5 Unique ways to slash Down Your Alexa Rank In Seconds

increase alexa ranks inseconds Oh yeah folks wanna rank high in alexa to attract advitizers isn’t it? If that’s what you really want then read on to discover how to lower your alexa rank

1. Claiming your Blog and Installing Alexa Toolbar

Claiming your blog from Alexa is the first thing you need to do. To claim your blog – you need to copy the code they will provide for you and paste it in
your blog’s HTML.
After doing this – Alexa can now certify you as the owner of the blog.
Installing the Alexa toolbar will help Alexa monitor visits to your site and reduce your ranking by the number of visitors who visit your blog with Alexa toolbar installed on their web browsers.
This is what Alexa have to say about how they rank sites worldwide –

“The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach)”
So basically, by just installing the Alexa toolbar – you’ll be getting ranking credit anytime you visit your blog or anytime Alexa toolbar-enabled visitors pay your blog a visit.
Doing this will help Alexa to easily track your blog and update it traffic stat and rank data simultaneously.

2. Guestpost Frequently

Writing guestpost is one strategic way to drastically reduce your Alexa ranking. Alexa firmly looks at the number of backlinks that are linking back to your blog and how authentic they are.
The more backlinks you have linking back to your blog will automatically determine how popular your blog is and how highly placed it is on search engines.
So, the more quality backlinks you garner to your site – the more your Alexa ranking will reduce. Guestposting is the ultimate and easiest way to build quality backlinks to your blog.
The more frequent you guestpost on top niche blogs – the more free backlinks you get back to your blog, and the more people start coming to your blog –the more interactive and alive it becomes, which in turn will reduce your Alexa ranking.

3. Write Content Regularly

Frequent update of any blog will make it more interactive. Sine you’re guestposting regularly now, people will start coming to your site from your guestposts on those blogs you guestposted for.
Which is why you need to have fresh content at all times; because – visitors tends to drop off any blog that is hardly updated with fresh content from their list of blogs –to-visit.
The more updated your blog is, the better traffic and quality backlinks you garner to your blog from search engines.
And since the traffic we’re talking about here is ‘human visitors’, it will increase firstly:
Your blogs’ traffic – when they keep coming to read your blogs’ frequently-updated content and secondly it will increase: Backlinks- When they share your unique posts with friends and on different social platforms, making your blogs’ Alexa rank to lower than drastically.

4. Share on Social Media platforms

The sub-heading has said it all. Sharing your blog posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Google+ will increase your traffic, especially when your post goes viral on any of the social platforms just listed.
Blog post going viral will increase your backlinks and bring a lot of people to your blog – making your Alexa rank to lower down.

5. Comment on Other Blogs

Blog commenting is a wonderful backlinking strategy you can use to reduce your Alexa ranking to it lowest form. Commenting on top blogs will bring traffic from that blog to yours and backlinks as well.
What you’ll do is – look for high ranking blogs in your niche (like 20 of them) and devote your time commenting on them. Unique comments are what you should always drop at the respective blogs.
Don’t go dropping “Hi”, “I love step 2” or “Good post! – keep it up”;  – drop something that makes sense, something that will warrant people to click and come to your blog; something very informative and that corresponds with the post title you’re commenting on at that particular time.
Finding dofollow blogs to comment on is a plus one for your blog; since, instead of
just contributing your informative comments on the dofollow blog – They will also publish your blog’s recent post along side your comment.
Doing blog commenting frequently will help decrease your Alexa rank for good.
6. Increase your Traffic
The more traffic you generate for your blog; the more your Alexa ranking will reduce. Traffic is the most important thing Alexa uses in determining how to rank any specific site.
Keeping your traffic at an increasing frequency will drop your blog ranking significantly; while leaving your traffic to drop will increase your blog ranking drastically.

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    • Hi Alena,

      good daily traffic and huge social interaction is what it takes to pull down your Alexa. Doing a bit more of social media promotion would help in no small manner.

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