit

DropShots provide internet users with a platform to share photos and videos online. It is a good site to upload videos and share them with millions of people. This website also allows users to upload other files, asides photos, and videos.

9. Flickr – visit

Video Sharing SitesThis site lets you share short videos and images on its platform. Flickr attracts lots of millions of daily visitors/users. It is a great place to start sharing short video clips.

10. Vudu – visit

Just like the others, Vudu is a good video-sharing platform, and it supports a lot of features. Also, you can watch movies on this platform. It offers subscription packages for access premium features.

More video-sharing platforms?

Hereunder (plus the 10 above) is the full list of the top 100 video sharing websites of the moment. They are renowned for most short videos, tutorials, comedy skits, SEO Videos, movies upload, etc.

1. www.hulu.com
2. www.ustream.tv
3. www.netflix.com
4. www.break.com
5. www.tv.com
6. www.dailycomedy.com
7. www.dailyhaha.com
8. www.helpfulvideo.com
9. www.hictu.com
10. www.holylemon.com
11. www.360daily.com
12. www.indiavideo.org
13. www.stupidvideos.com
14. www.roposo.com
15. www.hook.tv
16. www.howcast.com
17. www.sharevideosonline.net
18. www.stupidvideos.com
19. www.rutube.ru
20. www.videojug.com
21. www.veoh.com
22. www.myvideo.de
23. www.pandora.tv
24. www.godtube.com
25. www.MySpace.com
26. www.aol.com
27. www.funnyordie.com
28. www.mefeedia.com
29. www.vidivodo.com
30. www.teachertube.com
31. www.getmiro.com
32. www.veoh.com
33. www.fotki.com
34. www.godtube.com
35. www.4shared.com
36. www.tv.com
37. www.youku.com
38. www.tiktok.com
39. www.collegehumor.com
40. www.funnyordie.com
41. www.izlesene.com
42. www.younow.com
43. www.blinkx.com
44. www.brightcove.com
45. www.buzznet.com
46. www.rediff.com
47. www.getmiro.com
48. www.teachertube.com
49. www.fotki.com
50. www.sciencestage.com
51. www.sapo.pt
52. www.myvideo.de
53. www.youku.com
54. www.periscope.tv
55. www.smugmug.com
56. www.uzood.com
57. www.videosift.com
58. www.vmix.com
59. www.4shared.com
60. www.younow.com
61. www.fark.com
62. www.break.com
63. www.expotv.com
64. www.vine.co
65. www.crackle.com
66. www.brightcove.com
67. www.blinkx.com
68. www.Jibjab.com
69. www.grindTV.com
70. www.teachertube.com
71. www.fotki.com
72. www.viewster.com
73. www.viddler.com
74. www.vube.com
75. www.freevlog.org
76. www.funnyhub.com
77. www.funnyreign.com
78. www.gametrailers.com
79. www.funnyjunk.com
80. www.funnyordie.com
81. www.funnyplace.org
82. www.getmiro.com
83. www.glumbert.com
84. www.godtube.com
85. www.gorillamask.net
86. www.graspr.com
87. www.grindtv.com
88. https://likee.com
89. www.reverbnation.com (or app.box.com)
90. www.guzer.com

Your Turn

You’ve just seen my comprehensive list of the top 100 video sharing sites of the moment. Did I miss any of your favorite video sharing websites in this list? Let me know about them in the comments section below.


  1. I suggest to add Tammah in this list of top video sharing website. Tammah is a web-based free video sharing platform that allows creators and users find, watch & share original African independent content. The platform has an African focus but anyone can use it.


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