Download 20 Best Trippy Desktop Backgrounds and Wallpapers

While many persons may find trippy wallpapers to be scary, there are people who love these trippy desktop backgrounds and wallpapers. More so, a lot of us do spend so much time in front of our laptop or mobile phone; hence, having a great wallpaper/desktop background means a lot. For trippy wallpaper lovers, here’s a list of the top 20 most-fascinating psychedelic wallpapers to use as desktop backgrounds and wallpapers.

The 20 Best Trippy Desktop Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Just like our list of the best sites to watch anime movies online free, these trippy desktop backgrounds and wallpapers are going to be super fascinating for anime lovers as they are high-resolution wallpapers you can use on any monitor, up to 4K monitors.

1. Tripping Ducks 4e

Made with fragmentarium, this tripping wallpaper art would fascinate any trippy wallpaper lover.

Tripping Ducks 4e


2. Trippy Wonderland

With Trippy Wonderland, you’d enjoy an intriguing view of a natural wonderland, suitable for all monitors.

Trippy Wonderland


3. Monsters

This trippy wallpaper looks beautiful and enchanting with beautifully colored monsters.



4. Tricorn Benesi

This premium trippy wallpaper is one of the best you can download on the internet right now.

Tricorn Benesi


5. Street Art Trippy Wallpaper

This wallpaper is meant for high-resolution monitors, up to 4K UHD screens.

Street Art Trippy


6. Abstract Trippy Psychedelic Hd Wallpaper

The Abstract Trippy Psychedelic Hd Wallpaper features a super fascinating look and design for all trippy desktop background lovers.

Abstract Trippy Psychedelic Hd Wallpaper


7. Spherical Tunnel

The Spherical Tunnel design is modern and can be used on newer PCs. The look is great on desktops, laptops, netbooks, and PDAs.

Spherical Tunnel


8. Trippy Ninjas

This trippy wallpaper is best for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets with big screens.

Trippy Ninja


9. Out in the Wild

The Out in the Wild trippy wallpaper features a super-amazing design that’d suit modern and vintage users alike.

Out in the Wild


10. Trippy Loops

The Trippy Loops wallpaper is one of the most-used trippy desktop backgrounds to date. It features a stylish design and super fascinating modern looks.

Trippy Loops


11. Yoga

The Yoga trippy wallpaper design is ever-green as it’s always featured in almost every top trippy desktop background list since its creation. It’s an amazing wallpaper to add to your PC and tablet devices.



12.Trippy Mountain Top

Trippy Moutain Top


13. Trippy Wallpaper for Desktop

Trippy Wallpaper


14. Enter a Strange World

Enter a Strange World


15. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


16. Trippy Mushroom

Trippy Mushroom


17. Trpy24



18. Trippy Nature Wallpaper

Trippy nature wallpaper


19. Mutafukaz



20. Green Vortex

green vortex



These are some of the top best trippy wallpapers you can use as your desktop background. They are high-quality wallpapers that can display clearly even on 4K monitors. The “Download” links are provided so that you can download anyone you like from the list.

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