How to Become a TSTV Major Dealer, Distributor or Retailer

TSTV Africa is a new satellite service provider owned by a Nigerian and it allows you to Pay as you view. This means that a subscriber can pause his/her subscription at any time and resume it some other time.

TSTV is also said to come with video call support, internet service, and lots of interesting channels to keep your day lit, and the subscriptions are very cheap (affordable).

How to become a Registered TSTV Dealer or Distributor

There are some basic requirements needed before one can become a registered dealer or distributor of TSTV services. In this publication, I’ll carefully detail the processes involved in partnering with TSTV as a dealer, distributor and/or retailer.

First, TSTV has three types (levels) of dealership – The Super Dealers, the Sub Dealers, and the Retailers: All of these dealership levels have their own specific requirement and benefits.

Requirements to Become A Tstv Super Dealer

A TSTV Super Dealer is the one who oversees or controls the distribution of TSTV decoders and dish in a given territory or state. If you wish to become a TSTV Super dealer, then you should carefully study these requirements;

  • You will be needing a minimum of N12M – Twelve Million Nigerian Naira which you would use to purchase about 3000 TSTV decoders.
  • Your company must be registered and a valid CAC certificate issued to you: You’ll be filling in your business/company’s CAC details in the registration process.
  • Also, you’ll need to have a good showroom where you can showcase or sample the TSTV Decoders.
  • A good warehouse, store or storage facility must be enlisted for consideration.
  • A valid Bank account (Preferably Current Account and not Savings).
  • An active e-mail address and phone number for better communication.
  • A recently taken passport photograph.
  • Plus, you should have a good knowledge of DTH Marketing and Network so you could efficiently manage a given territory or state.
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When you are done gathering all these shortlisted requirements or probably have them: Then you are all set to become a TSTV Super Dealer.

Requirements to Become A TSTV Sub Dealer

To become a sub-dealer of TSTV decoders, dishes, and digital services, you must have attained the under-listed basic requirements:-

  • A minimum of N4.4M – Four Million, Four Hundred Thousand Nigerian Naira, which is the amount for about 1000 TSTV decoders.
  • Your company must be registered and you must have valid CAC details or certificate which will be required from you during the registration.
  • You should have a good warehouse or store where you can pack the decoders and dishes.
  • A valid Bank account (Preferably current account and not savings).
  • Good showroom or a big shop outlet.
  • A recently taken passport photograph.
  • An active e-mail address and a valid phone number.
  • Also, you need to have a good knowledge of marketing and its techniques.

With all these shortlisted requirements in place, you are good-to-go signup to become a TSTV Sub-Dealer.

Requirements to Become A TSTV Retailer

Becoming a TSTV retailer is actually not costly if compared with that of becoming a sub-dealer or super dealer. Below are the needed requirements for people who want to become TSTV retailers in Nigeria:-

  • About N46, 000 – Forty-six thousand Nigerian Naira to purchase a minimum of 10 decoders.
  • A recently taken passport photograph.
  • A valid email address and a 24/7 active cell phone number.
  • A good shop and also, you should know pretty much about marketing and its techniques.

How to register for TSTV Dealership Offers

Now that you have all the entry requirements needed to startup a TSTV dealership business, the next thing to do is – to register with the company.

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How to register and Become a DSTV distributor?

Visit the company’s official website at – and click on the become a dealer option at the top menu (right side). Or, you can simply visit directly to go straight to the registration portal.

On the registration portal, choose your desired dealership level (Super dealer, sub-dealer, retailer) and fill in the corresponding form with the details provided above and click on submit. Your application will be reviewed by the company (TSTV) and you’ll be contacted if it gets approved via the email you used in the registration.

Final Note: You need to have TSTV Installer around; i.e. people who would install the TSTV dish for your customers.  But if you can do that, then you do not need to bother. Satellite signal finders can also come in handy for those who are tracking TSTV network for the first time.

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