Cheapest Data Plans for PC, Android and iOS in Nigeria: 2018 Edition

This post was first written in 2014, towards the ending of the year. That’s more than 5 years already and we have been thinking of the best time to update you with the current cheapest internet data bundle plans in Nigeria.

This is what necessitated this important update to our most-affordable internet data bundle subscription content.

The Cheapest Internet Data Bundle Plans in Nigeria

Today, we’re marking out the time for a better edition of the cheapest data subscription plans in Nigeria and would keep on updating it from time to time.

We’ll start the list with that of Glo, the obvious king in Nigeria’s cheapest internet data bundle subscription plans.

Glo’s Cheapest Data Bundle Plans

Practically do not know exactly how to present this part, this is because Glo went crazily cheap with their data bundle pricing in 2017.

In this their newest data bundle pricing, you can get 10GB data for as low as NGN2,500 and 3.2GB for as low as NGN1,000. The craziest of it all is the 90GB data bundle plan for only NGN18,000. You can even run a mini-cafe with such generous data pricing.

To keep the list within the topic of discussion, we’ll present the best plans we think is the cheapest and offers the best value for money. You can check out all their data bundle plans here or tell us your specific data needs in the comment section below.

  • 200MB for NGN200 Data subscription plan: Glo lets you browse the internet 5 days (24/7) for just ₦200. The USSD code to subscribe to this internet data bundle plan is *127*56# or by sending 56 as an SMS to 127.  A good alternative to it is the 1.6GB for NGN500 weekly data bundle plan, to which you can subscribe with *127*57# or by sending 57 as a text message to 127.
  • 3.2GB for NGN1,000 Data subscription plan: This plan is awesome for feature phones and/or small screen smart devices. Far better than when we do struggle for Blackberry Imei tweak just to get 3GB for 1k. Here, Glo lets you surf the internet for 1 full month by paying just a token of ₦1,000. The USSD code to subscribe to this internet data bundle plan is *127*53# or by sending 53 as an SMS to 127.
  • 10GB for NGN2,500 Data subscription plan: Lasts for 30 days and fits well for all devices including desktop computers. The USSD code to activate it is *127*58# or by sending 58 as an SMS to 127.
  • 12GB for NGN3,000 Data subscription plan: We’ll round up the list of Glo’s cheapest data bundle plans with this. You can subscribe to it by dialing *127*54# or by sending 54 as an sms to 127.

Note: Glo could be fast with a steady 4G LTE network signal in most location, and slow with a fluctuating 3G/Edge connection in most places. It is best to try out the lower data plans in your area first, before activating the costlier ones.

MTN Nigeria’s Cheapest Data Bundle Plans

MTN’s reviewed data bundle plans is not as cheap as that of Glo, but does offer great value for the price. We have carefully selected the few that isn’t ridiculously priced and offers value for the price it’s sold.

  • 750MB for NGN500 Data plan: This is a moderately cheap data bundle plan from MTN that lets you surf for 7 days for only ₦500. You can subscribe to it by sending 103 as an SMS to 131.
  • 1.5GB for NGN1,000 Data plan: This data plans lasts for 30 days and can come in handy for smart phones and tablet devices. You can subscribe by sending “106” as an SMS to 131.
  • 3.5GB for NGN2,000 Data plan: Lasts for 30 days 24/7 steady internet surfing. To activate, send 110 as a text message to 131.
  • 100MB for NGN200 Data plan: This is a cheap daily data plan that lets you browse a whole day for only ₦200. The code to send to 131 to activate this data plan is 113.  There’s a variation of it that lets you get access to the internet for ₦100 only. The data cap is 30MB and the means of activation is by sending 104 as an SMS to 131.

Note: MTN data bundle plans listed in this section can be used on BlackBerry 10 devices, Desktop PC, iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, tablets and/or other internet enabled devices.

Airtel Nigeria’s Cheapest Data Bundle Plans

In past times, Airtel Nigeria has always been the go-to Network for affordable data bundle plans. The case isn’t particularly different from their 2017 offers.

