The 4 Security Measures to Apply For Your Business in 2022

We are incredibly connected, but with that connectivity comes danger. Both businesses and private individuals need to be careful with the data that they share online. Cybercrime is incredibly lucrative and is only going to be more lucrative as time goes on.

Private businesses have shown how valuable data is, even when there isn’t outright theft. Protecting your data means protecting your business, which is why every company, small to large, needs these four security measures.

Communications Security

Communications Security

Cybercrime inflicted damages that totaled an estimated $6 trillion USD globally. The targets are everyone. Personal attacks, small business attacks, government attacks, healthcare attacks – the list simply goes on, and it is easy to see why. Just consider how much information passes through your business every day.

Even a regular business that does not deal with sensitive information has a lot of data that they do not want to be stolen or copied over. If you deal with clients, work in security yourself, or simply have very important datasets that you need to stay out of a hacker’s hands, then you need communications security. In fact, every business needs communications security measures in place.

At a minimum, you should be using end-to-end encryption services and ensuring that every employee has their own unique login details (rather than copying over passwords from other accounts). If your needs are more advanced, however, then you will need a system like the one offered by With professional services like these, you will get encryption, endpoint security, and a host of other security and privacy features to protect your business.

Data Security and Redundancy

Encrypted data is not enough. If you really want to ensure that your data is secured, then you will also need to make it redundant. Data mirroring essentially means that copies of your data are stored in multiple locations. Stored on more than one server is not enough.

It needs to be in a different building and ideally in a different state or even country. This way, if a natural disaster burns down the facility, you still have your data. Water damage, technical issues – all of these and more can be avoided because you have all the data you need to be backed up somewhere else.

Data Purging

data purging

Keeping data your company does not need or use simply makes you into a larger target and increases the scope and cost of your security efforts. Regularly removing data that you do not need from your systems is smart for your business and an excellent practice that you can use to market your company better to your customers.

Everyone today knows how important privacy is, and more people are waking up to how important that privacy is online. By purging your data, you work to keep your costs lower and more secure.

Security Training

Smart systems cannot always prevent human error. To avoid silly mistakes from resulting in a huge security breach, train your employees in cyber security and ensure that everyone has their own unique login complete with a complex, not used before password.

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