Top 7 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria: Best Pay in Naira Host

Even though I do not usually recommend local (Nigerian) web hosting companies to serious businesses and high traffic website owners, I can not rule out that we started our blog with a Nigerian host.

Few months back, we wrote about the top 5 web hosting companies with top-notch servers and scalable infrastructure, but will be looking at the prime movers in Nigerian web hosting industry today.

A lot have changed in the Nigerian ICT sector, with a lot of Nigerians getting exposed to the web, government organization using functional websites, functional eCommerce system and lots more. This has exposed businesses to the need of a website and/or web presence.

In view of this changes and web hosting importance to every business, we are separating the mushroom resellers from the frontrunners in the business of web hosting in Nigeria.

1. Whogohost

Whogohost is like a household name to most Nigerian based education, fashion, food and entertainment bloggers.

Being one of the pioneers of modern web hosting in Nigeria, Whogohost does deliver good server uptime, good customer support and tech heads with all basic technical know-how in the business of hosting.

They have a good management panel with affiliate systems that allows their users earn handsomely from referring their friends.

From Linux hosting, Windows hosting to Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, SMF and eCommerce applications: Whogohost do deliver quality web hosting services to its client.

You can visit their official website at

2. Web4Africa

Web4Africa is a top web hosting company in Nigeria, they accept payments in Niara (NGN), Nigeria ATM cards (viz; verve, visa, MasterCard), direct deposit and other Nigerian-friendly payment systems.

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They have been in the web hosting industry for so long and so knows the nitty-gritty of website hosting and domain name registration.

Web4Africa is Nira accredited and so can register .NG top level domain names (TLD). See more from their official website at

3. Smartweb

Smartweb was the first Nigerian hosting company I ever used – I hosted a client’s (Coso Services Nigeria Limited – a Construction company) website and also where we started tech blog.

We ditched atspace for Smartweb back then and also recommended them to some of our clients, Smartweb delivers good servers at affordable prices.

Back then, they used to have a below par support team but seems to have improved with an active social media page and 24/7 phone support.

You can visit their official website at

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4. DomainKing

DomainKing is truly a game changer in the Nigerian web hosting space, they are new in Nigeria but not new in the business.

domainking Nigeria hosting company that lets you pay in Naira

They have the industry best practices and knows how to satisfy her clients – they were the first Nigerian web hosting company to open an active support thread in Nairaland (Nigeria’s most populous forum, website) and web savvy groups on Facebook.

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They are both ICANN and Nira accredited and so can sell top-level domain names including .NG ones. You can see more from their website at 

5. Syskay

Syskay is one of the oldest Nigerian web hosting company, their quality of service has always stood the test of time.

Syskay state of the art infrastructures has always separated them from the in flood of low funded resellers in the Nigerian web hosting business with non-existent support and tech-drained team.

Their customer support isn’t as lively as some of the hosting companies in our list, but their services are usually top-notched.

You can visit their official website at for more.

6. Registeram

Registeram is both ICANN and Nira accredited and has been in the hosting business for so long. You can get really good servers at affordable prices.

As a Nigerian web hosting provider of so many years, they have kept a good number of high-profile clients and highly satisfied customers.

Their official website is

7. Philmorehost

Philmorehost might not be as popular yet but do have one of the best servers around. Its servers is neither oversold nor being handled by some dudes with low technical know-how.

They offer support via Facebook, Live Chat, Phone and Ticket system. The knowledge base is filled with great tutorials on WordPress, Joomla, Linux Servers and hosting management.

You can visit their official website at

The Features

All the Nigerian best web hosting companies listed above do have some common features apart from good uptime, affordability and reliability.

  • They all accept Nigerian friendly payment methods for their web hosting services.
  • Their servers and web services are priced in Nigerian naira (NGN)
  • You can buy .NG domain names from them (Nira accredited ones)
  • They offer phone support via regular mobile phone lines
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Note: You can use the comment section for all your web hosting related problems and challenges.

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Obasi Miracle
Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. The truth is that most of these hostings are just names. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s business. But I will only advise that if you want speed and comfort with a Nigerian host, kindly use WebManager.NG. I rest my case.