With Airtel newest official data bundle subscription plans, you can get as much as 9GB on your Android device for only NGN4,000. To stick to the goal of this post, we’re going to stick with their cheapest data bundle plans within the range of ₦100 to ₦3,000.

  • ₦200 for 3 days Data Plan: This plan is caped at 200MB and can be activated by dialing *412#. The variation is the ₦100 for 24 hrs data plan that’s capped at 50MB and can be activated by dialing *410#.
  • 750MB for NGN500 Data plan: This is similar to the one of MTN discussed above, only that you can use it for 2 weeks (14 days) as against the one of MTN that lasts for 1 week (7 days) only. The code to subscribe to it is  *418#.
  • 5GB for NGN2,500 Data Bundle Plan: This is a 30 days monthly data subscription bundle that lets you browse 24/7 with your smart phone, PC or modem. The USSD code to activate this plan is *437*1#.
  • 1.5GB for NGN1,000 Data Bundle Plan: Works for 30 days and can be activated with *496#. The variation is the 3.5GB for ₦2,000 monthly data bundle plan that can be activated by dialing *437#.
Airtel Nigeria's Android Data Bundle Plans: Subscription Codes and Prices

Note: There are some more budget-friendly data bundle plans from Airtel Nigeria that can be subscribed to via the *141# USSD menu.

9Mobile Nigeria’s Cheapest Data Bundle Plans

9Mobile is never known for Affordable data bundle plans but have few for its users in 2017. The few etisalat internet subscription plans featured in this section is monthly bundles and works across all devices.

  • 1.5GB for NGN1,200 Data Bundle Plan: Works across all devices and is valid for 30 days. To activate; dial *229*2*25# or send and11 to 229.
  • 2.5GB for NGN2,000 Data Bundle Plan: This is flexible enough for use on PC, Android phones, iPad and /or USB modems. It is as a 30 days data plan and can be activated by dialing *229*2*8#.
  • 4GB for NGN3,000 Data Bundle Plan: This is the last monthly data bundle plan from 9Mobile Nigeria we are going to feature in this section. It lets you surf the internet monthly and can be subscribed to by dialing the *229*2*35# USSD code.

Note: 9Mobile Nigeria does have some other flexible data bundle plans based on the device you’d like to subscribe with. You can get access to their data subscription plans menu by dialing *229#.

The Old Archive (Now Deprecated)

Might come in handy for learning and for reference purposes. Data and power is no doubt the biggest challenge every person in Nigeria has to contend seriously with.

Epileptic power supply has made data bundles so expensive that most Smartphones has turned toys in the hands of heavy internet users like me.

As the holidays draws very close, I’ll like us to discuss on the cheapest, most affordable and budget friendly data bundles you can use on the computer, android phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablets and any other devices that uses SIM card to get access to the internet.

Airtel Android and Android 2×1 Plan

Airtel android 2×1 data plan gives you a sizable data of about 4GB for only NGN2,000 and 9GB for only NGN3,500. This data works across all devices that allows you get access to the internet including Mac and PC(s).

The only limitation with this plan is that your SIM card have to be eligible before you are allowed to subscribe to it. Believe me, it’s a great deal for you if you aren’t the YouTube kinda person.

Airtel regular android data bundle on the other hand, offers 2GB of data for NGN2,000 and 4.5GB of data for NGN3,500. This one has no limitation as it works for SIMs and on all devices.

To subscribe to any of this plans, check data balance or read more about it, check out our earlier post on Airtel Android Data Subscription Plans  and Activation Codes (linked below).

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan

Airtel Blackberry unlimited data bundle plan gives you access to a whooping 2GB of data for NGN1,500 only. Luckily this plan works across all smartphones, tablets, computer and other devices that lets you get access to the internet via a SIM card.

If it doesn’t work on your computer, you tweak it to work using the hack below:

Subscribe to the blackberry unlimited plan by dialing *440*16# or by sending bbum to 440==> top it up with 10MB @ NGN100 by dialing *141*11*1# ==> Start surfing with your computer and non-blackberry devices.

N/B: The code to subscribe to the Airtel blackberry unlimited plan is *440*16# and the code to check data balance is *123*9#.

