How To Effortlessly Reduce Bounce Rate Of Blogs

Let me tell you what bounce rate is first. The bounce rate of a blog is an SEO term that describes how long a visitor spends on the page he landed on once he arrives from a search engine or any other source. It is usually measured in percentage average. Its gotten by taking the total number of visitors to your blog from search engines and getting the average of how long each spends before he closes the page on landed on.

Well if the bounce rate measure how long a visitor that just arrived on your site stays on the page landed on before leaving, we can therefore say that the bounce rate measures the quality of the landing page. In other words, if people visit your site and hit back fast or close the tab, it is considered bounce rate, but if they live your site by clicking a link that you provide or any other link on your nav menu, it is calculated as exit rate.

There are many of SEO paramaters that should be consider on every blog, but the bounce rate is very important and should be close attention to. There are a number of ways to reduce your bounce rate. So follow these tips below watch your bounce rate reduce effortlessly

5 Tips To Easily Reduce Bounce Rate

1. Decrease Page Loading Speed: 
This one of the reasons why a visitor would leave your blog immediately they arrive. Most web pages load in less than 7 to 13 seconds on an average, so if your web page takes longer than that, visitors would get irritated and just close the page and move to the next one site that provides similar information.
Use Google Page Insight Tool to check web page loading speed. A good loading speed would be 85/100 on mobile and 90/100 on PC. The good part is, page insight tool would offer you the solutions to improve your loading speed. You should also compress images before you upload them and use a caching plugin if you are on wordpress.

2. Make Your Web Page More Navigable and Linked Within Post:
 Add A Navigation to every web page on your bar in a simple and accessible manner. Also, linking to your older post that are related to that topic  is a way of getting the visitors to check out other things thus staying longer on the landing page. You can simply add something like this

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Must Read: “Title and Link to A post Here”
Tips: “Title and Link To A post Here”

That way if the visitor is not completely satisfied with what he got from that page, he could easily check out other related articles

3. Improve The Quality Of Landing Page and Make it aweome!:
 This generally means you should focus on web design. No body likes a dull and poorly design website. Focus on the color and choose colors that are appealing to people. There are guides which talk about the importance of choosing the appropriate colors combination and usage for a page

4. Reduce The Number of Ads On Each Page;
 You have Google Adsense,, info links bidvertiser on only one page? Well its just too much. Not only would it make your blog look like its desperate for the money, it generally annoys visitors and they leave immediately without even a second thought because there are not there for the ads. Try to keep the number of ads on each page to a maximum of three. Also, the ads on a page also increases the time the page takes to load.

5. Remove Annoying pop-ups and surveys:
well the visitors landed on your blog for a purpose so the pop-ups of your facebook like box, surveys or twitter following is not what they want at that instance. Remove the pop-ups and let put the like box below or at the ending of the article. Removing pop-ups most times drastically reduces the bounce rate and loading speed of the web page

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8 Things That Makes Every Visitors Want To Stay Back For More

1. High-quality and relevant content.
2. Navigable menu and easier to navigate web pages
3. Beautiful and simple design of your blog
4. A link to about me
5. Attractive images in post
6. Free stuffs downloads like ebooks
7. Not too many external links
8. Writing tune of author

In conclusion,

You have to put as much time and effort to reducing the  bounce rate of your blog. In other to get high volume of decent traffic, the bounce rate of the blog should be within the range of 30 to 40%. I hope you follow this and reduce your blog’s bounce rate easily

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