Internet Data Bundle Plans, Subscription Codes for Nigerian Networks

The last time I wrote about latest subscription and activation codes for all networks in Nigeria was when I was still using Nokia phone for browsing.

A lot has changed since then which actually prompted me to provide a more accurate, latest and updated list of all Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans and subscription codes for Smartphones, Phablets, Tablet devices and computer.

all nigeria networks data plans for phone and computer

The prices and activation codes provided in this post is complete and should work for your smartphone, PC or any other internet enabled device. All you need do is to make sure they (your internet devices) are configured properly following after the network recommended access points and/or proxy values.


Latest and Updated Data Bundle Plan and Subscription Codes for MTN Nigeria

Bundle PlanPrice
Data Allowance
Validity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 131
Best for?
MTN Daily PlansN10030MB24 hours*104#104Phones
200100MB24 hours*113#113Tablet/iPad/PC
MTN Weekly Plan₦500750MB7 days*103#103SmartPhones
MTN Monthly Plans1,0001.5GB30 days*106#106Smart Phones
₦2,0003.5GB30 days*110#110PC/Tabs
5,00010GB30 days*116#116Video Streaming
10,00022GB30 days*117#117Heavy Users
20,00050GB2 months (60days)*118#118Wi-fi / hotspot
50,00085GB3 months (90days)*133#133Mini-Cafe`


Bonus Tips

  • Send “2” as an sms to “131” to check your remaining subscription data allowance.
  • Dial *131# to easily access the “ussd” menu that helps you to check and subscribe to data plans without having to cram them.
  • You can buy a data plan for your grandma by  using this format “GIFT [phone#][data plan code][PIN] to 131” after you must have gotten your unique pin by sending “REG to 131”.
  • You can always follow updates on all latest MTN Nigeria data bundle activation codes here.

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Latest and Updated Data Bundle Plan and Subscription Codes for GLO Nigeria

Bundle PlanPriceData AllowanceNew Customers & Auto RenewalValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 127Best for?
GLO daily PlansN5015MB30MB24 hours*127*14#14Handset
N10035MB70MB24 hours*127*51#51Handset
N200100MB200MB24 hours*127*56#56PC/Tabs
GLO weekly PlanN500800MB1.6GB10 Days*127*57#57Home
Glo monthly PlansN1,0001.6GB3.2 GB30 Days*127*53#53Handset
N2,0003.75GB7.5GB30 days*127*55#55Tablet/iPad
N2,5005GB10GB30 days*127*58#58Computer (PC)
N3,0006GB12GB30 days*127*54#54Heavy Users
N4,0008GB16GB30 days*127*59#59wi-fi / Router
N5,00012GB24GB30 days*127*1#11Router
N8,00016GB32GB30 days*127*2#12Router
N10,00023GB46GB30 days*127*11#15Router
N15,00030GB60GB30 days*127*12#16Router
N18,00045GB90GB30 days*127*13#17Router
Special Plans
Plan NamePriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CodeSMS to 127Best For?
TGIF – weekend planN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)*127*61#61Handset
Night PlanN2001GB24 hours (12am-5am)*127*60#60Handset
GLO 100 HoursN6,0004GB100 hours x 30days*127*5#20Home/Cafe
GLO 300N15,00012GB300 hours 30 days*127*4#21Multiple Devices
GLO liesureN5,00012GB8pm-9am x 30days 24/7 on weekends*127*7#30Working Class
GLO workN6,00012GB8am-9pm x 30days*127*6#31Time-Based

GLO Campus Booster

PriceData AllowanceValidityOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo BonusFree Data for Gifting
N100100MB48 hours100MB225MBN10025MB
N200200MB96 hours200MB450MBN20050MB
N500500MB1 week (7days)500MB1.12GBN500125MB
N1,0001GB15 days1GB2.25GBN1000250MB
N2,0002GB30 days2GB4.5GBN2000500MB
N50005GB30 days5GB11.3GBN50001250MB


Bonus Tips:

  • Send “info” as an sms to “127” to check your remaining subscription data allowance
  • Visit with your default browser to select plans automatically, this will save you the stress of having to cram all this codes. You can also dial *127# USSD code instead and this works on PC, tablets and cell phones.
  • Sending “menu” as an sms to “127”  will let you receive help regarding data subscription status or challenges.
  • You can always follow updates on all latest GLO Nigeria data bundle plans and activation codes here.

