How To Scan WordPress Themes For Malicious Codes Using TAC

Most times when our blog gets hacked it seems so surprised. How this is even possible since WordPress has its security and all. Yes it does, but you might have downloaded a theme with a malicious code from a free theme vendor.

If you have bought the theme from the original store, the problem could be from your host. The thing is when some new bloggers choose wordpress as the platform for their blog, they have no idea about how hackers can put some lines of codes known as malicious code in the theme they downloaded freely from them. Then through that line of code, hackers later use some tools to access your wordpress database and change your settings causing your blog to inevitably get hacked

The premium wordpress themes experience little to no malicious code attack, but its the free one you have to be weary of. Its possible to get a free theme that is clean from some vendor who in turn ask you to keep a link back to their blog or your theme gets broken and you can use it to start your new blog without any attack in the long run, but sometimes you might not be so lucky in finding a theme that really suits your blog. You should be more concerned with other blogs who tells you to download a premium looking theme(known as Nulled theme) without telling you risk of your blogging getting hit in the feature through malicious codes put in the theme by its creator.

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WordPress Theme Authenticity Checker is a plugin that constantly scan any theme you have on your blog for malicious codes. The best part is  the whole thing happens in the background constantly without you even knowing, once the plugin detects any malicious code what so ever, it pops up a security alert showing you the line where the code is, you can therefore easily remove it from the theme.

If you have previously installed free themes on your blog and you are not sure they weather they  contain malicious code, then download the Wordress plugin; Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) free to automatically scan all installed themes.

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