How To Use Edgenuity Online Learning Directory

Edgenuity is an online learning directory that hosts a massive number of courses and answers. The platform operates as a standalone resource hub to find “any” educational problem; however, some schools include Edgenuity software in their curriculum to help struggling students find their feet.

Edgenuity is popular because its courses contain standards-based instruction with lessons from experts – on-screen teachers – and multimedia tools (images and videos) and resources. Moreso, the learning interface is interactive – literally, anyone accessing the platform can find their way around to get all the information they need.

How To Use Edgenuity Online Learning Directory

Edgenuity Login

Each Edgenuity course is complemented with real-world applications to allow you to build your content knowledge. But then, you require a full Edgenuity profile to access your coursework and view your progress report. The profile is also where you get to track your daily assignment calendar, plus other handy features and tools designed to keep you in control of your learning progress.

1. Log In To Your Account

First, you have to access the platform and log in as a student or teacher. The login page is accessible via, then you choose whether you’re logging in as a student or teacher.

2. Access Your Dashboard

Once logged in, you will see all courses assigned to you and your current learning progress for each. Also, you will see your course grades; to view a course or access your course map, click on the title of the course to expand its details. If a course has a “start” and “finish” time, you will see your target progress when you open the course.

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3. Exploring Edgenuity Features

The learning features you can access on Edgenuity are dependent on the number of features and learning tools your teacher assigned to a course you’re following. If your teacher includes collaboration in a course, you will be able to access collaborative tools to drop comments and discuss with other participants.

It is also important to note that some courses may come with subject-specific tools like formula sheets, calculators, periodic tables, and a language translator. But then, every lesson allows you access to eNotes (electronic notes), an online glossary, a highlighter tool, and video instruction transcripts.

What More?

The Edgenuity online learning directory supports a wide variety of learning tools, but you can only access as many as needed for your lesson or course. All learning tools are accessible from the dashboard – you just click the “+” sign beside the one you need to use.

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