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If you are an ardent follower of this blog, you obviously should notice that we have been on a low key for quite some time. We are actually working on things that would help the content experience on this site become something noteworthy which could only be achieved when we stay low key. Thanks for the patience and trust us, the changes would become obvious as the day goes by.
Over the Week(s), some top trending stories were missed which we could not post due to the maintenance process. We hope to unravel some of the top stories and I plunge you all to share and also drop your contributions based on what you think about these stories.
For the Top on our list, we have:
GLOBACOM Sacks 54 Power Engineers for No Apparent Reason: Nigeria’s Top Telecommunication Network, GLO have sacked 54 of its workers. For quite some time, Nigeria has been experiencing a major crisis and most of its habitats if not all have been complaining about the current situation of the country.  Top companies are not excluded on the cry for help as there have been a massive turn down of workers leaving the unfortunate with nothing to go home with, these can be deduced from the likes of Brewery Companies, Banking Sectors and now the Telecommunication sectors in Nigeria, it really is becoming obvious the Country really need a savior as these are trying times.
Here comes the Moto E3, an average and portable device by Lenovo: The Lenovo Company which has always been known to have a strong stance on the PC Niche seems to be getting more engrossed into Phone and Mobile stuffs. Of recent, the company launched the Moto E3, which is an average and highly affordable smart phone for users.
Welcome Keecoo K1, A Smartphone specifically designed for Women: Women have always been known to have thrill for fancy things,  Smartphones not excluded and the company Keecoo just made this even more realistic through the launch of Keeco K1 which is a smartphone specially designed for Women. You can read more about this new smart phone by clicking Here.
You can Now Get 1.5GB on Airtel Network for 50 Naira: if you can recall vividly, Airtel launched a package which allows users browse on an hour basis using the Night plan. As it stands, the package have been scrapped in place with a better package which tends to be looking more to the MTN Night plan which got so many people into Night Vigil(ers). With this new plan, you can get a data of 500MB for 25N and 1.5GB for 50N on the Airtel Network.
These and more are the major hit news on the “Phonenosphere” as some would call it. What do you think? Drop your contributions using the comment box below.

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