Glo Complete Blackberry Plan

Glo Complete Blackberry data bundle plan is priced at NGN1,000 and capped at 3GB, I mean this is insane! Getting a whooping 3GB of data @ NGN1,000 is as tempting as not having to pay to browse the internet D);

As tempting as this offer is, it is not going to work for your non-blackberry devices without giving it a little tricky tweak .

Latest codes for 9Mobile (etisalat) Internet subscription

To make the Glo complete Blackberry plan work on computer and non-Blackberry smartphones, you need have access to a blackberry device or stay close to someone who owns one.

As a student, this shouldn’t be a big deal as you can easily borrow a blackberry device from your course-mate, lodge-mate or even a friend , after all you are only going to use it for about 10 minutes .

The Tweak

  • Get a blackberry phone and insert your Glo SIM card into it
  • Send comonth to 777 or dial *777*21#, NGN1,000 will be deducted from your account
  • Wait for a message from Glo confirming your subscription to the monthly blackberry plan
  • Wait for about 5 minutes for the plan to activate (The Blackberry logo will normally show beside the 3G network icon or the edge will change to EDGE when on the 2G network coverage area) or remove the battery and insert it again.
  • Remove your SIM card from the blackberry device once you can confirm that the plan is activated
  • Insert into a modem, android phone, iPad, iPhone or whatever device you intend using it on
  • Set your device APN to and username/password to flat or gprs
  • Start surfing the internet, enjoying your 3GB of data.

To check your data balance send info to 777 or use the *127# USSD menu.

MTN Night Bundle Plan

MTN night bundle data plan should be an automatic pick for you if you are working, or loves surfing during late night hours. It offers 1.5GB extra data and 3GB main data making it a total of 4.5GB for NGN2,500.

The 1.5GB extra data works round the clock (24/7) and on all devices. The 3GB part kicks in once the 1.5GB is exhausted and works only in the night (9pm to 6am).

If you ask for my opinion, I’ll say that this is the best data offer we can get from MTN Nigeria until they decide to come up with something else more tempting than this.

To subscribe to the MTN Night Bundle plan, you need send 2 to 131 or dial *102# from your phone’s USSD menu.

To check data bundle balance, you need send 2 to 131 or use the USSD menu as well.

We pray the 1.5GB extra data remains there for a very long enough time.

Update! April, 2015

MTN Nigeria has introduced a data plan that gives you access to 1.5GB of data during the day and 3GB of data during the night (9pm to 6am) – totaling 4.5GB priced at NGN2,500

To subscribed for this data bundle plan – send “120” as an SMS to “131”. This is a cheaper internet data bundle plan than the regular night bundle plan.

Globacom Nigeria has also introduced a data subscription plan that allows you to browse day and night (24/7), 30 days at NGN2,500.

The data cap for the GLO special all day-all night data bundle plan is 4.5GB.

To subscribe to the GLO so special data bundle plan – you need send “58” as an SMS to “127” or dial *127*58#

The GLO so special package has other sub-categories, see the full list below –

4.5gb for 2500 dial *127*58#
12gb for 5000 dial *127*2#
24gb for 8000 dial *127*1#

9Mobile Nigeria isn’t left out in the mix, they have recently introduced a cheap data plan of NGN1,000 for 1GB and NGN2,000 for 2GB which seems to be the cheapest data plan they have ever come up with.

To subscribe to this cheap and affordable data bundle plan from 9Mobile Nigeria – Dial the following USSD code:

  • For 1GB at NGN1,000 dial *229*2*7#
  • For 2GB at NGN2,000 dial *229*2*8#

This Cheap 9Mobile data plan will work on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows mobile, computers and internet enabled devices.

This should be the cheapest android, iOS data plan on the 9Mobile network.

Use *228# to check your data balance.

Update! August, 2015

Some Nigerian networks has reviewed their internet data bundles plans downward which made it necessary for us to update you with some of this updated cheaper internet data subscription plans for cheaper browsing on your Android, iOS, Computer and tablet devices.