Latest and Updated Data Bundle Plan and Subscription Codes for Airtel Nigeria

Bundle PlanPrice
Data AllowanceValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 141
Best for?
Airtel Entry Level Plans
Free160MB30 days*400#TrialTesting Speed
N10050MB24 hours*410#DailyPhone
N200200MB3 days*412#3-daysSmart Phone
N10025MB (5MB p/d)5 days*401#5-STARSocial Apps
Airtel Weekly PlanN300350MB7 days*417#WeeklyPhone
Airtel 14 days PlanN500750MB14 days*418#EasySmartphones
Airtel 2G LiteN200unlimited10 days*482*1#2GFeaturePhones
Airtel 2G MaxN500unlimited25 days*482*2#2G MaxCell Phones
Airtel Monthly Plans
₦ 1,0001.5GB30 days*496#And 1.0SmartPhones
₦ 1,5003GB30 days*435#UnlimitedComputer (PC)
₦ 2,0003.5GB30 days*437#And 2.0PC/Tablets
N2,5005GB30 days*437*1#And 2.5PC
N3,5007GB30 days*438#And 3.5PC/Mi-Fi
N4,0009GB30 days*438*1#And 4.0Mi-Fi/HotSpot
N5,00010GB30 days*452#Mega 54G LTE Device
N8,00016GB30 days*460#Mega 8Heavy Users
N10,00022GB30 days*462#Mega 10Vloggers
N15,00030GB2mths (60 days)*463#Mega 15Mini-cafe
N36,00050GB6mths (180 days)*406#Mega36Bus. Centre
N70,000100GB1yr (365 days)*407#Mega 70Computer(s)
N136,000200GB1yr (365 days)*408#Mega 136LAN
Airtel Time-Based/Night/Weekend Plans
₦30unlimited30 Minutes*439*3#T 30Quik download
₦500unlimited1hr*439*4#T60PC Downloads
₦1,000all nights (3hrs)b/w 12am-5:59am*481*2#NightMovies Dwns
₦200200MBfrom Sat-Sun*472#Sat/SunSermon Prep.
₦500500MBfrom Sat-Sun*473#weekend2Sermon(s)


Bonus Tips:

  • Dial *141*11*0# or *140# to check your remaining subscription data allowance.
  • Using the *141# USSD menu will let you choose from various data bundle subscription plans without having to memorize the activation codes.
  • You can always follow updates on all latest Airtel Nigeria data bundle plans and activation codes here.

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Latest and Updated Data Bundle Plan and Subscription Codes for 9Mobile Nigeria

Bundle PlanPrice
Data Allowance
Validity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 229
Best for?
9Mobile Daily PlansN5010MB24 hours*229*3*8#MI3Phones
N10040MB24 hours*229*3*1#MI1Smartphones
9Mobile Weekly PlansN200150MB7 days*229*2*10#LCDSmartphones
9Mobile Monthly PlansN500500MB30 days*229*2*12#LCD2Smartphones
N10001GB30 days*229*2*7#Smartphones
N1,2001.5GB30 days*229*2*25#AND11Smartphones/Tabs
N2,0002.5GB30 days*229*2*8#AND2Smartphones/Tabs
N3,0004GB30 days*229*2*35#Smartphones/Tabs
N4,0005.5GB30 days*229*2*36#Smartphone/tabs
N8,00011.5GB30 days*229*2*5#MB6Tablets/iPad
N10,00015GB30 days*229*4*1#SM1Computer (PC)
N18,00027.5GB30 days*229*4*3#SM3PC/Mi-Fi
9Mobile Night &WeekendsN2001GB night only plan (12am-4am)24 hours*229*3*11#Working Class
N5001GBFri. 11.59pm – Sun. 11.59pm*5995*2#Handset
N1,0002GB evening and weekend plan7pm – 7am x 30days*229*3*12#Working Class
N2,0002GB evening and weekend plan + 100MB whatsapp (24/7)7pm – 7am x 30days*229*3*13#Working Class
Special PlansN27,50030GB quarterly plan90 days 90 (3months)*229*5*1#4Mcafe/Mi-Fi
N55,00060GB Bi-annual plan120days (4months)*229*5*2#6MWi-Fi/routers
N84,992100GB30 days*229*4*5#SM5Cafe/routers
N110,000120GB365 days (1 Year)*229*5*3#12M
Smartphone Plans
PriceData AllowanceActivation code (USSD)sms to 8183


Bonus Tips

  • Dial *228# to check your remaining subscription data allowance.
  • You can always follow updates on all latest 9Mobile Nigeria data bundle plans and activation codes on this page.

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Your Turn

You have seen what internet data bundle plans and subscription codes are available for all mobile network providers in Nigeria.

It is now left for you to choose what will best-suit your broadband needs either as a computer, smartphone, tablet and/or Mi-Fi owner.

Feel free to ask me questions or debate on any part you don’t agree with. Do not forget to share this page  with your friends by using the social media buttons below.

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