  2. Whogohost should not be on this list.

    They should hide their faces and that of their fluctuating and unstable servers in shame!! 😡

  3. Whogohost should not be on this list. The should hide their faces and that of their fluctuating and unstable servers in shame!! 😡

  4. i have used, whogohost, qservers and domainking as a web developer and sorry to say this but i think whogohost doesn’t deserve to be on the list, qservers and domainking major issue is downtime but whogohost customer support is just terrible i personally think naijawebhost should be on the list but thanks for the wonderful article.

  5. I wished Unique Server Hosting was on the list as they are offering one of the best and unbeatable hosting at the moment with top notch hosting servers. And as for Smartweb it should be removed their hosting services are very poor.

  6. Oluwaseun Ojelade Oluwaseun Ojelade

    Rillahost just break into the Nigerian market and it seems they are trying too. Author, please check them out

  7. Nice list you got here. The truth is that many are still skeptical about Nigerian hosting companies, with believes like Nigerian hosting are just reseller of international hosting without knowing that such is not the case in most time. Even the so-called international hosting companies, some of them are also reseller just like the popular Bluehost.

  8. Well, Abollyhost provides excellent service at affordable prices, even with 24/7/365 Days premium support. I’ve been using it since last year with no downtime.

  9. First of all I have used almost all of thess hosting services.
    And I must say non of them is as impressive as HUB8.I just came across them a while back and they offer a free web hosting service in Nigeria. They offer 100GB bandwith and 500mb SSD disk storage.

  10. Hub8 has taken over since its introduction of free hosting and am really impressed with their server and speed.

    I will also like to add that the list should be updated. It is not by name and popularity and so whogohost is big but not that at the top.

  11. Please ObasiM. Is ruled out now?

    • We’ve tried once on a very low-traffic client’s website. The performance was good, but that’s like 5 years ago.

  12. is also a good place to host when considering speed and security they operate in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

  13. As a web designer which of these hosting companies is much more affordable for somebody to be relating to because every thing now seems to be higher than before?

  14. Pls am a new blogger which Nigerian hosting site should I use,and pls I need someone who can help me start a blog

    • Nigerian hosts are mostly re-sellers. So its best to stick with the ones with visible tech support. Any of whogohost, qservers and philimon host should be manageable enough for starters.

    • Hi Paul,

      Do you mean for Nigerian hosting companies?

  15. Thank you for sharing this information but why is it that AfeesHost is not listed here.
    Afeeshost of the most reliable Web Hosting company in Nigeria right now with friendly support, and they have been handling Our Organization website for over 5 years now.

  16. kenny Hadebholar kenny Hadebholar

    Shade Abayomi, are you working with orwebhost? I like your services. Please keep it up.

    My website is It is an ecommerce website. Once again thanks for the free domain

  17. Dear Felix Ola,

    If you are experiencing difficulty accessing orwebhost, either your IP address is blacklisted or your computer is virus infected. For the security of our clients and our servers, our enhanced security features denies access to high risk visitors. To enable us whitelist your IP address, send your IP address to our “clientcare at orwebhost dot com” or call 09094507124 for assistance.

    You can find your IP address by visiting

    Kind regards,
    Shade A.
    General Support Department,

  18. Wow this looks great info never known about these hosts before, thanks for sharing all this info.

  19. Incomplete list, I think Upperlink should be on the number one list. they are a major Google Partners and I have been using them for over six years now.

  20. Garanntor Nigeria should be on the list.
    They provide blazing fast services as they have created a world- class environment that provides rock- solid performance and reliability. Their services are so cheap, scalable, provisioned instantly and customers are in total control..

  21. Pro/Evangelist A.O David Pro/Evangelist A.O David

    Thank you very much for sharing this great info. God bless you.

  22. I have used so may hosting companies in nigeria as a web developer, over the years i have find that there is no good hosting company in Nigeria here. No company has been able to erect it server by it self rather they are just re-seller to those top American companies. If you care to use good hosting in Nigeria they you must host your website aside Nigeria. One of the best hosting company now is a2hosting.

  23. am using smartweb andVBHOSTNET is a good hosting site in nigeria

    • thanks for sharing your opinion about Nigerian hosting companies Austin

  24. Orwebhost is also a good one. Websites load fast, prices are reasonable. They even offer free domain name registration with all their hosting plans and their customer support is superb. I think they are the web hosting company to watch.