  • MTN NIGERIA:  2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, send “SPB” as an SMS to “131″. It is a month (30 days) validity plan
  • ETISALAT NIGERIA: 2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, dial; *229*2*8#. It is also a month (30 days) validity plan
  • AIRTEL NIGERIA: The 2GB at NGN1,500 referenced above is now upgraded to 3GB at NGN1,500 and lasts for 30 days. The code to activate this data bundle plan remains  *440*16#. They also introduced two other cheaper internet data bundle plans that goes for NGN2,000 (4GB) and NGN3,500 (9GB) respectively. The code to activate this plans is *440*161# (for 4GB plan) and *438*1# (for 9GB plan) respectively.
  • GLO NIGERIA: Globacom introduced their cheapest non-blackberry data bundle subscription plan that lets you surf the internet and download up to 1GB of data at NGN1,000. To activate the 1GB at NGN1,000 data bundle plan, you need send “53” as a text message to “127”
Ringless Voicemail: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Update! February 2016

The time based plans introduced by most providers and the whooping 3GB at NGN1,000 introduced by Airtel Nigeria has prompted us to update this article to reflect the even more cheaper data plans obtainable in the Nigerian mobile telecommunication space.

  • Airtel 1hr Unlimited Data Plan: Airtel 60 minutes unlimited data bundle plan lets you surf the internet and download as much as you like for the duration of 1 hour. This plan is pegged at NGN180 per hour. To subscribe to this bundle, you’ll need send 60m to 439 or dial the *439# USSD code to select it from the options.
  • Airtel 3GB at NGN1,000 internet bundle plan: This is the cheapest data plan from Airtel Nigeria that is meant for Blackberry devices. It lets you get access to a whooping 3,000MB at just NGN1,000. To subscribe to this plan, you will need dial *431# and *140# to check your data balance.
  • MTN 1hr Unlimited Internet Browsing Plan: MTN 60 minutes unlimited internet data bundle plan lets you surf the internet and download as much as you like for the duration of 1 hour. This plan is pegged at NGN150 per hour. To subscribe to this bundle, you’ll need check for eligibility first by dial the *567*59# USSD code and replying 1 to the prompt.
  • Airtel 1GB at NGN100 data plan: This internet data bundle plan lets you surf the internet during the weekend and works on most Airtel SIM. To subscribe, you’ll need dial *474*1# and *140# to check the data balance.

Update! May 2016

MTN Cheapest Data Bundle Plan Unveiled

The competition is getting really interesting as MTN Nigeria recently bombarded the data market with what seems to be their most interesting data bundle offer in decades.

The plan tagged MTN 500% deal zone lets you get access to a whooping 700MB for NGN500, 1.3GB for NGN1,000 and 3.75GB for NGN2000.

It came from the usual MTN surprise channel and has proven to be a great deal so far as the data bundle isn’t divided into day and night like their previous 4.5GB at NGN2,500 smartphone data offer.

The table below has all details for the new data plan.

Data Allocation Price (NGN) Subscription Code Validity
700MB NGN500 Text 103 to 131 7 days
1.3GB NGN1000 Text 106 to 131 30 days
3.75GB NGN2000 Text 110 to 131 30 days

Remember to send 2 to 131 to check your remaining data bundle balance after subscribing to a data plan of choice.

9Mobile Nigeria has Introduced Cheaper Data Bundle Plans

The competition is becoming quite stiffer and amazing for the data users as 9Mobile Nigeria has in recent week slashed down their data bundle plans to 1.5GB for NGN1,000 and 3.5GB for NGN2,000.

To subscribe to any of their recent plans, you will need use any of the USSD code in the table below.

Data Allocation Price (NGN) Subscription Code Validity
1.5GB NGN1,000 *229*2*7# or text AND1 to 229 30 days
3.5GB NGN2,000 *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229 30 days
5GB NGN6,500 *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229 30 days

Airtel Nigeria: have just reviewed their android data bundle subscription plans downward, you can see their new data bundle offer with mouth-watering data cap at the updated section of our post on Airtel android data bundle plans.

Glo Nigeria: have also joined the party by introducing newer, cheaper and highly affordable data bundle plans with a whooping, massive data cap allocations.

