What is IMDbPro and How Can it Improve Your Movie Choices?

IMDbPro is a platform for everyone that’s addicted to, or looking for career opportunities, in the movie industry. It is a place where you can connect with scriptwriters, directors, actors, and other professionals in the movie industry to know what’s coming up and how you could take advantage to get involved.

Apparently, IMDbPro is the premium version of the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) service. As a premium service, you are obliged to pay a monthly subscription fee to exploit and keep exploring the features of IMDbPro. To get started with this service, you must have a registered Amazon or IMDB account.

What is IMDbPro Exactly?

What is IMDbPro

The IMDbPro service started way back in 2002 as a forum for users to research the entertainment industry to find or connect with talents. Many people are already on the IMDbPro platform, including the industry’s pros. On the IMDbPro platform, you will get to see ongoing movie productions and what actors are on set for particular productions.

More interestingly, the IMDbPro platform provides a channel for individuals to directly reach out to directors and agencies or get quality information about promising actors or other professionals on a set, such as cameramen, writers, producers, and others. According to the owners, the IMDbPro platform is an “essential resource for entertainment industry professionals.”

Put simply, when you sign up for IMDbPro, you gain access to comprehensive information and tools designed to help members of the entertainment industry find success throughout all stages of their careers. This includes tools to upload and select images, demo reels, and featured videos.

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How IMDbPro Helps Different People In The Movie Industry?

  • Screenwriters: For screenwriters, IMDBPro serves as a platform for them to showcase their scripts/screenplays, and also, research similar works like theirs, and connect with the owners. Also, screenwriters can look up directors, actors, etc., on the IMDbPro platform and connect with them.
  • Movie Executives (Filmmakers, producers, etc.): For movie executives, IMDbPro serves quite different purposes. Filmmakers can use the platform to look up screenwriters’ credits or actors’ resumes. Each movie executive has specific benefits to enjoy with the IMDbPro.
  • Actors: Movie acts can use IMDbPro to build their portfolios and resumes – listing the movies they have featured in and other important contributions they’ve made in the industry.
  • Movie Lovers: IMDbPro lets you discover box office grosses, trivia, and other important details about your favorite films and actors. It also provides you with an instant link to visit fan pages, reviews, and other details.

How Can IMDbPro Improve Your Movie Choices in 2023?

There are not many features available to individuals on IMDbPro; the platform looks to be best for movie professionals and film writers. Professionals in the movie industry can use IMDbPro to look up similar works to what they’re doing or have done to get more insights on how to fix up theirs.

The primary purpose of IMDbPro is for research; for professionals in the movie industry to look up and know what’s happening in the industry, who’s making it happen, and how it is being done. Individuals can continue to enjoy the mainstream IMDB platform to find movie reviews, ratings, and critics.

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How Much Does IMDbPro Cost?

The standard IMDbPro subscription starts at $19.99/month ($12.50/month when billed annually for $149.99). It’s quite affordable, and hereunder are the perks you get to enjoy:

  • Get an IMDb name page with a custom URL
  • Create your own CV page
  • Upload demo reels and breakdowns
  • Photo gallery with headshots for up to 100 images
  • Twitter and blog feed
  • The ability to post or apply for announcements

What More?

IMDbPro is more of a professional network for talents and executives in the movie industry than for individuals. But then, there are quite many individuals signed up on the IMDbPro platform. If you’re looking for where to access movie reviews and ratings, use the primary IMDB platform.

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