    • Thank you very much for your recommendation, Benedict. We will continue to provide world class customer support both technically and professionally.

      I want to present to you an opportunity to save big this Christmas with a 20% discount of our web hosting plans. The promo code is: Xmas2016 – Expires 31st Dec. 2016.
      Here is a life-time 10% discount off our web hosting plans. The discount coupon/promo code is: WelcomeMate – Use it anytime at orwebhost.

      Kind regards,
      Shade A.
      General Support Department,

      • But what exactly is wrong with orwebhost at the moment, i”m unable to access the site.

        • Dear Felix Ola,

          I hope we have resolved your issue. If not, please take a look at my comment below for solution to your computer issue.

          Thank you.

  25. Hey Obasi,
    Can you provide any discount link or coupon code of nairahost?
    Thanks for sharing a great post.

    • I’m currently no affiliate to a Nigerian host bro, but most of them does have their discount listed on their social media pages

    • Currently, you can have a very affordable Hosting package plus a free domain name when you host with Ipage. Though, it’s not a Nigeria company but they’re very reliable. I use it for all my blog and I recommend them for anyone intending to start a serious blogging business. Here’s a link to the $1 Introductory offer.>>


  26. Adebayo Akinnifesi Adebayo Akinnifesi

    I Strongly Recommend Orwebhost

    I’ll share my experience with you, so you no why I choose orwebhost anyday. The best I can do to show my appreciation is to recommend them.

    An old happy client wanted an ecommerce website with advanced ecommerce features including online payment processor. It was my first ecommerce project, so I asked a friend for directions on what technologies to use. He has more experience with ecommerce projects, so he suggested a few tools including opencart, cashenvoy, etc. Then he said that I should use orwebhost when I am ready to host the files. It came as a shock because he has always boasted about using foreign hosting companies like hostgator and co, saying that Nigerian hosts are not reliable. So I had to ask why, all he could say was that orwebhost was run by very experienced Nigerian web developers and their servers are located in Italy and USA. I took his advice, who am I not to, and I was glad I did.

    I finally hosted the website with and installed Comodo SSL certifcate to secure sensitive information especially credit/debit card details. I tested the website for errors and found nothing until I decided to visit the website on my android phone. I got an error saying “the website is not trusted because it uses an invalid SSL Certificate”. How is this possible? After several hours of trying to solve the issue with no success, I decided to contact orwebhost’s customer care with the issue. They responded within minutes and told me that the error only occured when I added “www” to the domain name, because the SSL is only valid for the domain name without “www”, i.e. “” and not “https://www.thewebsite .com” and that computer browsers ignore the error but not smart phone browsers.

    Now, I was faced with part two wahala, how to redirect all the website traffic to After another few hours with no success, I contacted them again with the new issue. Within minutes, as if they were just waiting for me, they responded saying that they will have to login to my cpanel and edit the “.htaccess file”. With speed I granted them permission. They have access to my cpanel, so they could have logged in without my permission and I wouldn’t know, but they didn’t. Minutes later, I recieved an email alert saying “The issue has been resolved”. I checked to comfirm it and it was resolved. In my mind I just told myself, “I DIE HERE”.

    I would have had serious problems with this loyal client, but the client believe me die till tomorrow. Thanks to OrWebHost.

    • HellocAdebayo, I believe most of these hosting companies in Nigeria become less efficient once they start to have lots of customers. Don’t you think he swift support is due to the fact they are having few customers?

      • Hi Addulhakeen, I think Adebayo is right. With some other companies, you may be right about that, but in my experience with orwebhost, I have had correspondence with up to five different customer care representatives.

        I think they will keep up with the quality of their support service. Customer support seems to be their best feature.

  27. hi there, how do I go about this

    • What type of website do you want to host?

  28. Thanks for the addiction John,

    Our list are usually made up of companies we have dealt with and/or have a first hand experience

  29. Incomplete, you didn’t add “Gigalayer” which is significantly big in the country too!

  30. DtcServerss the best of them all. Ever since i have begin to use them i have never had any down time and my site always load fast.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences about their services Monday,
      We do hope you have a great week ahead

  31. Felicity Walker Felicity Walker

    Nice list @OP, but should be on that list too dear, been having a great experience with their service so far. you can try them out too.

    • Good you drop by Walker, we might consider them once we have the time to hook up to their services


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