You can subscribe to the cheaper data bundle plans from Glo by dialing the *777# USSD code on your mobile device, and then follow the screen prompt to select a data bundle plan of your choice.

glo nigeria cheapest data bundle plans

The image above should give a pointer to the mouth-watering data bundle offers.

Your Turn

We have done our best to bring to you this data bundle plans that should help your small business get online, help you do your projects and researches as a student and/or engage with your buddies on the social media.

You can’t just read this alone without sharing with your friends, they might find it interestingly amazing. Use the social media icons below to get this over to your friends.

Do not forget to share other cheap and affordable data plans you know below, they might help someone else get online D );.

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  1. 9mobile data is now affordable. Maybe it is time I go back as their internet speed is top notch.

    Great piece though

  2. Obasi,
    I am interested in finding the fastest and most stable data plan in the country for heavy 24/7 computing. What would you suggest?

    • Hi Namadin,

      Is this for an individual or for an organization?

  3. Hello guys I need the infor on cheapest data plan for my iPad mini. Preferable Airtel or etisalat. Thanks

    • The NGN2,500 Airtel data plan should last you for the month on an iPad mini. The code to subscribe for it is *437*1#.

  4. Glo has stopped the 10gb for N2500 its now 5gb.

  5. God bless you admin for this relevant info. I think I will go for airtel although I would have preferred glo but I’m not sure of their coverage over here in Dawaki, Abuja.

  6. Hi Obasi, please will these codes work for iphones too?

    • 3ptechies Default 3ptechies Default

      It will work for both iPhone and iPad

  7. thanks a lot obasi. I recently acquired an iphone 6s for myself, my best two networks are mtn and etisalat. i need your advice on best option for my device in terms of speed since all the plans look great. thanks

    • 3ptechies Default 3ptechies Default

      MTN is a smart option bro. Their coverage is quite wide

  8. Hello Obasi.
    A fine post you have here. I will like to know the telecommunication provider that has the most coverage across Nigeria and most affordable data package across devices.

    Am sorry if my question sounds, general, I have been away for a while.


    • Globacom is very generous with their data bundle plans, but the coverage is poor. So if they are stable in your area, it should be your best bet as a huge data user. Airtel is next in the affordable data category while MTN has the best coverage so far.

      N/B: Airtel data coverage is best for rural areas as they have 3G coverage in such places.

  9. Hello bro, can you advice me on the cheapest data for my modern. Thanks.

    • NGN2,500 for 5GB on airtel is good while any of the Glo latest data bundle plans works well if there’s a good 3g coverage

  10. Boss Obasi, which of these plans will not work on my Nokia Lumia 535 Dual sim?

  11. Hello Obasi, will Glo BB 3Gb @1k work on my Lumia 535 ?

    • You need not stress yourself with such plans again Charles. data bundle plans are now relatively cheaper, read the updated section of this article for the newer USSD codes or dial *777# on Glo for the NGN1,000 at 1.5GB internet data subscription plan

  12. Plz provide me with plans for android for airtel, mtn, etisalat

    • The Android data bundle plans are listed above, just read through the updated section of the post carefully.

  13. Is the mtn 150 Naira unlimited one hour still working alongside with the Airtel 100 naira 1gig weekend data.

    • I haven’t tried that in a while bro, but you can check if your SIM is eligible before opting to any of them.

      Good luck with it already

  14. Hi Obasi,good works.The blackberry is working for me now but need your assistance on MTN or GLO for 1k for higher like 3G for android.Waiting for your response. Thanks.

    • To subscribe to Glo BB complete monthly service, you’ll need send comonth as an sms to 777 while for MTN, you’ll need send BBC to 21600

      • hw can dis work for my android boom j8… plzz

        • Depending on the amount you want to subscribe for, just use the USSD code here to activate a cheap data bundle plan of choice

  15. Sodiq Oluwatobi Rasaq Sodiq Oluwatobi Rasaq

    Please,is it possible to have Airtel Data Plan and as well as 100naira weekend plan at the same time

    • I haven’t tried this before

  16. Great updates obasi. But users should have this in mind. Only go for network data that is fast where you reside. Don’t look for only cheap network but and try and utilise the network services. Like me i use 9Mobile and airtel. Works 80% in where ever i go

    • That’s a good one age.
      Thanks for your lovely contribution

  17. It works for all devices including modem and PC

  18. Hello Obasi, are these plans especially the Airtel 4GB for 2k own. Does it work for androis or is it BB only. Thanks!

