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YouTube App for Android Would be Coming with A Better Filter Search Options

Though the current view and filter options in the YouTube App isn't bad,, there have always been a need for the Video Streaming Company, YouTube to work on the filter options more so as...
HTC 10 tweak and tips

HTC 10 SmartPhone: 5 Coolest Tweaks and Tips you should Know

Taiwanese firm HTC had recently announced its latest flagship, the HTC 10. Since this phone came on board it has been a hit as most fans of HTC have showered praises on the flagship...
Android N OS

Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android N: What’s New?

Google is obviously doing much to better the experiences of Android fans as Google is warming up to officially release the latest version of the Android operating system dubbed Android N. Despite the recent release...

Airtel Freebasics: How to Enjoy Freebasics on Your SmartPhone

The beginning of freebasics is an end to not having the needed resources online at your finger-tips. The Freebasics which is a Facebook initiated platform under the is a highly controversial partnership between social networking services... Would Let Your Flex the Amazon Echo on Your Browser

Remember the rant we here sometimes last week on regards the Google Home and the Amazon echo battle? I think things just got even more interesting following the launch of echosim,io which lets you...

Opera To Be Sold Out to A Chinese Consortium

Though we have had the news for some time now, it never looked serious up until now. As reported, the Popular internet browser, Opera would soon be sold out to a Chinese Consortium for...