Twitter To Remove Media and Others from Counting in Character Limit

Sometimes last week, we were quite informed that Twitter would launching another update, and as we would have expected, the updated landed upon us like a rocket falling from the sky. Actually, this involves the removal of media and other files that counts while posting on Twitter.
If you are a Twitter junkie, you probably should attest to the fact that calling/tagging with their usernames also occupy the 140 character limit which is assigned for all Twitter posts. That’s  not all, You also can attest about Photos, Videos and GIFS taking up our dear 140 character space. If you are among those feeling like taking a protest on this, i bring you a good news my brethren.
Starting from the latest Twitter update, Usernames, photos, videos, GIFs, Vines, polls, and quote tweets will no longer count against your 140 character limit, giving users a little more room to work with when interacting with others or posting media on the micro-blogging site. It doesn’t say anything about links, however. Perhaps links won’t receive the same treatment as these other forms of media, or Twitter couldn’t fit it in its own 140-character tweet.

Those the update is still on the roll-out, we are optimistic it would quick get to your device.
What do you Think about this update?

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