  19. Sodiq Oluwatobi Rasaq Sodiq Oluwatobi Rasaq

    Kudos to you bro, please confirm to me if the AIRTEL you updated works perfectly.. God bless you bro

    • Yeah bro.
      It sure does. Thanks for the compliments

  20. No, it does not work on android devices sir.

  21. What about Airtel 1k – 3gig BIS… does it work on android like Blackberry Unlimited Plan does?

  22. But in case you know any cheaper internet data plan that is from 3gb up, please just let me know ok

    • I think the updated version of this post have them included.

  23. Thanks for your advice, I will try that ok

  24. Thanks, Obasi! but please can you tell me why some network are more clear than other one in the city like Lagos. for example in Alaba Lagos area there, I have been using etisalat for video calls but as I changed it to airtel because of the 3,500 of 4.5gb the change was high in that, it always hang and am using Samsung note 3 n9005 and there is service but is always hanging.

    Please do u have an idea what might be the cause? I remain Solomon Thanks

    • Hi buddy,

      Here’s what you should do on the Samsung galaxy device, navigate to “settings” ==> data management and set to 3G network only.

      3.5G or H+ will start showing on your network continually, if the speed doesn’t improve, you can owe that to the high number of Users making use of airtel broadband in that area.

      The Base Station (Mast or Tower location) could be doing so many routing and re-routing hence reducing the communication efficiency which means that you can do nothing much about it as that isn’t in your control.

      The speed will normally go higher in the night or early morning hours when fewer persons are using the network.

  25. I mean 1k per 1kb in the night

    • The Airtel NGN1,500 for 2GB has been upgraded to 3GB which offers better durability than the former data allocation for this plan.

      The 1k per 1KB ish is a mechanism used to run down the data allocation (MB) faster on non-blackberry devices.

      This means that your data allocation (MB) will run down faster during the peak (1.5kobo per 1kilobyte) and slower during the off-peak (1kobo per 1kilobyte) times.

  26. would like to know more on the airtel and etisalat, I mean their speed limit,
    Again I would like to know what airtel mean on 1.5k per 1kb in the day time and 1k in night .

  27. Well, MTN offers 2015MB for N2015 now…. Be sure to research it and inform others.

    • you are right about that bro, the code to subscribe to the data plan is *123*4*3*1#

  28. The code for MTN smart phone plan (April 2015 update) is 120 not 102. Kindly cross check.

    • You are right about that web, I’ll update it right away. We greatly appreciate

  29. “Glo Complete Blackberry data bundle plan is priced at NGN1,000 and capped at 3GB, I mean this is insane! Getting a whooping 3GB of data @ NGN1,000 is as tempting as not having to pay to browse the internet D);”

    How many GB Data plan is coming with this?

    • Glo blackberry data bundle plans comes with 3GB of data

      • It doesn’t work as u explained

        • What challenges are you having with it bro?

          • It’s not just browsing and I followed all day procedure am using Lenovo

          • I have updated for it bro

          • I have used the airtel X2

  30. Ayotunde Akinsola Ayotunde Akinsola

    Thanks man your site is really helpful. I was looking for the best available data plan for my gf and it seems 1 + 1 Airtel plan is the deal. But if I may ask what do they mean by eligible sims only??

    • Hi Ayo,

      Thanks for dropping by and for your kind compliments.

      To see if her SIM is eligible for the 1+1 offer dial *437*1# or *440*161#

      If you get the response of not having enough balance, know that the SIM is eligible for the 1+1 offer, else, try the other available cheaper data options.

      Note: *437*1# is for 4GB at NGN2,000 while *440*161# is for 4GB at NGN1,500

      • what is the difference between both ” *437*1# is for 4GB at NGN2,000 while *440*161# is for 4GB at NGN1,500 “

        • They both work fine on all devices. The difference lies in their various names; while the first is originally made for android devices, the later is for blackberry devices.

          It is really a great option for eligible SIMS


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